And With Whom Do We Agree?

Here’s a test on opinions. I think it is interesting but I’m too lazy to do this in a very thorough or thoughtful way. (The fact that I seemed to agree with Ron Paul as often as with Romney and more often than with McCain does make me wonder a bit about my sanity.) Another, which requires less thought, was taken by my daughter’s economic class today.

1 thought on “And With Whom Do We Agree?”

  1. The snippets are inadequate. They don’t really give a good feel for each candidate’s plan, particularly how they differ. Clicking “full answer” shows a lot more detail behind each idea. Also, I wish they had an option to vote for multiple people. I found several of those answers acceptable to me, with some slightly better than others. It’s disappointing that, in the end, I’ll have a vote for candidate X that really should be treated as a third of a vote for each of X, Y, and Z.

    I’m not surprised I agree with Ron Paul a lot on questions about reducing government spending. I think he’s nuts on a lot of issues, but he’s right on that one. I split between McCain and Romney on a lot of the others. Don’t much like Rudy or Huckabee. Wish Fred! was still in the race.

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