Selected 2007 Posts, Part 2

On Tuesday, I posted a selection of my posts from 2007, encompassing the categories Education, Management/Leadership/Business, and Markets/International Trade. Here are the other categories, which are Policy/Politics, Media/Blogging, History, Thought Processes & Fallacies, and Books/Photography/Recordings.

Policy and Politics

Worthwhile Reading. The British writer Melanie Phillips wonders why liberal societies are unwilling to defend their own values.

The Left versus Israel. Another British writer, Leo McKinstry, writes about the vicious hatred of Israel which is exhibited by many British leftists and their organizations.

Practical and Apocalyptic Terrorism. The astute soldier-writer Ralph Peters describes the difference in his chilling article When Devils Walk the Earth.

Appeasement, Then and Now. In 1938, the German aristocrat Ewald von Kleist went to London to warn of the need for strong action against Naziism. The arguments used for ignoring him have echoes today.

Myths of Modern Warfare.. More thoughts from Ralph Peters.

What Year is This?…because it certainly seems that the first 3 digits must by one, nine, and three.

9/11 Plus Six Years. I am increasingly worried about our prospects for success in the battle against those who would destroy our civilization.

Looking Iraqis in the Eye. A report from an American civilian who has been working in that country, and who sees serious damage caused by irresponsible media coverage.

Important Reading. The writer Anthony Andrews, formerly of the “progressive” or left-liberal persuasion, has a book out about how the events of 9/11–and the reaction thereto by others on the left–caused him to reassess his political beliefs.

The Nature of Dictatorships. What living under a dictatorship does to the human spirit, as observed by Mario Vargas Llosa.

Media and Blogging

A Snarl from the Guildhall. A really excellent example of old-media whining about competition from bloggers.

Couric on America. Katie Couric says she’s not comfortable using the term “we” when referring to the United States.

A Conservative in Hollywood. Emmy-award-winning screenwriter Robert Avrech writes about his experiences. He has more thoughts on the state of the film industry here.

Great Blogging Story. Also from Avrech, a blogger meets a reader.

Appeasement, Moral Equivalency, and The New York Times. When Israel destroyed Saddam Hussein’s nuclear facilities in 1981, the NYT was not happy. Lord Lothian would probably have agreed with the NYT’s reasoning.

Anti-Americanism, 1940s-Style. How the U.S. was portrayed in a Nazi propaganda poster from WWII.

Metaphors, Interfaces, and Thought Processes
. The way in which information is transmitted may have a significant effect on how people think.


The Bombe Runs Again. There is now a working reconstruction of Britain’s famous WWII codebreaking device.

A Neglected But Significant Anniversary. The defeat of France in 1940 was a disaster for the world. Why did it happen?

Thought Processes and Fallacies

The Proverb of the Poodle. Sometimes, things are exactly what they seem.

Knowledge vs Knowingness. They aren’t the same thing.

Intelligence and Thuggery. Highly intelligent people often have problems in predicting the likely behavior of thugs.

Books, Photography, Recordings

Voices from the Past. Audio from phonograph recordings made from 1888 through the early part of the 20th century.

Becoming Charlemagne. A review of the book by blogger Jeff Sypeck.

The American Depression, in Color. A very interesting collection of photographs.

Czarist Russia, In Color–New Pictures. Almost two thousand photographs are now available for on-line viewing.

The Past of the Future. Visions of the future, as seen from the 1880s through the 1930.

Business Fiction. Why aren’t there more good novels that deal with business? Thoughts from Chicago Boyz & Girlz and readers.

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  1. I have enjoyed running through these posts. The one about Israel and the Left: might be noted that the Left in America is also opposed to much of what Israel does. Or is. The odd thing: it was the left that argued for statehood for Israel in the years preceeding the 1948 establishment of statehood.

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