Unchristian though it is to confess to such a feeling, I have been taking a very mean-minded satisfaction in the ongoing meltdown of both the NFL, the mainstream Hollywood establishment, and now the Democratic National Committee has come due for their share. Paraphrasing P.J. O’Rourke – just desserts, just hors de oeuvres, a just main course of crow! So, the NFL is continuing to go down the road to hell paved with social justice warrior good intentions, the list of male power-brokers among the Hollywood glitterati accused of sexually-exploiting women, other men, teenagers of both sexes and ornamental potted plants is expanding geometrically, and now it seems as if Hillary Clinton and her campaign advisers did quite the number on her own political party during the campaign which ended exactly a year ago. Even as Hillary Clinton toured the country, explaining “What Happened”, it seems that the former chair of the DNC, Donna Brazile has penned her own memoir of the campaign. I suppose that in the wake of a political upset of the magnitude we experienced last election day, everyone involved at the highest level is obligated to sing some version of the old song “If only they had listened to me.”

In the linked story,

“Brazile writes that she inherited a national party in disarray, in part because President Obama, Clinton and Wasserman Schultz were “three titanic egos” who had “stripped the party to a shell for their own purposes.””

So, if I am understanding this whole imbroglio correctly, Hillary’s people took over the national Democrat establishment after Little Debbie ran it into the ground, and diverted most all of the funds raised jointly by the DNC and Hillary into Hillary’s campaign coffers, thereby cutting out Bernie Sanders. I am not the least surprised at Sanders’ lack of fiduciary sense – the man barely scraped a living until he went into politics – still, I thought he had been in politics long enough to have learned something – like how not to get blindsided by avaricious scumbags. Well, at least he got a vacation house out of it all, so perhaps he did learn something.

The real surprise is that Donna Brazile is coming out swinging at Hillary – and even landing the crushing blow or two. Does this signify a fracture in Party unity? Is Hillary and the Clinton Machine being thrown out of the window and under the bus, and not a moment too soon? What have the fracture-lines been drawn, who has control of the Party now, and who among the Party faithful will be rewarded? Discuss. I’ll make popcorn – lightly salted and with real butter, not that orange-oil gack that they put on popcorn in the movie theaters.

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  1. Sgt. Mom,

    It is clear the money machine behind the Clinton’s is sick and tired of Hillary’s incompetence in losing a winnable election to Donald Trump.

    Corruption is in the Deep State’s interest. Incompetence that cuts off the Executive Branch Bush/Clinton/Obama corruption cash flow is unforgivable.

    The Deep state has no hooks into Trump. Two terms of him — which Hillary’s running as Democratic nominee for a 3rd time again will mean — must be stopped by any means necessary.

    I think they had any idea the “Sex abuse moral panic” taking out Hillary’s Hollyweird bag men “Harvey the Hutt” meant, but it’s a little too late to stop the cultural inflection point they started.

    Their “Reality bubble” has been popped.

  2. Good points, Trent – do you suppose that they will try and prop her up to run again? Or are the Dems deciding to cut their losses, throw her out of the window, and try with another candidate. Can she summon the energy and the enthusiasm from her myriad fans. If not Hillary, then who? Never too early to begin floating trial balloons. Look at how early they started with the jug-eared, self-regarding buffoon.

  3. 1. And none of this would have come out if Hillary had won the Presidency. Not a jot or tittle.

    2. Is Ms Brazile quite right in the head? “… secret deliberations over using her powers as interim DNC chair to initiate the process of removing Clinton and running mate Sen. Tim Kaine (Va.) from the ticket after Clinton’s Sept. 11, 2016, collapse in New York City” seems fantastical.

    “Brazile writes that she was haunted by the still-unsolved murder of DNC data staffer Seth Rich …”: oh, what can you mean, dear lady? What can you mean? Maybe you are right in the head.

    “… and feared for her own life, shutting the blinds to her office window so snipers could not see her … “: a bit premature if you ask me.

    “Brazile recommended Clinton see an acupuncturist.” I’ve never before seen that spelling of ‘exorcist’.

    ‘… he treated her like “a crazy, senile old auntie and couldn’t wait to tell all his friends the nutty things she said.”’ OK, Clinton’s crew simply viewed her as a stereotype, a foolish, excitable black woman, just another affirmative action appointee who’s flailing around, out of her depth. Their feminism and anti-racism is put on only as a show, intended to fool the simpleton voters. That bit rings true.

  4. “If not Hillary, then who?” Tulsi Gabbard. Unless Mr Trump has the sense to invite her to run as his VP candidate. :)

  5. By the way, on the subject of Trump: I do hope that the US Establishment has no plans to assassinate him on his jaunt in the Orient, while putting the blame on Rocket Man.

  6. Sgt. Mom,

    The Democrats have bigger problems than Hillary.

    A radicalized Democrat by the name of Rene Albert Boucher assaulted Republican Sen. Rand Paul in his home at Bowling Green, Kentucky.

    The FBI is saying the assault isn’t political, because he was an ‘acquaintance’ from Sen Paul’s old medical practice…

    …and no one is believing the FBI because their lips are moving.

  7. Instapundit posted that the assault was indeed politically motivated.


    RAND PAUL ASSAULTED AT HIS HOME BY TRUMP-HATING DEMOCRAT: “Kentucky State Board of Election voting records list Boucher as a registered Democrat. . . . A Facebook account that appears to be maintained by Boucher contains numerous anti-Donald Trump postings.”

    I think every Democratic politician should be asked if he/she condones this sort of political violence.

    UPDATE: Oops, I see Stephen was right ahead of me. I’m leaving this up because I do think that Dem politicians should be forced to comment.
    Posted at 5:15 pm by Glenn Reynolds

  8. I saw that story – just breaking a bit after I posted. If this is not a personal thing, but a political thing … to coin a phrase, ‘Sh*t is about to get real.’
    Twenty-four hour rule, though. Maybe 48 might be better.

  9. This is at least phase two of Hillary being thrown under the bus. Phase one was Weinstein.

    Will we later consider the alternative worse than Hillary for the country, or will we look back with smiles, remembering all the popcorn we munched?

    Hillary is not without allies. Instead of quietly withdrawing from public life, would she call on her allies to strike back, leading to more strife among the Democrats? My guess is that she will “not go gentle into that good night.” After all, she currently doesn’t accept responsibility for her loss, but casts blame in all directions. She still has a strong desire to be President. After all, she was the most qualified presidential candidate, evah.Is Hillary Clinton the ‘most experienced’ presidential candidate in history?

    During his video endorsing Hillary Clinton’s candidacy, President Obama made a claim that’s become common in recent months.
    “Look, I know how hard this job can be. That’s why I know Hillary will be so good at it,” he said. “In fact, I don’t think that there’s ever been someone so qualified to hold this office.”

    After all, Hillary was both Secretary of State and a US Senator. We all know that combination of office holding results in the best Presidents ever, Just like another Secretary of State and US Senator turned President: James Buchanan.

    To get Hillary to remain quiet and out of politics, she will have to be absolutely crushed. I’m not sure if I want that. The more Hillary is attached to the Democrats, the more she will damage them.

  10. From the Daily Caller,

    “According to the Bowling Green Daily News, Boucher was awarded a patent in 2003 for a pain relief product called a Therm-a-Vest. Boucher sold the device on QVC in 2005, according to a news report at the time.

    A Facebook account that appears to be maintained by Boucher contains numerous anti-Donald Trump postings.

    On May 17, Boucher posted, “May Robert Mueller fry Trump’s gonads,” a reference to the former FBI director’s investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian government.

    There are no postings on the account about Paul, though there are many others that criticize Republicans in general.

    Boucher shared one post from the Occupy Democrats account citing left-wing academic Noam Chomsky’s criticism of the Republican party.”

    This is a normal reaction to a prolonged political hate campaign.

    There will be more such violence…and soon.

  11. I think Americans in general are becoming sick of dynastic political choices. The Kennedys are pretty much dead politically at least outside of MA and Jeb! was a rather feeble last hurrah (more like an exhausted dying sigh) from the Bush family. The only Clinton who was genuinely popular was Bill; he was also a natural politician but personally toxic for the Democratic Party. Hillary was never really popular past her foray into healthcare but was seen as a way to keep Bill in power until she managed to lose to both Obama and Trump. Democrats could forgive the former but not the latter, and her refusal to go away is causing even hardened Democratic partisans to gag. I predict Obama won’t fare much better; the novelty of the first black president is wearing off quickly if it hasn’t already….

    Hillary put the Democratic Party in the position of the trapped coyote that has to chew off his own limb to escape certain doom; it remains to be seen if it can survive the shock and blood loss only to discover that the Obamas learned the wrong lessons from the Clintons. And then there’s the whole Bernie Bro revolt–that’s not going away anytime soon. Some Democrats are learning that they’ve painted themselves into a corner with the identity politics strategy that worked for Obama and ultimately derailed Clinton, but theirs are voices in the wilderness soon to be cast into the outer darkness as the party doubles down with the likes of BLM and Antifa….

    Not that the Republicans are in much better shape. Their brand is being torched by the likes of McCain and others appalled that someone like Trump could not only be the party’s standard-bearer but could actually win. Their famous “circular firing squad” is turning off regulars who in the past would have just swallowed hard, held their noses and voted for the apparatchik du jure but are now seeing light breaking through the cracks. Trump mercifully does not appear to have a dynasty lined up behind him, and unlike Hillary’s comical gag present to the Russians appears to be a genuine reset. What follows? Who knows, but that’s really when the popcorn will be appreciated. Probably along with some barf bags, I suspect….

  12. I’ve spent the last 25 years telling myself periodically, that surely, this time, people would see the Clintons as the corrupt excrement that anyone could see they were. I should have taken up belief in the Great Pumpkin, that, at least, “could be true”. My latest foolishness is waiting for anti-fa to be seen as the fascists that they are.

    I expect that a great many of those attending her funeral will be doing so only to be sure she’s really dead.

    The problem both parties have is finding a candidate that is more appealing than month a old corpse. Look at all of the Republicans that flamed out, mostly because they couldn’t give a convincing performance of previously considering the different questions that any fool would have predicted they’d be asked.

    Paul has to be the least effective Republican in the country. I would expect sane Democrats to cherish him.

  13. There is no reason for the Dems to be loyal to the Clintons anymore. Those two grifters have nothing to offer anyone now. And since it was the Clintons who really amped up Hollywood as a major money source for the Dems, one could look at the Weinstein revelations as an orchestrated purge that may have gotten out of hand. But by who? Soros and a few other billionaire types? Who knows?

    The GOP is also at a very interesting point. The Bushes, and the likes of Kristol, et al, are clearly out, and it is cute that they are pretending it’s a voluntary leaving rather than them basically getting kicked out.

    If the GOP wants to be truly cutthroat, it will look at what the CA Dem Party accomplished in the last decade–they took a weak GOP and absolutely murdered it. In particular the change to having the top 2 vote getters from an open primary advance to the general means no GOP voter has any incentive to vote in general elections any more, which means the Dems can easily rack up the massive popular vote win there that is so important to their propaganda campaigns. If red states were to do that, then the Dem party wouldn’t even be able to field a candidate in much of the country.

  14. I’m with Gringo on this. I’ve said it elsewhere and I’ll say it here:
    The public attack on Weinstein was a warning shot across Hillary’s bow. Brazile’s book is definitely a torpedo aimed at her.
    These are messages for her, They say “shut up and go home. You lost because nobody likes you and we don’t want to listen to you anymore.”
    I expect the air attack to begin shortly because Hillary is Hillary; she’d rather lie than tell the truth, and she’d rather die than lose. She believes that she can force anybody to do anything she wishes anytime she wants.
    The likely targets of the upcoming reinactment of the ‘Night of the Long Knives’ (at least the one here, there appears to be one going on in Saudi at this moment) will all be persons that thoroughly deserve it, so I’m all for popcorn.
    Antifa had called for today (Nov 4) as a day for fighting facsism, but I doubt this was what they had planned.

  15. @ Dearieme “I’ve never before seen that spelling of ‘exorcist’.” Loved that.

    Brazile is canny, and knows that the Clintons are vindictive. The Clintons may not be dead, but this book should be considered good initial evidence that they might be. Brazile wouldn’t be raising her bid if she didn’t think she had good cards. Elizabeth Warren is sounding similar.

    In all that I have read quoting from the book, I am impressed by how much of this has been claimed by Republicans for years, but dismissed as paranoid,racist, silly, etc. Democrats have long treated many important blacks and women as affirmative action hires, but fought back viciously against the claim. Now Donna Brazile reveals that black Democrats believe it too. Clinton was accused of having undue conflict-of-interest influence over the DNC during the primaries. It turns out it was worse than that; she had control.

    The revelations that Obama left the DNC with $24M of debt because he diverted contributions were a surprise to me, though not a shock. Entirely believable.

  16. I think Brazile was used to nuke Hillary because Hillary just wouldn’t go away. As long as she was around, she was sucking all the oxygen away from the next generation of potential Democrat contenders who need to start prepping *now* for the next elections.

    The Dems also needed to confess about Bernie’s managed loss in the primaries because they badly need the Bernie supporters to bump up their numbers. So blaming Hillary is a two-fer.

    Finally, blaming Hillary for sucking up all the donations and pissing it away, is a convenient way to explain to the donor class that the Democrats are still worthy of more donations, because that evil, incompetent Hillary is now gone. “It’s not our fault; we knew nothing.”

    The Uranium One kerfuffle is a black swan for the Democrats. I think the Clinton claque was so deeply buried in its bubble they assumed it was business as usual; i.e., just another opportunity for graft. This makes sense if you view the Clintons as a crime family instead of a political dynasty. They made the mistake of assuming they’d win, and the Deep State would go along with keeping it buried. It almost worked. The question is whether there are enough honest people in DC to bring all the facts to light.

    If I were Trump, I’d fire everyone above the GS-15 level in Justice and State.

  17. When it comes to hateful, sclerotic bureaucracies trying to reinvent themselves in order to have a chance at success in the future, I think Saudi Arabia’s moves in the last couple of days are far more momentous and have much greater chance at success than do those of the Democrat Party…

  18. I’m surprised and gladdened that Brazile threw Obama under the bus in addition to Hillary. Could it be that she sees investigations into Obama administration and his SecState regarding Uranium One breaking open? You had two Chicago politicians with the opportunity to sell favors at the highest level of government. That candy jar may have been just too tempting.

  19. …Brazile writes that she also discovered the DNC was $2 million in debt and that the payroll was stacked with “hangers-on and sycophants.” …

    The DNC is an example of corruption, not too far removed from the way that Fed. institutions have been run (or corrupted, if you will) for the last decade or so. This is evidenced by the politicization of our justice, intelligence and military organizations.

  20. “The Queen is dead. Long live the new sovereign.”

    Donna Brazile, for one, has decided that Queen Hillary is dead. I see her as both an opportunist and a truth-teller. Which is stronger in Brazile, oportunist or truth-tellelr? My gut says opportunist, considering all she publicly did last year in support of Hillary.

    I am reminded of Sandinista Nicaragua, where the Sandinistas were not quite the un-Somocistas they presented themselves to be. Manuel Jirón in Quién es quién en Nicaragua (Spanish Edition 1986) provided some of the details. Sergio Ramirez, then Vice-President of Nicaragua, had in his adolesence been an officer in Somocista Youth. Jirón correctly predicted that in the future, Sergio Ramirez would break with the Sandinistas. But Sergio Ramirez didn’t break with the Sandinistas until 1995- five years after they had been voted out of office.
    Miguel D’Escoto, a.k.a. Maryknoll Seminary’s contribution to the Sandinistas, performed (?) his first mass in a private audience with the Somozas. His father was an insider. However, I doubt Miguel D’Escoto was an opportunist, as he remained a loyal Sandinista until the day he died. A schnook, but a loyal schnook.

    The amount of money and property the top Sandinistas appropriated for themselves also showed the continuity between Somoza and the Sandinistas.

  21. Overall, I’d say that what we’re seeing play out is a flesh and blood illustration of the old saying, “Victory has a thousand fathers while defeat is an orphan.”. I suppose it could Miss Brazile’s book could indeed be a part of party infighting against Mrs. Clinton but I’d consider just as likely that what we are seeing is another political hack using their memoirs to play CYA. Which doesn’t mean that the infighting won’t be just as vicious. Nor does it preclude both being true at once. Fun times ahead either way. I’m just bummed out because I would just as soon both moderates and radicals among them lose out alike. The radicals because what they stand for is poison and the moderates because they’ve been lacking a moral center since the 90s. @_@

  22. “By the way, on the subject of Trump: I do hope that the US Establishment has no plans to assassinate him on his jaunt in the Orient, while putting the blame on Rocket Man.”

    I’d put that one at the same probability as Queen Victoria and Abraham Lincoln being vampire hunters by night. It’s not physically impossible but I don’t consider it within the known behavior patterns of the people we are discussing nor do I think they’d be able to keep it secret for long or survive the revealing of that secret if they did. Anything attributed to Rocket Boy is more likely to have been done by Rocket Boy since North Korea does have a history of some wacky espionage stunts including the kidnapping of Japanese teenagers at one time. >_>

    (Although I don’t know if the blog post from Marmot’s Hole that describes that one is still available to link to even if I could find it 10 years later! ^_^;;).

  23. “I don’t consider it within the known behavior patterns of the people we are discussing”: there are apparently sane people who suspect the CIA of bumping off jfk.

    “Anything attributed to Rocket Boy is more likely to have been done by Rocket Boy …”: which is exactly why he’d be excellent cover.

  24. “The FBI is saying the assault isn’t political, because he was an ‘acquaintance’ from Sen Paul’s old medical practice…”

    Methinks thou dost protest too much.

    Bernie would have beaten Trump. This is both the Democrats worse nightmare and the Republicans bad dream.

    The Democrats cement the center for the rich. The Republicans do almost the same thing. Now the public has seen the sausage factory in all it’s glory, perhaps this will not work anymore. This is what the right should worry about. Bernie … etc. ;)

  25. “Bernie would have beaten Trump.”
    Ha ha ha. Bernie’s a nutter. If you see a car with a Bernie bumper sticker, it’s a 100% guarantee that the driver is very white and very grey. They all look kind of like your picture, actually. Trump would have won 25%+ of the black vote, which would by itself mean probably 45+ states, even without factoring in how badly the suburbs would Flee The Bern.

  26. Most people who do numbers on this agree Bernie would have won, but I don’t know.

    Now what is happening is that a great many people who would normally have just continued with the Democrat/Republican conspiracy now see there is another way. The single payer health care movement has huge support, and this meltdown of the Democrats is largely because of Bernie. They are doing their best to make him go away, but it may be too late.

    I’d worry about socialism infecting your virgin shores. It’s coming.

  27. Most people who do numbers on this agreed that Donald Trump had no chance to win.

    I’m not exaggerating that Bernie supporters all look like you. Not a very diverse bunch. So the argument goes that the WWC Dem guys who went for Trump would have Felt the Bern, but I don’t buy it. They may have detested Hillary, but those dudes don’t support crap like “free tuition for all” let alone “single payer”, and Bernie really would have done horrifically awful among the more affluent suburbs who are basically torn between being scared of being crushed by Dem economic policies and scared of being associated with the rural riff-raff that have so much power in the GOP, to say nothing of his non-existent appeal among non-whites.

  28. I could never stomach Bernie Sanders for his half century of support of Latin American despots, from Fidel to the Sandinistas to Thugo Chavez. From the website: Close The Gaps: Disparities That Threaten America.(2011)

    These days, the American dream is more apt to be realized in South America, in places such as Ecuador, Venezuela and Argentina, where incomes are actually more equal today than they are in the land of Horatio Alger. Who’s the banana republic now?

    The American dream is more likely to be realized in Venezuela than in the United States, Bernie Sanders tells us. As we all want to realize the American dream, we should emulate Venezuela, Bernie Sanders tells us. Just as Mayor Bernie said that Sandinista Nicaragua should be a model for Vermont. (I have similar documentation for Fidel and the Sandinistas.)

    BTW, while Venezuela is purported to have those GREAT inequality statistics that Three-House-Bernie adores, they don’t take into account all the billions that the upper level Chavistas are skimming off the top. If that were reported in the income figures, the reported inequality figures for Venezuela would be a lot higher.

    Some have claimed that Bernie calling Maduro or Chavez “a communist dictator” indicates that Bernie has distanced himself from Chavismo. Unfortunately for that claim, Bernie has been a long-time supporter of Fidel, whom most would call a communist dictator.

  29. “If not Hillary, then who?” Tulsi Gabbard. Unless Mr Trump has the sense to invite her to run as his VP candidate.. =)

  30. My daughter and I have been skulling this out – who the Dems have on their back-up bench … and we think that Elizabeth Warren (for Prezy) and Julian Castro (for VP) would appear to them to be the Most Unbeatable Prime Team Evah!

  31. >>>>Sgt. Mom Says:
    November 6th, 2017 at 9:35 pm <<<<

    Not original with me, I saw it elsewhere tonight. But it was suggested that they would run Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris under the rubric of "Thelma and Louise". ;-)

  32. The fact that the MSM is now completely overtly partisan is both a blessing and a curse for the Dems. A blessing in that it really does keep Trump’s negatives way up, but a curse in that so many people have tuned out the media, and so the Dems have a massively biased view of what the population wants. They’re going to nominate a nutter with zero appeal to those they need to get back, and lose, and then who knows how crazy they’re going to get.

  33. Best line of the presidential campaign:

    That [Democratic] debate reflected a debate between the Bolsheviks and the Mensheviks.
    Sen. Ted Cruz, Oct 2015

    Socialism can work to some extent where everyone looks, talks, and pretty much thinks exactly the same. Like Vermont. Or Canada. Or Norway.

  34. Socialism can work to some extent where everyone looks, talks, and pretty much thinks exactly the same. Like Vermont. Or Canada. Or Norway.

    Another example is the Israeli kibbutz system. The kibbutzim were founded by people who were like-minded, cooperative and highly motivated. Over the years kibbutz populations remained relatively homogeneous and achievement oriented as compared to the population at large. If socialism could work anywhere it would be in the kibbutz. But eventually the kibbutzim lost their govt subsidies, more opportunities opened up in the deregulated Israeli economy, and the kibbutz system imploded. The remaining kibbutzim tend to be ones that operate profitable businesses and can self-finance. Much of the high-achieving former kibbutz population has moved into the broader capitalist economy.

  35. Socialism is common in first world countries. The US is an outlier, but that will change.

    I really don’t think our Canadian multicultural approach hurts our mildly socialist government at all so I do disagree that homogenization is needed.

    What’s interesting is the way you do things. It does not seem to be working all that well for most of your population and it’s amazing you can keep them onside. The power of modern media and the slow sheepening of humans is to blame I guess.

  36. “Socialism is common in first world countries. The US is an outlier, but that will change.”
    Good grief, get out more, man. The US is quite socialist. The government pays for the majority of health care spending. Just because it’s not 100% doesn’t mean it’s some crazy Wild West hellscape down here.

    Socialist organizations like the kibbutzim, Amana Colonies, Oneida Community, pretty much never last more than a single generation. If it’s voluntary, there’s no reason to think the people born it are likely to want to maintain it. That’s why Marxism quickly moves to turning countries into prison states.

  37. The USA like most other countries has much socialism, and as is true in most countries US socialist enterprises underperform private US enterprises that operate in competitive markets. That was my point about Israel. Supposedly they had successful socialism in the form of the kibbutz movement, but that success was an illusion based on unsustainable govt subsidies and an overregulated private sector that discouraged innovation and job creation. Once the subsidies were cut and the private sector was significantly deregulated, the high-achieving kibbutz socialists voted with their feet and the socialist experiment fell apart.

    The same is true in other supposedly high-achieving socialist countries like Canada, Sweden, etc. – their success was always due to culture rather than anything to do with socialism. When those countries deregulate their private sectors and cut socialist programs they experience economic booms, confirming that socialism hurt rather than helped.

    I guess all those white-haired Bernie supporters are nostalgic for some dream of socialism. It’s like some people’s nostalgia for train travel even though air travel is cheaper, faster and probably at least as safe. Socialism gives some people a warm, fuzzy feeling. To each his own but fond feelings aren’t a good reason to support policies and programs that have high costs and poor track records.

  38. LOL. You live in the prison state. You really are the most jailed country.

    Most of Europe, hell all of it, is considerably more socialistic than the US. Your country is dedicated to individual wealth and of course, that has seriously stacked the deck, in that direction. The middle class is shrinking and there are rich and poor with not much in between. Trump rode this to victory.

    It’s not sustainable and after Trump’s terrible example sinks in, things will change.

  39. Pennie is wool gathering as usual. The US has a large population of blacks that were stripped of Bourgeois culture by Johnson’s “War on Poverty.”

    I would certainly be in favor of sending about 5 million of them to Canada so you can enjoy the way Socialism works with such a population.

  40. It’s not sustainable and after Trump’s terrible example sinks in, things will change.

    Example of what? The economy is strengthening, more businesses and jobs are being created, regulations are being repealed, the USA is getting out of bad international agreements and once again acting effectively in its own overseas interests. The only Americans who appear to be doing relatively poorly are members of our political, media and crony-capitalist elites who are losing income and influence.

  41. I really don’t think our Canadian multicultural approach hurts…

    Yeah. Multicultural. White British. White French. White Scottish. White Germans. It’s always a hoot when Canadians, Northern Europeans, or Australians make condescending remarks about how racist the US is, when in reality all of those places are absolutely lily white compared to the US. They’re can’t be racist because they only have one race.

    Oh, Canada

  42. So all the Hindus, Muslims and a couple of Sikhs that I know, to say nothing of a bunch of multicolored whatevers are just a myth. In Vancouver we have many communities and it’s very cool to go up to little India and score stuff like real ankle bracelets and spices. Go to little Italy and score olives, get real Japanese ingredients for Japanese food, I still make a kind of super Ramen soup when I can get the right stuff.

    I used to work with a twisted little Hindu who looked like something out of an old movie and he hated other Hindus and would not hire them. He like Pakis and Sikhs for some reason. I learned the very famous “cash no paper” philosophy from Chinese in China town. A Ugandan taught me to play poker and I made him grow his hair long. He looked like a god damn lion when it grew long and with his beard, he was magnificent.

    I grew up all over the world. My best friend when I was 5 was so black he could disappear in a shadow, my father’s, cook’s, son. This was in Nigeria, not long after the war.

  43. Jonathan. The only way the US has been maintaining it’s economic superiority over the last while has been by playing off Europe against Russia and China. Leaving China out of the equation, just Europe and Russia are a bigger economic block that the US.

    As Trump is … well ignorant, he is breaking this rather fragile setup, that so many worked so hard to implement. Mika Brzezinski’s dad is rotating in his grave as we speak.

    Next up is the weaning of the world from the petrodollar which is well in progress. A lot of the world wants to sell China stuff and there is a steady shift to Yuan as a common currency. Once the US loses the currency of record, and it will be a while, China has a crapton of Dollars to get rid of, the your economy will feel the full effect of a 20+ trillion dollar debt.

  44. “Anonymous” was me. I’m traveling and the ID vanished.

    PenGun is hostile to anything US, as is not rare in Canada. After all, the Tories fled there during the American Revolution.

    The debt will be an increasing problem unless the economy can begin to grow again.

    Pennie tells us of all the Hindus and Chinese he knows. He even knew a Nigerian.

    He has no idea of what the Democrat inner cities are like.

  45. I really don’t think our Canadian multicultural approach hurts…

    As I understand it, the Chinese are taking over Canada’s west coast, the burka set is growing — both of those groups certainly embody traditional Canadian values, right? Like free speech? Like opposing FGM? Like democracy, even hobbled by socialism?

    For a socialist country that’s really reaping the benefits of multiculturalism, look at Sweden’s rape statistics. Evidently the burka set sees Swedish women as whores, but that’s Sweden’s fault, right? The idea that women could be free to walk around without a male escort and not face repercussions … that’s a Western value, not one found in multicultural parts of the world.

    Magic dirt is a failure — both Europe and the US are dealing with the fallout, but we’ll be happy to send the multicultural rapists and pedos up north.

  46. I was an army brat. I grew up over a good part of the world when I was young. We spent 3 years in Nigeria. I got to drive the fire truck at the airport when I was 5, the black guy who ran it let me sit on his knee and drive up the side of the runway to get in position in case of trouble.

    I like black people. I like the Chinese a lot, I know a few. I don’t have the race problem you all seem to embrace. I like humans no matter what colour or faith, I have no special love for those that look like me.

    I am hostile to a country that has killed millions of innocents in the last while. The US with it’s 800+ army bases and wars of opportunity is serious force for evil in this world. So be it, nothing new here. I am opposed to this.

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