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Theodore Dalrymple:

But censorship by language reform is not a matter of logic, it is a matter of power. As Humpty Dumpty said, it is a question of who is to be master (if one may still be allowed the word), that’s all.

Like many things.

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  1. All who are non-Left are destined to be mastered by the Left. That is the Leftist’s goal in life, their very reason for existing, their religious faith. In everything they say and do, in stated goal, they attest that that is who they really are. The imposition of unnecessary language changes is just one example.

    You can allow them to master you by joining them, which requires voluntarily ceding your identity, your opinions and your decision making to the Group. Many have done so, many more will as time goes on.

    Or you can resist, which (to the degree they have the authority or influence to do so) increasingly will bring punishments upon you a dozen ways subtle and not so subtle. Your punishment will be just, in their minds — punishment for your recalcitrance and stupidity for not beholding with joy and thankfulness the wisdom and world-saving rightness which they alone possess.

    It is EXACTLY the attitude Orwell’s O’Brien exhibited toward Smith: a mix of pity for a lower creature it was his duty to save from itself, mingled with utter contempt and insatiable desire for absolute control by means of righteous cruelty. That is the essence of the Left of today. They will not stop — cannot stop — until they’ve attained a satisfactory degree of mastery over you or, failing that, have neutralized you.

    If their mastery has to take the form of your removal from society, so be it. For what is most frightening about them is what C.S. Lewis observed: the most abhorrent evils committed by authoritarians are done out of their own self-righteousness, their absolute conviction that they are the rightest beings in the universe. To such, being wrong on any point (or more correctly, an enemy being correct) is impossible. There is no potentiality, no contingency that the Left has not already justified for itself.

    No different from yesterday’s Left is today’s Left. They have tasted the power they have begun to amass over the lives and minds of others, as their authoritarian forefathers did, and they adore it. It is their god.

    There is no reasoning or arguing with such. In the end, it’s them or you. Be assured that they already view it that way.

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