FBI Kills Rule of Law — Refuses to Indict Hillary Over Her E-mails

FBI Director James Comey today in a Washington DC news conference confirmed what many have suspected.

The Rule of Law in America is now strictly a political football for those who are in power.

The FBI has refused to indict ex-Sec of State Hillary Clinton for multiple clear violations of Federal law by hosting an unsecured e-mail server with classified data off-site from the State Department.  A server that was know to have been hacked by most of America’s foreign enemies.

Gatewaypundit has many of the details here —

FBI Director Comey: We Found Hillary “Work Related” Emails That Were Not Turned Over to FBI – But Recommend NO CHARGES FIled


26 thoughts on “FBI Kills Rule of Law — Refuses to Indict Hillary Over Her E-mails”

  1. Interesting juxtaposition. The previous posting is titled “Shall It Be Sustained?” Apparently the answer is “no.”

  2. The degree of lawlessness should now start growing exponentially: if the law does not apply to all, it applies to no one. Everyone knows that someone being allowed to run for president is a criminal. They’ll start cutting themselves a little slice of that freedom from consequences Hillary now enjoys. Mark my words.

  3. Comey recommended that there be security/administrative punishment. I’d wait about 24 hours and start asking whether Clinton still has her security clearance to allow all the hacks to chime in on how she’s innocent and completely cleared. If she has her security clearance stripped, the campaign ads write themselves and it’s a pretty clear statement that she does not belong in the Oval Office. If she does not have her clearance stripped, then FBI director’s recommended punishment not followed becomes the drumbeat.

    Comey has set up a ball on a batting T. Let’s not be the stupid party for once and hit this thing out of the park.

  4. Comey’s FBI is now nothing but a 3rd world regime security force out of the board game Junta.

  5. It’s time to put the whole FBI out of business. Fire them all and replace them with a new agency that cannot hire any former FBI employee.

    The FBI proved with the Orlando shooter that it will believe Muslim terrorist claims that they’re just being harassed over the word of deputy sheriffs that the guy is threatening to kill them and spouting Islamic terrorist threats. That meant the FBI can’t be trusted to protect us from armed criminals.

    Failure to recommend Hillary’s prosecution means that the FBI is so politically corrupt that its continued existence is a threat to our system of law and order.

    We need a whole new federal law enforcement agency which does only that. Domestic security should go to another new agency under the Department of Defense.

  6. The FBI is now an arm of organized crime. It exists to protect criminals.

    Not just Omar Mateen from Florida Deputy Sherriff’s.

    The FBI let Mateen’s wife go after he killed 49 people and she admitted buying the ammunition that did the killing.

    The FBI exists to protect criminals.

  7. Comey should be in line for the L. Patrick Gray award for integrity in law enforcement. But he’ll have stiff competition from Loretta Lynch.

  8. A fresh reminder:

    You do not need a freaking arsenal — merely one scoped modern rifle of common caliber, meaning .223, 3.08, or 30-06, ideally one for each adult in your family.

    You do not need to make the floorboards groan with tens of thousands of rounds. Two or three hundred each will do for the foreseeable future, assuming you are already an acceptable shot.

    You do not need a bank vault full of silver ingots. Several hundred dollars in small bills will do in an emergency. Cartons of smokes and lighters might come in handy for barter, even if you don’t smoke.

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    Make the most of it. And as much as it has become despised and discounted, do not neglect your prayers.

  9. Comey has pretty much destroyed the FBI, in my opinion.

    Nobody will trust them now.

    The Clintons and their allies int he State Department have dragged this thing out for two years by stonewalling and Comey has joined their game.

    What a disgrace.

  10. It is also interesting that none of the major (ABCNBCCBS) networks broadcast Comey’s address live.

  11. “none of the major (ABCNBCCBS) networks broadcast Comey’s address live.”

    I hope someone will look for evidence that they were forewarned about his speech.

    If he had really “exonerated” Hillary, they would have had it live with replays every hour.

  12. I just knew that she would skate, couldn’t really imagine another outcome. I fantasized that perhaps Comey would resign, rather than go out like that. He’s been touted as a “stand-up guy”. No idea if that’s true, but a man in the employ of the Alinsky’s works in a minefield. Who know’s what his internet viewing habits are, whether he got that vacation home below market value, the kid with the dope habit?

    They’ve had an amazing run these bastards, almost eight years, nobody gone to jail, no one held accountable.

  13. Event Card

    Bloggers circulate petition condemning repression… to what effect?

    Nixon managed to anger both CIA and FBI by bringing Helms and Gray into his office concerning the Watergate burglary, and telling them ( or having Ehrlichman say it.) “This whole business is related to the Bay of Pigs.”

  14. Is not the Office of President of the United States a Constitutional Office? As such the office is head of the nation as well as commander-in-chief of the armed forces, I doubt if Hillary would need a security clearance, as disgusting as that may be.

  15. Phil Ossiferz Stone Says:
    July 5th, 2016 at 2:59 pm

    Absolute agreement for short term. There is another level of preparation for a long term collapse, of course; but as a start this is excellent.

    I would only add two things to that.

    If you are purifying water, and cleaning, you will go through bleach surprisingly fast. Bottled bleach can only be depended upon for about a year. An easier way to store it in quantity for long periods of time is to get a bottle of powdered pool “Shock” used in swimming pool maintenance.

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    Second, as far as light for night time. Unless your home is, or can be, blacked out; in hard times if the power goes out having visible light will be like making yourself a target. Both neighbors and two-legged predators [the two are not exclusive] will be drawn. Plus, too much light plays merry hob with your night vision if you are on watch. Something to keep in mind.

    However, as an alternative to kerosene which has bulk and flammible storage downsides [but other upsides], for $1 at WallyWorld you can get a 1 lumen solar path light. In a low light environment, one is sufficient to navigate around a room, although not enough to read or work by. For $10 you can get a 5 lumen spotlight with an on/off switch which is plenty for task lighting. All they require is to be put in a window in the sun during the day, and they will last hours at night.

  16. “I fantasized that perhaps Comey would resign, rather than go out like that.”

    I did, too. I’m having breakfast with my FBI agent daughter this weekend. It will be interesting to see what her opinions are. She is a lefty but told me two weeks ago, there is no way she is voting for Hillary.

  17. FBI Director Comey proves the truth of the following passage:

    Treason doth never prosper, what’s the reason?
    For if it prosper, none dare call it Treason.

    –John Harington

  18. I guess in retrospect, Comey bought in quite some time ago. I often wonder who is left inside, I’m guessing that much like the military there have been purges. Those not on board with the mission, squeezed out. It would seem like that would be a very large number, but maybe I’m living too far in the past. An acquaintance, who is about forty, asked me about Watergate in relation to this latest outrage. I told him that I thought that the past eight years are unprecedented in U.S. history, and that if something positive or stabilizing doesn’t happen soon, it could get a lot worse.

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