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  • Chicago Boyz Waiting Room Series: 12

    Posted by Jonathan on June 9th, 2018 (All posts by )

    unhappy endings



    8 Responses to “Chicago Boyz Waiting Room Series: 12”

    1. Grurray Says:

      Neutrals and earth tones funneling into relationship implosion. An inauspicious warning for all you young renovators.

    2. Mike Says:

      This is a great series. Thank you.

    3. Celia Hayes Says:

      A symphony in beige and gray. I’d be tempted to slash my wrists just to add some color.

    4. Brian Says:

      Holy cow, is that phone functional?

    5. ErisGuy Says:

      You’re posting entirely too many of these, if you’re there for cause. Best wishes and good health to you.

    6. Anonymous Says:

      There is a waiting room at a local computer repair facility. The office was once a dental office. The waiting room has six chair, a single small table, and small window for talking to a receptionist. There is no receptionist. The room as four cameras that I spotted. It probably has a few microphones, too. The facility repairs computers on government contract, and is required to have armed guards (not immediately visible) on premises when the business is open. I don’t think I’d be allowed to take pictures there. Nice guys, though.

    7. Mike K Says:

      I like “Divorce Court” on TV. Maybe that’s the low price divorce lawyer’s office.

      I see their billboards. “No fault divorce $50,” only in Spanish .

    8. Jonathan Says:

      Best wishes and good health to you.

      Thanks for the kind wishes. Most of these waiting room visits weren’t for me and several weren’t even medical in nature.