Bleg: Wounded Veterans Charity

What is the best charity to make a donation to, to support wounded veterans of our current wars?

If any of our readers have any reliable information on this, please leave a comment.

I want to make a donation in the next couple of days.

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  1. An organization called “Soldier’s Angels” has done some remarkable work for our wounded veterans, especially when they need it most; right after they have been evacuated from the battlefield. In addition to trying to meet each one who stops at either Landstuhl RMC, Walter Reed AMC, National Naval MC, or in the case of burn victims, Brooks AMC, they also support the families of these troops. One of their annual drives is called “Project Valour-IT,” (which has great support across all mil-blogs), that raises funds to donate laptop computers with voice recognition software to those wounded warriors who because of injury, cannot even use e-mail to contact their loved ones. See their website at
    Many service-members and veterans say that one of the best ways to support them is to help their families. Another outstanding organization is the Fisher House Program, who have built housing for family members to stay near their veterans during lengthly rehabilitation without having to mortgage their homes to do it!

  2. “Cas” above is correct. We have been donating to Soldier’s Angels for several years. They do great work with the wounded. Check out their website.

  3. We too donate to “Soldier’s Angels,” specifically because of “Project Valour-IT.” But they seem to do good work, and in a very direct way. For instance, they paid for airline tickets for a family (from Texas?)to visit a badly wounded loved one at Walter Reed. I recall reading about them on

  4. (continued..don’t know what happened there)…provides air transportation for wounded warriors and their families. In addition to money donations, they are looking for volunteer pilots and airplane owners.

  5. Fisher House.. I’ve heard amazing things from Army buddies and it was mentioned quite favorably by a number of the staff at Walter Reed when I visited there earlier this month on holiday leave… The others mentioned here are quite good as well (by reputation at least) Apologies for the late comment, I left the ship for good Friday and had no RSS Feed reading time the past few days…

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