Twitter Suppresses O’Keefe

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas has been locked out of Twitter after posting videos said to expose Democratic Party electoral fraud and just before he was able to post additional videos on the same subject.

Here is the link to Project Veritas.   I recommend posting it on any blogs for which you are a writer or commenter.

The degree of control of the national dialog which is enforced by the Democrats and their media operatives is getting very scary.  It is still possible to bypass it, but for how much longer?

8 thoughts on “Twitter Suppresses O’Keefe”

  1. The amount of voter fraud they are trying to enact cannot be hidden any longer and they are desperate to get Helliary elected. I’ll bet their internal polling has her losing by a greater than 5% margin, because if she were leading by the margin the current public polls indicate, the dhimmicrap party would not be acting this way.

  2. The polls are quite unbelievable. To be generous, no one knows what’s going on. The numbers are just too variable. And some are just plain unbelievable. Trump down by 5, ok plausible. Trump down by 10, come on, give me a break. To be cynical (realistic?), folks are trying to game the results. I’ve never seen a poll released with the explicit statement that it’s only based on preliminary numbers with only a small subset of their usual collection procedure, the way the recent NBC poll did.

    I’m reminded of the California recall election. The LA Times put out poll after poll showing Bustamante easily beating Ahnuld, and also emptied out their archives of salacious stories from Ahnuld’s past. Didn’t matter. It was obvious what was going to happen, and it wasn’t even close. A lot has changed since then, of course. Social media means hysterical propaganda designed to stoke freakouts can spread much more quickly (of course, it also means they disperse much more quickly as well). The electorate has changed pretty significantly as well. And there was no #NeverArnold nonsense–one could speculate that since he was part of the Kennedy clan, the establishment viewed him as already in the club, and not a vulgar outsider looking to crash their party.

    Get ready for November 4, the Friday before the election. Who knows what the MSM, DNC, (even the RNC) has in store. Something thermonuclear, you can count on that.

  3. Social media is controlled by the Left. We saw this coming after Twitter banned Milo Yiannopoulos but then left all the ISIS/Jihadi propagandists. Their stock has been in free fall, down 25% over the past week. It’s so toxic, companies don’t even want to be rumored to be buying it for fear of having the taint rub off on them. With so few takers their best hope now is probably a buyout from a consortium of Gulf Petro-Sheiks brokered by the Clinton Foundation.

  4. Banned from twitter, oh the horror. How could they do such a terrible thing?

    I can recommend this season of South Park, where they address just this kind of thing. ;)

  5. Twitter, Facebook and Reddit are becoming the main channels were many Americans get their news from, Penguin. It’s the Fairness Doctrine part II.

  6. Twitter is just idiots bloviating for the most part. Any news would be entirely incidental. Reddit is slightly more focused but … news. It’s a general forum. Facebook is, and always has been a cesspit.

    News is not reported by retweeting crap. In fact most western news is just an echo chamber for a few sources that still exist. No one reports, they just check the idiot internet.

    News is actually hard to find, you gotta dig these days.

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