13 thoughts on “The Dogs of Home Depot”

  1. Lowe’s is also pretty welcoming of dogs, too. Sigh. I’m starting on renovating the master bathroom, and for the next two or three weeks, I’ll practically be living at Lowe’s.

  2. A few times lately I have seen dogs in baby strollers. Is this a new thing? Not running errands but just sauntering down the sidewalk on a Saturday pushing their dog around. Something didn’t seem right.

  3. Mores seem to be changing, in my area store by store (neighborhood by neighborhood?). Suddenly one notices dogs. My grocery now has dogs while other stores in the same chain do not. There are fewer kids, more dogs, smaller dogs. We’ll see if the trend continues to restaurants.

  4. I draw the line at grocery stores but you see dogs in restaurants in Germany and France.

    In fact, the last time I was in Paris, there was more human pompon streets than dog poop. I had to tell the teenagers to avoid newspapers on the floor of the RER train to Versailles as they covered human feces. It’s not just San Francisco.

  5. I was skeptical about doggie strollers, but if you endorse them, Sgt. Mom, then I will give it the benefit of the doubt. I suppose with advancements in veterinary science, end of life care is a bigger issue for pet owners.

    I know a few people who rescue strays, and the surprising part about it for me is the incredible veterinary costs they seem to always rack up.

  6. I see a lot of dogs out in stores and even outside patios at restaurants and bars during the day. There is even a sushi restaurant I go to that I can make a reservation and let them know I’m bringing my dog.

  7. You never know, they may be out choosing building materials for their new two story dog house. I like to see dogs when I’m out and about, they usually brighten my day as long as they don’t try to bite.

  8. Someone was telling me about a company where so many employees bring their dogs to work that reservations are required (100 dogs max on any day for the 700 total employees.) The cafeteria has a Dog Parking Log right outside.

  9. Tom Watson Jr of IBM said that when he was at Brown, he knew someone who was so lazy that he avoided feeding his dog by buying him a meal ticket: when the dog got hungry, he would just mosey on down to the cafeteria.

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