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  • New! – Your Friday That’s-All-I-Got Burnt Haiku Offering

    Posted by Jonathan on October 5th, 2018 (All posts by )

    “Hi, this is Bridget. . .”
    The phony recorded voice
    Cues you to hang up.


    New Android update!
    Now the apps run much slower,
    Battery dies fast.


    The people next door
    Are into Santeria.
    Better hide your cat.


    Your middle-class friends
    Are sometimes rude to smokers.
    Time to get new friends?


    Morning home-leaving.
    Your dog thinks it’s betrayal.
    Perhaps he’s correct.


    Fat girl riding bike.
    She looks angry, I say Hi.
    She doesn’t respond.


    Feel free to add your contributions in the comments.


    14 Responses to “New! – Your Friday That’s-All-I-Got Burnt Haiku Offering”

    1. Brian Says:

      Hug your kids today.
      Forget Washington DC.
      That’s not the real world.

    2. Mike K Says:

      Some of those hang up calls

      Might be me

      Trying to elect a Congresswoman.

    3. Grurray Says:

      Today while driving
      I passed a DeLorean
      Nearly crashed looking

    4. Grurray Says:

      I also drove past
      A Bluesmobile replica
      Must be a car show

    5. ColoComment Says:

      October bluster
      Strips leaves from trees waiting snow
      Also elects judge

      Yeah, well, I tried! ;-)

    6. Philip Says:

      Red brown yellow gold
      Gentle changes in the air
      Drop softly to earth

    7. Spelunking Fingal's Cave Says:

      Don’t use hard drugs. Yet.
      But if it keeps on like this,
      I may just try them.

    8. Ace Sorority Raider Says:

      Brett Kavanaugh? Yeah.
      Gang rapist, sloppy drunk, too.
      Trust me on this one.

    9. Mewling, Puking Proletarian Says:

      Ever get that feeling
      you’re slowly circling the drain?
      Me too. Keep drinking.

    10. Stone Washed Genes Says:

      Environment? Sure.
      It’s a factor. But mostly
      I’m just born rotten.

    11. Anorexic Cannibal Says:

      I’m not dieting.
      I just don’t like anything.
      Dry toast is OK.

    12. Freshman Fifteen Kilograms Says:

      Dorm food’s not so bad.
      Post roast, mashed potatoes,
      gravy. Three servings.

    13. 65% Dacron Slacks Says:

      Trim-fit paisley shirt.
      Pull-on Chelsea boots. Mod hair.
      The weekend starts here …

    14. Jonathan Says: