Presidential Poll Snapshot

Statistically, we have a tie. The trends tell a different story.


Part of this is explainable by who’s getting criticized the most. Trump is the Republican nominee so he is no longer taking much flak from the right. Clinton, on the other hand, is still locked in battle with Sanders, who is only now, a the campaign becomes bitter, calling the DNC selection process rigged (it seems to be) and questioning Hillary’s competence and honesty (she has neither). Trump has also begun hammering Hillary and prefaces all his references to her with terms like ‘crooked’ and ‘corrupt’, which, amusingly, is trending the hashtag #CrookedHillary. What a difference a few months makes in politics. And we still have six months to go.

What Trump needs to do is go scorched earth. Lay out her history of destroying the women abused, molested and raped by her husband in order to protect her power and income and call out her as the vicious hypocrite she really is. And keep calling her out. Lay out her history of incompetence and ask the country if we can tolerate that incompetence in the Executive Mansion. Call out her long history of ethics violations and her never ending embroilment in scandals. Hammer her down like it’s the most important battle facing America. Because it is.

Will Trump win this thing? What is the best strategy?

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  1. Michael Hiteshew,

    You need to do a internet search with the following four word search term:

    trump hillary election death cross

  2. Yep.

    The Zerohedge “Death Cross” meme is spreading like the common cold.

    Zerohedge used it when Trump wiped out Cruz and is repeating it WRT Hillary being the next Trump “Death Cross” victim.

    The reason I mentioned it is that there are several “meme makers” out there this election cycle affecting the American Presidential race on a social media level in ways that are subversively anti-establishment, anti-P.C. and are repeated on a culture altering basis.

    They are the following —

    o Zerohedge

    o Scott Adams of Dilbert fame

    o The pick up artist blogger Chateau Heartiste

    o Sundance at “The Conservative Tree House” blog

    Watch them for their Trump material and you will learn the Presidential election news before it is news.

  3. A modest proposal. The Republican ticket should be Trump and Sanders. The Democrat ticket should be Sanders and Trump. Who could say fairer than that?

  4. I think that a curious possibility is that the Rep and Dem parties may both fracture; the Dems to the Saunders and Hillary factions, and the Reps into the Trump and Establishment-GOP-favored-nominee, whomever that luckless bastard may turn out to be. In other words, a four-way split. Hasn’t happened since 1860, if I remember correctly.

    My daughter thinks that come hell and high water, Hillary will be the establishment Dem nominee. Her Inevitableness was picked long ago (after all, IT IS HER TURN!!!-ELEVENTY!) to be the Establishment Dem candidate. She expected the inevitable coronation, and is as pissed as hell that she might actually have to actively campaign – an activity in which she is purely horrible.

    Interesting times, no kidding.

  5. Conservative Tree House has been a great source on several stories. Especially the Trayvon Martin story.

    I have them bookmarked and will start reading it again.

  6. It seems to me that Trump has already gone scorched earth against Hillary- certainly compared to anything anyone associated with the GOP establishment would have ever done.

    He has recently made an ad referencing Juanita Broderick, and months ago he noted that Hillary’s incompetence has cost hundreds of thousands of lives.

    So I think Trump will be quite willing to continue, until every living man and woman on this Earth knows full well what a vile and loathsome human being Hillary Clinton has worked, successfully, to become.

    The GOPe will never forgive him, not that that matters to anyone anymore.

  7. Trump has no choice but to go scorched earth as Hillary will be trying to do the same. It is the first time she has really faced anyone like Trump – everyone else tiptoed around all of her “past”.

    Just saw the other day that although Minnesota voted for Sanders “super delegate” Al Franken will be voting for Hillary. Anyone not believe the system is rigged?

    I think the Republican side is for the most part coalescing behind Trump however reluctantly) but I doubt most Sanders Supporters will do the same for Hillary.

  8. Trump has this in the bag. He destroyed all the professional media ‘experts’ running the campaigns of the GOPe losers, he will rip apart Hillarys operation too. She is too damaged to withstand even moderate scrutiny and Trump will not stop at moderate.

  9. Mr Black,

    Regards this —

    >>Trump has this in the bag.

    I have come to the conclusion that the structural factors of this election mean any viable Republican candidate would beat any of the the Democratic candidate field.

    However, viable in this case meant to the GOP primary voters and not to the GOP elites and political consultant class.

    Viable for the GOP base meant the GOP nominee — whomever it was — would be a flame throwing, bomb chucking street fighter of a candidate.

    Hillary was simply the worst choice for Democrats in that she is going to convince White males outside the South vote like those in the South for a generation.

  10. Oh, Zero Anthropology has a deft and stiletto-like way with words. From Trent’s link:

    “When immigrants came to the US in pursuit of the “American Dream,” who would they imagine as the better embodiment of that dream?

    A) The small, spiteful, neckless old lady with the cruel face and the mysterious coats that appear to be hiding large urine bags (or a colostomy bag), someone with the kindness of a prison warden and a grating cackle that is a searing assault on every image of Cinderella and Snow White? Or,

    B) The gleaming skyscraper, the golden luxury suite housing the square-faced, golden-haired mountain of Grade A Beef in a $10,000 suit standing under a chandelier that looks like glinting diamonds in sparkling champagne, who is otherwise soaring through the skies in his own massive jet?

    If you are answering (a), then you do not understand the United States.”

  11. This is a Republican year for the Presidency. The public wants change big-time. Bernie Sanders’ relative success in the Democratic primaries proves that. A generic Republican will stomp a generic Democrat.

    Hillary will do worse than a generic Democrat for lots of reasons, and even most Democrats will admit that. She has anti-charisma, etc. It would, however, be fun to see if Biden can combine the worst of both being a generic Democrat AND representing a failed incumbent administration if Hillary drops out for any reason.

    Those who think Trump will beat himself should keep holding their breath and waiting for the tooth fairy. If he hasn’t done yet, he won’t.

  12. I read today that an ABC poll has Trump two points ahead, and the poll number changes are driven by millennials deserting Hillary for Trump.

  13. >>Oh, Zero Anthropology has a deft and stiletto-like way with words.

    That was one of the reasons I dropped the link.

    Good anthropologists are keen observers without native culture limiters in their descriptions.

  14. Dearieme,

    Regards this —

    >>You are very lucky: your Man on a White Horse seems to have no interest in any more invasions.

    Trump is a Jacksonian, AKA he is into threat elimination as a result of military action, not INCOME STREAM warfare with JAG officers vetting & then second guessing every air strike.

    This means Trump is far likelier to throw a nuke in response to an ISIS after a ‘high casualty in America’ Muslim terrorist incident.

  15. oog, I should have also said that Hillary’s personal negatives constitute the only material difference between her candidacy and that of a generic Democratic nominee. Her personal negatives are significant and, as Trent mentioned, some of those will have long-term adverse effects should she be the Democratic nominee.

    If Biden replaces her, his only material difference from a generic Democrat will be his inability, as the incumbent VP, to avoid being tagged as more of the same relative to President Obama. That is significant given that the voters so clearly want a major change from the status quo. Hubert Humphrey had the same problem in 1968. Bush I in 1988, by contrast, benefited from public approval of Reagan’s policies. Voters in 1988 wanted more of the same.

    Voters in 2016 want major changes. THAT is the structural problem any Democratic nominee will have.

  16. ” his only material difference from a generic Democrat will be his inability, as the incumbent VP, to avoid being tagged as more of the same relative to President Obama.”

    Biden also has a Bill Clinton-lite history of grabbing women and making himself obnoxious in public. Should he be the nominee, which I consider about a 20% chance, Trump will shift targets without having to change the subject.

  17. Mike,

    Biden is much more entertaining than that. He makes Trump look good in terms of knowledge of world affairs, unfortunate statements aka whoppers, etc. Biden against Trump would be great fun, and mighty puzzling for other countries.

    All this is personalities, as opposed to structural matters and campaign stuff. My comments are mostly directed at structural factors. Trump is rewriting the “book” in terms of campaign strategies, styles and tactics.

  18. Normally foreign policy is not a large factor in presidential elections although it was prominent in 1952 (Korea) and 1980 (Iran hostage). This election is unusual in that respect since Clinton was Secretary of State. If Trump attacks Clinton on her conduct as SOS she is caught in a trap. If she owns it she appears to be incompetent. If she denies responsibility she is shown as feckless and additionally she will be seen by the black community as dissing Obama.

  19. Joe Biden Probably Has Brain Damage
    === ===
    [edited] Doctor: In 1988 Biden suffered a ruptured cerebral aneurysm. Modern medicine and surgery saved his life. Ruptured aneurysms frequently lead to brain damage. Biden’s behavior suggests to me that he may have suffered frontal-lobe damage. The frontal-lobe allows us to inhibit our impulses so that we do not immediately utter everything we think.
    === ===

    An aneurysm is a bubble on an artery. The weak tissue bulges out under blood pressure, thins, and can break. At least one aneurysm ruptured and bled in Biden’s brain.

    A bleeding blood vessel in the brain causes the death of nearby cells. In a motor area, the person suffers paralysis or weakness of the muscles controlled by that area. In the frontal lobes, a thinking area, the person suffers mental disability which is often subtle and mysterious. This may explain Biden’s lack of verbal and physical control.

    Brain surgery like Binden’s requires cutting through some healthy tissue, a reasonable tradeoff to correct a life threatening condition.

    Joe Binden was a young, skilled politician at the time of his brain surgery. Luckily for him, politics supports many people with badly functioning brains. That disabiliy is almost a requirement. So, let’s have a touch of sympathy when criticizing him. He is doing very well, given his probable mental limitations.

    Google: Joe Biden aneurism

  20. >>So, let’s have a touch of sympathy when criticizing him. He is doing very well, given his probable mental limitations.

    But, if true, not someone with whom you place enormous and potentially very dangerous responsibility. It’s like bringing a reactor online you know to be damaged and unstable.

  21. “This means Trump is far likelier to throw a nuke in response to an ISIS after a ‘high casualty in America’ Muslim terrorist incident.”

    Awesome. One quick question, what would he nuke?

  22. “If she owns it she appears to be incompetent. If she denies responsibility she is shown as feckless and additionally she will be seen by the black community as dissing Obama.”

    She is desperate to get the black vote. Without it, she is dead in the water. If she is the nominee, the black vote will drive her campaign. Nothing will be too outrageous.

    Personally, I could see Biden/Warren. I think Joe has had two aneurysms.

    Tests at Walter Reed Army Medical Center near Washington, D.C., showed he had two aneurysms — one below the left side of his brain and another on the right side. Doctors recommended surgery to remove both.


    The first surgery, performed on Feb. 12, 1988, lasted four and a half hours. The second surgery came on May 4. Recovery kept him out of the Senate for seven months.

    A neurosurgeon wrote a book called When the air hits your brain. The full statement is “You are never the same once the air hits your brain.”

    Joe had two doses.

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