State Department IG’s Report: Fallout


What now for Hillary? Was the IG’s report just the precursor to the FBI’s hammer dropping?

Judge Napolitano:

I think it’s huge. It goes to the heart, it disputes the heart, of Mrs Clinton’s defense.

She knowingly and willfully violated her own State Department requirements that she put in place for all other employees…

She diverted 100% – one hundred percent! – of all digital traffic coming to her through her home server… She was also harshly criticized for keeping some of the email traffic from the State Department, which to this day she believes she wiped clean – I happen to believe the FBI found what she believes she wiped clean…

As we speak, our colleague Katherine Herridge is in a federal courtroom in Alexandria Virginia listening to this Romanian hacker tell a federal judge about the deal his lawyers cut with the Justice Department. The quid pro quo is: ‘Don’t send me to jail for a long time and I’ll tell you – I’ll tell a jury! – how easy it was for hackers in Europe to get in to Mrs Clinton’s emails.

Why was the report released now? Has the DNC decided Hillary cannot beat Trump and decided to throw her under the bus? If so, who’s up to replace her? Biden-Warren? Sanders? And will Debbie Wasserman-Schultz get the boot too?

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  1. It could be as simple as one faction of democrat partisans attacking another. The DNC certainly wouldn’t write off their candidate so early.

  2. This is a budget thing as much as anything else.

    “Deep State” institutions are now acting to protect themselves from a possible Trump Presidency.

  3. ““Deep State” institutions are now acting to protect themselves from a possible Trump Presidency.”

    I agree. This is too important to be left to unreliable voters.

    Biden-Warren seems a reasonable possibility to me.

    It looks like McAullife is going down, too. Too bad the GOPe did not support Cuccinelli in the last election. He was very close and would have won with some help.

  4. There must be a decent thriller to be written where a presidential candidate is under investigation for nefarious doings, and the people he might send to jail if he squeals want him bumped off. How can they get past all the security? In a closing scene that excites cinema-goers, the audience gets to vote on whether the pol gets assassinated or rescued.

  5. >>Biden-Warren seems a reasonable possibility to me.

    After Hillary wind the Democratic Party nomination — AKA keeping Bernie out — and then “leaving for health reasons” seems likely.

    Trump going on the offensive saying “Biden-Warren” are “Corrupt Elite Selected, Not Elected” would be a huge wedge issue for the Bernie voters.

    A very few Bernie supporters would vote straight GOP ticket to punish the Democratic Party. More would vote Trump and Democrat ticket down ballot. The rest, -most-, of the Bernie crowd would stay home.

    That sort of wave election will remove a significant number of marginal (+3% to +6% D) Dem seats in Federal, state & local government in a lot of Purple and some Blue states.

    I don’t see Democrats going down more than 5% in Federal House seats, but any gains they expected in the Senate will be shot in the head.

    Across the South, outside Florida, Democratic Parties at State level will be reduced to Texas sized rumps AKA defacto a voting black/white urban liberal interest group in a one party GOP state government.

  6. I’d just like to point out that if regular person did this with classified data they would lose their security clearance immediately, be fired, and likely be charged with felonies. But for half the country, if you’re this irresponsible and cavalier towards secret information, and you are their presidential candidate, no problem! It’s a good example of how little respect the left has for the law, and how irresponsible and short sighted they are.

  7. >>…if regular person did this with classified data they would lose their security clearance
    >>immediately, be fired, and likely be charged with felonies.

    The “Deep State” in the three letter national security agencies are in fact working as hard as they can to make sure Hillary is not President because of the example she would set for secrecy laws, rules and regulations.

    Keeping secrets and enforcing punishment’s for spilling secrets is the root of the three letter national security agencies power.

    Also, in the case of the FBI, Hillary -unprosecuted- is a dire threat to the FBI budget.

    The next Republican president after Hillary would separate the counter-intelligence mission from the FBI, if the FBI did not take her down, as a partisan threat to that GOP presidential administration.

  8. Wiped clean. ;) Few people know how hard this is.

    Me I write 0s to the entire drive.

    dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hda

    Now you’ll need a /dev/zero but almost any *nix system, including that bastard son of FreeBSD, OSX, has one.

  9. In the mid 1960s I worked for the Autonetics division of North American Rockwell. We manufactured the guidance systems for the Minuteman II missile. The question arose as to how to protect the targeting information when an operational system failed and had to be sent to the missile repair depot in Newark, Ohio. Autonetics sent a memory disk that had been “wiped” 20 times with alternating 1’s and 0’s to NSA. NSA came back within a couple of weeks with a listing of the disk’s original contents. As a result, when a failed computer arrived in Newark escorted by an armed Air Force officer we would remove the disk and place it in a container of acid and the escort would confirm that it had dissolved.

  10. A listing of the content, especially on an 8″ Floppy may be in the header, I’m not an expert. Still would not give you that content.

    On a modern hard drive if use all the sectors you will not be able to tell what was there. Serious modern reclamation is done with Electron Microscopes and even they cannot see past the zeros.

  11. PenGun, you want /dev/random as a opposed to only zeroes.

    But realistically, you’d want multiple overwrites of the files themselves. In fact, the U.S. government has its own standards for this (I know the DoD has a 3-pass overwrite standard, I assume other agencies have others).

  12. A manufacturing client of mine used a punch press, then a press brake, to sanitize old disks. Me, I use a drill and put it out in the kitty litter bag.

  13. “But for half the country, if you’re this irresponsible and cavalier towards secret information,”

    No, half the country has no clue and you can guess which half that is in voting registration.

    The burger flipping third and the EBT third have no idea and no concern.

  14. “PenGun, you want /dev/random as a opposed to only zeroes.”

    That will not work. You can use /dev/urandom but it will take much longer.

    It’s not the same as overwriting a disc with data. It is possible to recover data because it’s not actually overwritten till that block is used. It’s still there till then, even if deleted.

    Overwriting multiple times is a waste of time no matter what your particular brand of tin foil is.

    “Yet there is not a single example of anyone recovering data after it has simply been overwritten once with zeros.”

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