As Matthew Arnold Would View Al Gore

In the Denis Dutton tradition of disinterestedness, a new site has begun:

Climate Debate Daily is intended to deepen our understanding of disputes over climate change and the human contribution to it. The site links to scientific articles, news stories, economic studies, polemics, historical articles, PR releases, editorials, feature commentaries, and blog entries.

They explain:

As a matter of editorial policy, Climate Debate Daily maintains a studied neutrality, allowing each side to present its most powerful and persuasive case. Our object is to allow readers to form their own judgments based on the best available information.

They divide their links into two columns, roughly divided into the two positions.

C-span has modernized their graphics, but the schedules still include interesting author & panel discussions. At this point, a panel discussing Halberstam is making an argument for the importance of a discipline of intelligence gathering, given the remarkable screw-ups leading to Korea.

And, of course, both these examples of disinterestedness keep on their blogrolls our seldom disinterested but we hope rational (and generally civil) blog.

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  1. Ginny, you get a gold star for correct use of the word “disinterested.” Many surprisingly intelligent and well-educated people (including some bloggers) treat it as a synonym for “uninterested.”

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