12 thoughts on “Who Built That?”

  1. Three cheers for the brave and the cute. I hardly ever watch television anymore, but I understand that she spends a lot less time out there. Considering the amount of invective and abuse she’s been the recipient of, small wonder. Hope her book does well.

  2. Starting a race war with the America’s white majority over Trump does not seem like a smart thing to me

    Every riot these morons start at Trump events gets him more votes.

  3. I’m Portuguese and took some time to see said comments. Their tone was familiar from discussions going on around Europe in general and my neck of the woods in particular. For one, derisiveness, for either style, show, effect of what the heck, is a perennial favourite. However, believe me, what a difference in substance! The worst ad hominem I saw in the show would easily pass as an actual point around here. Is this a C-span thing or what? …just joking! I know US’s debate culture, however poorly. Now, actually listening to what the other part says is a totally different game… Cheers!

  4. Ahhhh, the ultimate wet dream of a true conservative: the golden age when all men were men and all women maids, whether under the cross or the crescent! No my friend, Portugal is too stale even for that these days. This said, it’s great actually. How’s this for cognitive dissonance?!. Greatest current export (as in the XXth, XIXth, XVIIIth, XVIIth – you get the picture – centuries): good people! Have you noticed the current Miss Rhode Island and Miss Connecticut?

    Seriously, between european doom and domestic’s, our anarchic, sorry, catholic roots are once again proving a life saver: people work their butts off if need be but until the “system” shifts from wealth re-distribution to wealth creation we… well, we know what comes next…


  5. Obrigado, all the best to the old stock in Bombarral, and if you ever drop by the Nova Sintra, give me a shout.

  6. Starting a race war with the America’s white majority over Trump does not seem like a smart thing to me

    Depends on who you think will win.

  7. Will –

    UAU! The world is but a small oyster!!! Mafra is closer to home for me, but Bombarral is close enough. Actually, we are all under the same strategic alignment provided by Linhas de Torres. But where is this Nova Sintra? Surely it can’t be New Bedford or New Jersey… ;-)

    All in all, interesting times we all live in!

  8. >>Depends on who you think will win.

    Americans have purchased 100 milliuon firearms in the last eight years.

    The left’s bully boys in places like San Jose function with the protection of the media and government at the Federal, state, and local levels.

    See: “Sanctuary Cities.”.

    The removal of that protection means the bully boys are not empowered. They are rendered as targets.

    NB: The Left weren’t the people feeling threatened enough to buy guns during the Obama Administration.

  9. You know your P-A geography. It was indeed in New Bedford, now defunct. No resemblance to the original Sintra, whatsoever. A notorious pit of depravity…so I was told, ahem.

  10. “Americans have purchased 100 milliuon firearms in the last eight years.”

    Awesome. You have fun with your dangerous toys, be careful not to shoot … oh hell go ahead, wipe each other out. I see an America competing with the various other Mad Max organizations. Lets see how well you can build a semi armored, up gunned pickup truck. There are examples all over the middle east.

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