Does Hillary Clinton Have Parkinson’s Disease?

The Hillary collpase last Sunday has prompted a lot of speculation on her condition. Early on I was inclined to blame her neurological condition on her history of concussion and cerebral vein thrombosis.

That seemed logical, given her history. However, it does not explain her quick recovery. It also has nothing to do with pneumonia.

This video has now convinced me that she has Parkinson’s Disease, and it is fairly advanced. In the video, the physician mentions Apomorphine, which is not morphine but an alpha adrenergic drug used in Parkinson’s Disease.

Currently, apomorphine is used in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

What use does it have in Parkinson’s? It is used for “Non-motor symptoms.”

What does that mean ? Parkinson’s Disease is characterized by a serious of motor disabilities.

The cardinal symptoms of Parkinson’s disease are resting tremor, slowness of movement (bradykinesia) and rigidity. Many people also experience balance problems (postural instability). These symptoms, which often appear gradually and with increasing severity over time, are usually what first bring patients to a neurologist for help. Typically, symptoms begin on one side of the body and migrate over time to the other side.

These symptoms are typically controlled with Dopamine like drugs, such as L-Dopa. There are other symptoms less easily controlled.

For example, in advanced cases, difficulty swallowing can cause Parkinson’s patients to aspirate food into the lungs, leading to pneumonia or other pulmonary conditions. Loss of balance can cause falls that result in serious injuries or death. The seriousness of these incidents depends greatly on the patient’s age, overall health and disease stage.


There are also side effects of L Dopa.

L-DOPA therapy is further complicated by the development of movement disorders called dyskinesias after 5 – 10 years of use in most cases.

Dyskinesias are movement disorders in which neurological discoordination results in uncontrollable, involuntary movements. This discoordination can also affect the autonomic nervous system, resulting in, for example, respiratory irregularities (Rice 2002). Dyskinesia is the result of L-DOPA-induced synaptic dysfunction and inappropriate signaling between areas of the brain that normally coordinate movement, namely the motor cortex and the striatum (Jenner 2008).

One type of dyskinesia is called “Freezing” The video linked above had several clips showing what looks like freezing. I looked carefully for evidence of editing to simulate seizure like motion but saw none. The treatment for freezes, also referred to as “OFF episodes,” is Apomorphine, which can quickly control these reactions.

Of 19 patients, 15 (78.9%) achieved a full ON response. All 15 achieved a full ON response within 30 minutes and 6 of the 15 patients (40.0%) achieved a full ON response within 15 minutes. The mean (SD) duration of ON was 50 (19.4) minutes. Of the 15 patients, 9 (60.0%) remained fully ON for ?90 minutes. There were no discontinuations as a result of an adverse event. The most common adverse events were dizziness (36.8%), somnolence (31.6%), and nausea (21.1%).

This could explain her sudden recovery on Sunday and could also suggest the reason why she was not taken, as per USSS protocol, to an Emergency Room. The apomorphine can be given as a sublingual tablet and does not require an injection. The Secret Service has been protecting her since 1992 and should be well aware of her medical problems.

These episodes are a well known complication of Parkinson’s Disease and of L Dopa.

Although levodopa is the most effective oral PD therapy, many patients experience motor fluctuations, including sudden loss of dose effect and delayed benefit. CVT-301 is a levodopa inhalation powder with the potential for rapid onset of action. The objective of this study was to evaluate CVT-301 self-administered by PD patients to relieve OFF episodes.

The issue of blue sunglasses has also been raised and they are well known in the treatment of epilepsy. Their use in pure Parkinson’s Disease is limited to alternative medicine and chiropractic.

The video discussing Hillary Clinton and Parkinson’s has been attacked. That diagnosis of pneumonia does not explain the sudden recovery. The attacks on the physician also ignores that he is an anesthesiologist and should be well trained in pharmacology.

There is obviously no way to prove that this is the disease causing her collapse. We will have to see if anything else happens. The debates should be interesting. Freezing may be precipitated by stress.

Individuals with Parkinson’s disease (PD) commonly experience freezing of gait under time constraints, in narrow spaces, and in the dark. One commonality between these different situations is that they may all provoke anxiety, The conclusion ?

These results present strong evidence that anxiety is an important mechanism underlying freezing of gait and supports the notion that the limbic system may have a profound contribution to freezing in PD.

The debates will be interesting. The short “press conference” she had after the incident last weekend, was marked by individual reporters asking questions one at a time. The freezing episode was precipitated by a number of reporters asking questions at the same time. Stress.

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  1. To relieve as much stress as possible on her, I wouldn’t be surprised if the moderators’ questions were leaked to her before the debate and, no doubt her ear plug will be in full operation as staff backstage send her responses to whatever unfolds on the stage. Imagine her panic if the ear plug happened to fall out during the debate.

  2. Imagine her panic if the ear plug happened to get jammed during the debate. Those types of comm systems operate in known frequency bands. Shouldn’t be too difficult to jam the frequencies.

  3. In 2007 and 2008 a small fringe group inclined to conspiracy theory proposed that GW Bush planned to cancel the upcoming elections and retain office. Examples:

    I confess myself astonished not to read proposals that our current president has manipulated events into a crisis such that both parties would beg him to cancel the 2016 presidential contest. If Hillary were to fall so ill she could not campaign, and if The Donald were to so severely insult Paul Ryan or other senior Republicans they would agree he SHOULD not campaign, then why not Barack, again? “Temporarily”, of course.

    IN THE ALTERNATIVE, if Democratic First Lady Edith Wilson could quietly run the nation while her husband, the President, lay ill; why should not First Dude Bubba do the same for an incapacitated President Clinton, (II) ?

    In any case, the hypotheticals offered here and now are tame by comparison.

  4. Are particular types of stimuli known to be more likely to trigger overt Parkinson’s symptoms (such as freezing)? Is it likely such stimuli might occur naturally at a campaign rally or debate?

  5. Anonymous’s comment at September 18th, 2016 at 6:37 pm suggests that squealing interference in Hillary’s earpiece communications channel might be stressful. Is this something to be concerned about?

  6. Are particular types of stimuli known to be more likely to trigger overt Parkinson’s symptoms (such as freezing)?

    Stress is only one.

    The factors that commonly induced FoG were turning, fatigue, confined spaces and stressful situations, in addition to emotional factors. FoG was also ameliorated by various attentional and external cueing strategies. The concept of paradoxical kinesis, the potential neural substrates of such external cueing effects, and their importance for rehabilitation in PD are discussed.

  7. melanerpes Says:
    September 18th, 2016 at 10:22 pm

    Inductive or Induction Earpieces are commonly used to cue actors, TV personnel, and especially news presenters.

    This inductive cueing system is quite simple to use. Audio is transmitted from any source via an inductive loop. The talent can wear a small, flexible neck loop which couples audio via a low level magnetic field into a hearing aid style earpiece. Alternately, a perimeter or “room loop” may be used to encircle an entire room or stage allowing many people to receive the same cue. Both of these two uses allow the talent to receive a discrete cue on camera.

    The Professional Sound Corporation® Inductive Earpiece is routinely used for cueing of news anchors, actors, stage performers, dancers, and other on camera personalities. Its small size can be worn by both adults and children alike. It is made of a flesh color ABS plastic to provide better on camera concealment. The PSC Inductive Earpiece comes complete with a cleaning brush, ear swabs, a supply of batteries and an attractive carry case. This small Inductive Earpiece comes with a 90 day, limited warranty.

    A bit of research should reveal the frequency ranges they operate in. There would be a complication in that you can bet your gluteal musculature that at the debates every freaking one of the TV personalities will also be rigged up with these. It would be necessary to have a scanner or scanners in use to detect which frequency or frequencies were in use. The Debate moderators may or may not be on a separate set of frequencies from Clinton.

    If the frequencies used by Clinton [assuming frequency or channel agility capability] can be isolated, it probably would not be difficult to bathe the studio or the building in an electronic hash on the proper frequencies to block information getting to her. If they are on a common frequency used by both the moderators and Clinton, they should all receive the hash, in the form of either feedback or a metric butt-load [app. 475-480 liters] of static. Either of which should cause a very visible reaction, either neurological and/or reflexive and violent removal of the earpiece. It would be interesting watching the tapdancing by the Debate moderators trying to explain how they really were not colluding with the Clinton campaign and conspiring against the Trump campaign to give the presidency to Hillary.

    All of this is, of course, purely theoretical, and there is of course no likelihood that this could be read by someone from the Trump campaign or who knows anyone in the Trump campaign, right?

  8. I hadn’t really bought into much of this until last week, when it became clear from the video that something is horribly wrong with her. One suspects that the MSM has plenty of similar videos, but have suppressed them (similar to the Khalidi event tape). Somehow this incident was caught by a bystander willing and able to share it. You can bet her staff won’t let her be caught like that again. It is quite amazing to me that they didn’t have a prepared cover story, given her long history with falls and other episodes. Their heat exhaustion/pneumonia story is utterly preposterous.

    I understand that she wants nothing else except to be the first woman president. It’s amazing, though, how reckless the Democrat party is being about this. Clearly she’s not going to be able to keep this under wraps for long. How do they think the electorate is going to react if she is elected and in a year or two admits she has PD?

  9. “One suspects that the MSM has plenty of similar videos, but have suppressed them”: it’s a pity that nobody has the intestinal fortitude to leak them to the world. What’s the worst that could happen to them? Oh.

  10. Just ran across this at HOTGAS. I cannot vouch for the person who posted it originally, but if true it is devastating.

    Short form, on the 15th, it appears that Hillary faked an appearance, carried by NBC News in Greensboro, NC. She did an appearance in a studio, with a blue screen behind. The people at the “rally” were faked, and NBC had to know it was fake to carry it.

    The video has the marker of NBC News in the lower left corner. The header at the top describes the appearance in Greensboro and the date.


    The first few minutes are the important part. The last 5 minutes are roughly what we all know about her physical condition.

    It shows the rally from behind, with a horde of adoring worshipers holding up their cell phones in camera mode. The problem is, what is in the cell phone screens does not match what they are aiming at in any way. The backgrounds are totally different. Hillary walks, in theory, in front of this crowd. Unless she is a vampire [hey, could be] she should show up on the screens. She does not at all, on any of the phones. It does not compute.

    I note that Saturday, I was at the Donald Trump rally in Colorado Springs. When “Trump Force One” landed and we were all waiting for Trump to come out, every freaking person in the world dug out their cell phone and focused on the plane door. I had not brought my phone because it is a dumb phone [deliberately] and I figured that was less to juggle through the SS checkpoints. While I am tall enough to see between people, there was an Asian woman who barely came up to my elbow who was trying to see. I offered to boost her up, but she said no, because she found that she could watch the plane door on the screens of all the phones. Phones at rallies are focused on the candidate. None of the phones at the “Greensboro Rally” showed Hillary.

    At the end of Hillary’s speech, she waves at the crowd [and note the right index finger as she lifts her hand to wave, it is held underneath the middle finger in a classic Parkinson’s Disease move to avoid tremors]. And turns and waves at the crowd. And then turns to look directly behind the podium and wave and point. Except there is no one there because it is a solid flag background directly aft of the podium.

    The game is afoot. The Debate is going to be interesting.

  11. My daughter and I were talking it over today – and wondering if the debate would really come off. Even if there is only a small studio audience, it is bound to be a minefield of stressors for her. Questions, lights, cameras, people, intense pressure to perform – and any kind of resulting freeze, faint, coughing fit that she experiences is going to be out there, and out there so baldly that there is no way that the loyal media can cover up for her. Yes — even if the whole thing is staged to cover up her disability as much as possible — I wonder if she is going to risk it.
    But bailing out and cancelling the debate is at least as much of a risk. How can she be expected to serve as President, if she cannot endure the stress of a televised debate? I know that the inner party loyalists are bound and determined to carry her over the finish line, but still …

    Unexpectedly interesting times, indeed.

  12. “The people at the “rally” were faked, and NBC had to know it was fake to carry it.”

    I’m not sure but there is something odd. In the part of the video where the guy has a blue image on his phone, as he pans left, you do see what could be the red haired girl in front of him.

    I have seen other criticism of this video and don;’ know what to make of it.

    The debate will tell the tale.

  13. Subotai Bahadur Says:
    September 19th, 2016 at 1:04 am

    Inductive loops operate between 20 Hz and 20KHz. Disrupting them is difficult because they use a magnetic field not a voltage field. You would need a loop of comparable size and location or a loop around the receiver of interest.

    What could be done easily is monitoring the magnetic field and publishing the results as an after action report.

  14. Hillary is allergic to the American (Red-White-and Blue) flag. When the flag is next to her at rallies she gets sick.

    Hillary hates the flag.

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