Hillary Clinton and Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis.

The episode of Hillary Clinton’s collapse at the 9/11 Memorial Sunday has raised some interesting questions. Several years ago, she had a series of neurological events.

Getting a true picture of the events requires that we go to British newspaper sites, as the US media has shielded her for ten years.

1998 Blood Clot
Clinton’s first known blood clot occurred in 1998, while she was still first lady.
Clinton experienced symptoms while attending a fundraiser for Sen. Charles Schumer of New York, who would soon become her Senate home-state colleague. Her right foot swelled up to the point where she couldn’t put on her shoe.
Clinton got quietly taken to the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda for treatment at the time. She was found to have ‘a big clot’ blood clot behind her knee, Clinton wrote in her memoir, ‘Living History.’
She called it ‘the most significant health scare I’ve ever had,’ the Washington Post noted.
According to her physician, Mt. Kisco physician, Lisa Bardack, Clinton was advised at the time to take Lovenox, described as a short-acting blood thinner, when she took flights. The meds were discontinued when she went on Coumadin.

That history has not been discussed, to my knowledge in light of her recent problems.

2009 Blood Clot
Clinton had a second blood clot incident in 2009. The episode was described by her doctor in a 2015 letter.
The doctor didn’t provide a detailed description of the event. Rather, she wrote that Clinton’s ‘past medical history is notable for a deep vein thrombosis in 1998, 2009 and a concussion in 2012.

Her extensive air travel might be a factor in the DVT episodes. This has been referred to as Economy Class Syndrome, and was first described by physicians at London’s Heathrow Airport. There are other factors involved.

In recent years, the association between air travel and the incidence of deep-vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism has become clearer. Epidemiologic studies reveal an increased relative risk of thromboembolism after flights of more than 8 hours and especially in subjects at higher risk for this disease, due, for example, to congenital thrombophilia or the use of oral contraceptives. However, the absolute risk of deep-vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism after prolonged air travel is very small. Studies have shown that a combination of factors present during prolonged air travel may account for increased activation of coagulation. There is no definitive proof that elastic stockings are effective in reducing the incidence of clinically relevant thromboembolism during air travel. Acetylsalicylic acid is not effective in the prevention of thrombosis during air travel and may be dangerous.

Hillary Clinton certainly does not travel “coach class.” What about the concussion?

2012 Blood Clot and Concussion
Clinton got a bad stomach bug and fainted at her home in Washington in 2012, an event that led her to get a concussion. Information about what exactly had happened emerged only slowly over time.
As her doctor put it, ‘In December 2012, Mrs. Clinton suffered a stomach virus after traveling, became dehydrated, fainted and sustained a concussion.’
The then-secretary of state wasn’t seen in public between Dec. 7th and when she left the hospital in New York January 2, 2013.
Clinton experienced ‘double vision for a period of time and benefited from wearing glasses with a Fresnel Prism,’ a special corrective lens, her doctor wrote in a letter voluntarily released to the media in 2015 as part of Clinton’s presidential campaign. Her concussion ‘resolved within two months,’ Bardack wrote.

That is a very severe concussion and would disqualify anyone with that history from the US military. The whole story is suspicious.

Clinton was diagnosed with a blood clot in the brain, transverse sinus venous thrombosis, and began anticoagulation therapy, her doctor wrote.
Clinton had to work from home and postpone planned testimony before a House Benghazi committee.

That is NOT part of a concussion and suggests a much more severe condition.

Cerebral venous and sinus thrombosis (CVST) can present with a variety of clinical symptoms ranging from isolated headache to deep coma. Prognosis is better than previously thought and prospective studies have reported an independent survival of more than 80% of patients. Although it may be difficult to predict recovery in an individual patient, clinical presentation on hospital admission and the results of neuroimaging investigations are–apart from the underlying condition–the most important prognostic factors. Comatose patients with intracranial haemorrhage (ICH) on admission brain scan carry the highest risk of a fatal outcome. Available treatment data from controlled trials favour the use of anticoagulation (AC) as the first-line therapy of CVST because it may reduce the risk of a fatal outcome and severe disability and does not promote ICH. A few patients deteriorate despise adequate AC which may warrant the use of more aggressive treatment modalities such as local thrombolysis. The risk of recurrence is low (< 10%) and most relapses occur within the first 12 months. Analogous to patients with extracerebral venous thrombosis, oral AC is usually continued for 3 months after idiopathic CVST and for 6-12 months in patients with inherited or acquired thrombophilia but controlled data proving the benefit of long-term AC in patients with CVST are not available.

What are the possible consequences of CVST ? A comment in the Wall Street Journal today suggests one.

“The clot does not dissolve or disappear as Clinton camp has inferred. About 1/2 of patients will continue to have a blocked vein, & half will have partial reopening of the vein, but either way, there will always be some insufficiency in drainage…. It is not a question of whether the intracranial pressure increases. It is a question of how severe and how bad are the symptoms that follow…I have treated numerous patients for this very issue—the consequences can lead to significant disability. It deeply concerns me that one of the 2 leading presidential candidates may have such serious health issues…Hillary [must release] her full & unaltered medical records.”

I have seen epidural and subdural hematomas from trauma, sometimes rather trivial trauma, but I have no experience with cavernous sinus thrombosis from trauma. That is usually a consequence of local infection, such as sinus or ear infection.

The next subject is her blue sunglasses, which are often prescribed for seizures. They can be used to treat Photosensitive Epilepsy.

Hmmm… Could those blue sunglasses be cross polarized lenses ?

One of our patients had clinical seizures that were inadequately suppressed with moderate doses of valproate (VPA) but completely suppressed with blue cross-polarized lenses. The second patient’s photoparoxysmal response was suppressed by both parallel-polarized and blue cross-polarized glasses, whereas the third patient’s photoparoxysmal response was not suppressed by either.
These preliminary data suggest that blue cross-polarized lenses may be useful in the treatment of photosensitive epilepsies and that their efficacy can be predicted in the EEG laboratory.

Maybe Hillary needs to release her EEG results.

My brief review of the medical literature shows that cerebral venous thrombosis is rare and I can find no reports of association with trauma or concussion. Something else is going on.

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  1. Yahoo wins the autocomplete derby over Google and Bing with
    “clinton throm” (without quotes) completing to “hillary clinton thrombosis”
    while Google and Bing had nothing.

  2. Is the oft suggested Parkinson’s a contender for her underlying condition?

    P.S. Forgive the use of ‘underlying’ in the context of the evil invalid.

  3. Oh, agreed – something bad is going on with her, healthwise — as anyone can tell from looking at pictures or recordings of her over time. And it’s getting worse, fast.

  4. Parkinson’s might also be present but it seems to me that it would not explain the collapse and sudden (i 1/2 hour) recovery.

    Neither would pneumonia.

  5. Her combinations of medications could be causing complications. She’s obviously on more than what has been officially documented. Anti-seizure medications could cause unsteady balance, drowsiness, etc. Maybe she mixed it with too much Xanax at breakfast.

  6. A retired USSS agent discusses what happened at the incident.

    Here’s what was very disturbing to me: after the medical episode, she went to her daughter’s apartment and not to an Emergency Room. Secret Service procedure for each detail dictates that everyone knows which hospital to go to depending on the event – heart failure, gunshot, you name it. It is very revealing that, whatever is wrong with her, she is being treated by her own private medical specialists in secret and, judging by the ballet-like reaction by her detail, they have dealt with this before.

    Her detail knew that there was something very wrong with her and they were prepared.

  7. What medical episode or treatment could she have gone through at Chelsea’s house that would have caused her to rapidly lose weight. Vomiting? Gastric lavage? Naloxone?

  8. I too have seen and treated subdural, epidural and parenchymal brain bleeds. If they happen to a person on anticoagulation, as we are grudgingly informed Ms. Clinton is, the results are often catastrophic.

    When she went pitching forward on Sunday how close was she to a face plant and a fatal or incapacitating head bleed from the impact? Damn close. And her history of repeated falls (please catalog them as well) makes you think not if but when.

    If the Secret Service had pushed her out of the way to save her from taking a bullet it would be epic, front page, career defining news. When they grab her under the armpits and prevent an equally bad event it is just her having a little whoopsie.

    No fan of Trump, me. The best thing for the country would be for Hillary to step aside and for the Democrats to give us an alternative that we can have hopes for….instead of fears.


  9. Tacitus, in my mind, Hillary will not step aside and will fight tooth and nail any Democratic party attempts to replace her. Her goal since hooking up with Bill, has been to become the first female to be elected President. She will do anything to achieve that goal even if it means dropping dead five minutes after being sworn in. She wants–indeed, lust for– that place in history and whatever cocktail of medicines it takes to keep her going after that goal is worth it in her mind. She won’t be dissuaded by any argument to the contrary.

  10. I agree with Morgan and she is a particularly nasty piece of work.

    If there is any truth to this version, I would not want to be on a losing staff of hers.

    Hillary’s meltdown included throwing a water glass at a staffer- narrowly missing her head, and demanding Matt Lauer be fired! She was overheard threatening executives at NBC saying “If I lose, we all go down and that Fascist F*** will have us swinging from nooses! What the f*** is wrong with you idiots?”

    I cannot vouch for the story, or the language, but it sounds a bit like other stories.

  11. Let’s stay away from body double conspiracy theories, unsourced gossip, etc. The facts are bad enough. There is something seriously wrong with her, and by all indications has been for a while. It’s difficult to believe that the vile MSM isn’t in on the coverup, given their behavior thus far.

  12. Brian, I think they have been somewhat willfully blind about the lies. I have hope some are opening their eyes.

  13. The number of people who MUST know the true state of her health and are covering it up is the most appalling part of all this. The number must be at least dozens, if not hundreds or more.

  14. She obviously knew that she was at particular risk at the 9/11 ceremony, so she presumably not only took her meds, but sported a pair of anti-seizure blue sunglasses on a day when none of the other celebrities near her was wearing sunglasses. Neither precaution proved effective. My conclusion is that her condition is effectively uncontrollable. She ought therefore to be unelectable, even by people who would otherwise vote for her.

  15. “She ought therefore to be unelectable, even by people who would otherwise vote for her.”

    That should become more apparent as we move to the debates. I wonder if she will actually debate.

    An interesting election, as I have said before.

  16. Mike I would go beyond “interesting election” to “bizarre election”.

    Maybe we have to do what the Kremlin watchers did during the Cold War. To see who’s where in the government hierarchy. See who is standing where and in what relative position in front of Lenin’s tomb during the Mayday Parade.

    Thanks for the write up. I’ve learned more from you on this issue than looking at any of our media.

    Considering the stakes that is appalling and an indictment on our fourth estate.

  17. We need to have a full accounting of Hillary’s medications. If she continues to appear unsteady or incapacitated in public, she should be required to submit to a urinalysis. She’s running to become the leader of the free world. Her health and coherence are of supreme importance to the safety and survival of all Americans and all people around the world. We don’t want to see another case like Anthony Edens whose erratic behavior while addled and paranoid from medications during the Suez crisis marked the end of the British Empire

    In democracies, Eden should have known there can be no question of perpetual secrecy. The French and the Israeli leaders afterwards resented the British Cabinet’s decision to halt the advancing troops down the Canal and they had no guilty consciences about the military operation even after its failure. It was also a wholly unrealistic view of Eden’s that any cover-up could be kept from American intelligence for much longer than a few weeks at best. Indeed, the CIA claimed to have known at the time. More realistic than Eden, Pineau told the US about the facts of their collusion while Eden was still pretending to the Americans that no collusion had taken place, compounding US anger. Eden’s continued cover-up diminished his standing, and for Eden to say in the House of Commons on 20 December45 that ‘there was not foreknowledge that Israel would attack Egypt’ was to lie, something which he had never done in over 32 years as an MP and was totally out of character.

    The CIA must also have known about his drug use, and, if so, that undoubtedly factored into Eisenhower’s decision to withhold support. Can you imagine what world leaders are now thinking about Hillary? I’m sure there are already contingencies drawn up in foreign ministries about procedures to blackmail her or manipulate her based on her chemical dependencies.

  18. Right. She’s a PR flack. Who holds H’s hand in a truly strange way while she walks, and then looks right into her eyes and points to one side, as if doing some sort of eye/brain response test, moments before she collapses. Sure. That’s the sort of things a PR agent does. Absolutely. I’m sure this news is 100% accurate. What possible reason is there to doubt it?

  19. Anthony Eden had a common bile duct injury during a routine gallbladder surgery before Suez. He came to the US and had Richard Cattel,l a famous biliary surgeon, do a repair.

    His subsequent course was complicated and he needed other operations. He died eventually of prostate cancer so the bile duct surgeries were successful but he was ill much of the time.

    The Suez Crisis, which took place during late 1956, occurred at a time when Eden was quite ill with cholangitis.

    This sequence of events strongly suggests an important factor of illness in the decision-making during the crucial months of October, November, and December of 1956. Examination of Lahey Clinic and New England Baptist Hospital records, the Eden (Avon) papers at Birmingham University, and his biographies10,11 revealed that the frequency and height of the fevers in 1956 were occasional and not severe until October 5, when one episode lasted 24 hours and his temperature reached 106°F. Subsequent fevers occurred in December 1956, but they were not as severe. Eden’s physician, Lord Evans, advised him that he needed a rest because of feelings of extreme weakness following the October 1956 severe attack. He agreed and journeyed to Jamaica to recuperate.

    This was at the height of the crisis. He had only been PM since April 1955. When Churchill had his stroke in 1953, Eden was a logical successor but was ill with the first surgery by Cattell.

    One of many medical events in political history. Napoleon’s hemorrhoids is another. He overslept the morning of Waterloo because he had been given Morphine for his painful hemorrhoids.

    I have other examples in my book.

  20. While I cannot speak to the medical stuff, is it possible that her existing conditions are being parlayed into a running soap opera designed to deflect attention from all the truly horrible facts?

    As a long time fan of very dark humor, I’m diggin’ the comment about her stepping aside and “the democrats offering up someone we can have hopes about”

    Hank Johnson?

  21. Will, I would imagine Hillary has so much dirt on those who could replace her and those at the DNC who would try. Nothing, except the grim reaper, is going to stop her drive to become the first US female president of the United States. Now if her medical staff can keep her propped up until the election and she loses, that’s another thing that I’m confident she’s not prepared to handle. In such an event, in her mind, I don’t think she has a reason to live. Time will tell.

  22. She has to debate or it’s over. They’ll put her on bed rest for a week or do whatever they did before the convention to give her the best chance to make it through without incident. But it’s a risk, that’s for sure, given what we saw.

  23. They’ll certainly have to do another loaded debate. There’s so much, even prior to her being SOS, that cannot be asked or discussed in an open forum. It’s rumored she dislikes Chicago Slick intensely, there must be a deal, or as Morgan commented, she’ll talk. And if that were to happen…

    Is it possible she’s been poisoned, or contracted something from that ghastly lab out in the wilds of Utah?

  24. A little OT but there was a story prominently featured by the MSM that a Trump “supporter” “cold cocked a 69 y/o woman on oxygen who was demonstrating against Trump.

    It now turns out that was a lie and the man who has had an arrest warrant issued for him is a 73 year old man with cataracts and visually impaired.

    He denies striking her and more videos have come out showing what happened.

    I guess this goes in the Hillary Liar file.

    The video, which is somewhat unclear, shows Campbell stumbling at about 0:35, and shows Teeter following him, then reaching out to him at about 0:55. It does not show the precise moment at which Campbell reacts and Teeter falls.

    Smith told Breitbart News that Teeter returned to protesting after the incident, and was later photographed smiling. She added that Teeter showed no visible sign of any injury to her jaw, either in a Facebook picture allegedly posted after the altercation, or in the WLOS interview.

    He is suing her for slander and returning to Asheville to face the charges.

    The couple attended the Trump rally peacefully. As they exited the rally, approximately 1,000 protesters were allowed to surround the exits of the Civic Center. Many of these protestors hurled profanities and other insults at the Rally attendees as they left. Mr. Campbell and his wife observed what they believed to be saliva on their clothing as they passed through the crowd, presumably from protestors.

    Mr. Campbell was led by the left hand by his wife as they exited the building and made their way single file through the crowd. As they left, Ms. Shirley Teeter approached Mr. Campbell from behind and grabbed him on the left shoulder. Mr. Campbell reflexively moved his arm to release himself from Ms. Teeter’s grip. Ms. Teeter then fell backwards onto the ground.

    The video at the link shows the wife leading him through screaming protestors.

    This will get much worse as the election approaches, especially if Trump is leading.

  25. In recent years, the association between air travel and the incidence of deep-vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism has become clearer.

    How would air travel cause this? On;y variable I can think of besides poor air re-circulation is cabin pressurization – usually equivalent to 8,000′? Hardly earth shaking…

  26. “How would air travel cause this? ”

    Hours of sitting. It is also seen in train travel but few train trips are 8 hours long, the point where the risk jumps.

    I have had a pulmonary embolus after an operation and I get up and walk on long flights. I mostly avoid them these days.

  27. I used to know a retired pilot for Branif who flew from Dallas to Quito Ecuador on a regular basis. IIRC it was 11 hours of just ….sitting. He later contracted phlebitis.

  28. I am now convinced of the diagnosis of Parkinson’s.

    The quick recovery Sunday can be explained by a dose of apomorphine.

    That is something else I did not know about Parkinson’s.

    In advanced Parkinson’s disease (PD), neurologists and patients face a complex decision for an advanced therapy. When choosing a treatment, the best available evidence should be combined with the professional’s expertise and the patient’s preferences.
    The objective of this study was to explore current decision-making in advanced PD.
    We conducted focus group discussions and individual interviews with patients (N = 20) who had received deep brain stimulation, Levodopa-Carbidopa intestinal gel, or subcutaneous apomorphine infusion, and with their caregivers (N = 16). Furthermore, we conducted semi-structured interviews with neurologists (N = 7) and PD nurse specialists (N = 3) to include the perspectives of all key players in this decision-making process. Data were analyzed by two researchers using a qualitative thematic analysis approach.
    Four themes representing current experiences with the decision-making process were identified: 1) information and information needs, 2) factors influencing treatment choice and individual decision strategies, 3) decision-making roles, and 4) barriers and facilitators to shared decision-making (SDM). Patient preferences were taken into account, however patients were not always provided with adequate information. The professional’s expertise influenced the decision-making process in both positive and negative ways. Although professionals and patients considered SDM essential for the decision of an advanced treatment, they mentioned several barriers for the implementation in current practice.
    In this study we found several factors explaining why in current practice, evidence-based decision-making in advanced PD is not optimal. An important first step would be to develop objective information on all treatment options.

    That’s why she could come out of Chelsea’s building a hour and a half after the collapse.

    More here. It all makes sense now.

    This was the first study of a new sublingual apomorphine formulation in PD patients. In this open-label study, APL-130277 appeared to provide a convenient, rapid, and reliable method for treating OFF episodes

    That’s it. The USSS knows what she needs and that’s why no ER Sunday.

  29. Well, I’ve been on the Parkinson Plantation, but I digress…so, then they’ve known this all along, what then is the plan? What nasty trick do they have up their “ahem…collective” sleeve? She can’t pass a physical, she can’t get a security clearance, technically she’s a felon and treasonous to boot.

  30. I think that is what is happening most of the time. Her freezes seem to be set off by some events, like multiple reporters asking questions at the same time.

    Hence, no press conferences.

    I am no authority on Parkinson’s and thought it was probably related to her cerebral sinus thrombosis. Maybe seizures. I think I was wrong and it is PD.

    It explains the quick recovery last Sunday.

    Of 19 patients, 15 (78.9%) achieved a full ON response. All 15 achieved a full ON response within 30 minutes and 6 of the 15 patients (40.0%) achieved a full ON response within 15 minutes.

    I had a friend with severe PD and his speech was much worse. I think he was farther along. She will be. She doesn’t care.

  31. He agreed and journeyed to Jamaica to recuperate

    The rich really are different. When I need a rest from medical problems I rest at home with my loved ones, I don’t holiday in Jamaica, even if I could afford it.

  32. MikeK, please don’t misunderstand me, I’m not questioning your opinion. I’m not a doctor, but don’t Parkinson sufferers walk with short stutter steps? Hillary seems to, when she’s on her meds, walk somewhat normally.

  33. “don’t Parkinson sufferers walk with short stutter steps?”

    I still have no proof, of course, but I think she is heavily medicated. Some of these episodes are described as L dopa dyskinesia, so the typical Parkinson’s findings, like the nodding tremors, are being pretty well suppressed.

    The last “press conference” was staged to allow only one question at a time to be asked, for example. Her freeze in August was precipitated by multiple questions at once.

    When I look at her on TV, I look for tremors and I’ll bet a lot of others do, too.

  34. I am curious what physicians think about the ‘vitamin B-12 as needed’? That has a distinct Dr. Feelgood smell to it, is that not what the original Dr. Feelgood claimed to be giving Kennedy? Is a B-12 injection not what high performing coke addicts (Wall St I-banker/lawyer types) get when they are crashing hard and need to be on their game? Not suggesting Coke problem, but as a ‘get her through the next 2 hours’ cocktail?

  35. L dopa dyskinesia is a good guess. If she has PD, she’s more than likely overloading on the L dopa. She shouldn’t, but “a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.” This will not end well.

  36. >She shouldn’t, but “a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.” This will not end well.<

    she be " powering through"

  37. My mother passed away 4 years ago after a 20+ year battle with PD. I see MANY things in Hillary Clinton’s odd behaviors that are identical to my mother’s symptoms in the mid to late stage of her disease. One thing of note about my mother is that she did not exhibit the tremors most people associate with PD, so their lack in Hillary does not negate the possibility that she may indeed suffer from PD.

  38. “One thing of note about my mother is that she did not exhibit the tremors most people associate with PD”

    I had lunch a couple of years ago with a friend who has since died of PD. He did not have tremors but his speech was quite affected,

    We’ll see.

    Another friend retired from his practice a year ago January and died six months later. I had not noticed any signs and thought he retired because of the electronic medical record, which he had complained about. I learned he had PD after he died. He was about five years younger than I am.

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