It Defies Belief!

This news article reports that 20 people were shot in Chicago in a single night.

But that is impossible! Guns are very carefully controlled in Illinois, and they are even more restricted in Chicago! They are so worried about illegal guns that even my own concealed carry license is null and void in the state, and I have to leave all of my perfectly legal guns at home if I visit my fellow Chicago Boyz!

Must be a miracle, all those guns just falling from the sky like criminal manna from heaven.

Truly we are in an age of wonders.

(Cross posted at Hell in a Handbasket. I figured that the self defense enthusiasts who visit there would be interested in this news.)

6 thoughts on “It Defies Belief!”

  1. An adult understands what things are within his control and what things are not. Gun control only works if everyone is controlled, a remarkably immature and stubborn attiude.

  2. I am sure that Daley’s security force is well armed at all times, like Rosie’s was found out to be. And Al Gore lives in a massive compound and wants me in my relatively tiny 2500 square foot house to reduce my carbon assprint. Same thing to me – do as I say, not as I do.

    The Chicago gun ban is the biggest farce almost ever, right next to the DC gun ban.

  3. Illinois will be the last state in the nation to go conceal and carry. The law here is so tight ( Lex can correct me if I am wrong) that technically speaking, you need to be an on-duty police officer or private detective to legally carry a concealed firearm.

  4. I don’t know the exact laws but they are very tight indeed, and totally useless, except as it relates to keeping law abiding citizens unarmed.

    Note that the Chicago Tribune article fails to mention that we have gun laws that are being universally ignored by criminals while innocent cilivians have no ability to defend themselves. You’d think that would be an obvious addition for even a first year journalism student, but no dice.

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