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  • Seth Barrett Tillman: Free Speech in Andrew McCabe’s America: A Post on Conlawprof

    Posted by Jonathan on February 19th, 2019 (All posts by )

    Important points:

    In his 60 Minutes interview, former acting FBI director McCabe said:

    There were a number of things that caused us to believe that we had adequate predication or adequate reason and facts, to open the investigation. The president had been speaking in a derogatory way about our investigative efforts for weeks, describing it as a witch hunt… publicly undermining the effort of the investigation. (emphasis added).
    Is not this statement troubling, if not Orwellian? Think or speak the wrong thing—and the government investigates you? In a 2017 blog post on New Reform Club, I wrote about this issue as follows:

    Read Seth’s full post.


    8 Responses to “Seth Barrett Tillman: Free Speech in Andrew McCabe’s America: A Post on Conlawprof

    1. Mike K Says:

      I just read his post. Well done.

    2. Anonymous Says:



    3. Brian Says:

      Try asking a Democrat why they are fine with the FBI going after Trump like this, given history like them spying on MLK, etc. They’ll say, well, he wasn’t a Russian agent, but Trump is. It’s the most amazing thing how completely insane the country has gone.

    4. Jonathan Says:

      A common theme from the days of Hoover through today is unaccountability, political corruption and ineptitude at the highest levels of the FBI. Most lower-level employees are probably conscientious but the leaders stink. I still think W Bush missed a major opportunity by not firing the FBI and CIA leadership after 9/11.

    5. billrla Says:

      Next time someone tries to overthrow a duly elected president, I recommend having the book, movie and action figures all ready to go, right from the start, plus exclusive distribution deals with Walmart, Barnes & Noble and a major theater chain (one that also serves food and drinks). Having to wait for all the coup plotters to publish their books, one at a time, has been very frustrating. And I want my Andrew McCabe Action Figure.

    6. Jonathan Says:

      I’m still waiting for the Mark Felt action figure.

    7. Bill Brandt Says:

      There is an excellent op-ed in today’s WSJ on this. They really laid it out – the FBIs top people – succinctly and said why this is so troubling. For the top leadership to sit and plot how, using the 25th amendment, removing a sitting President is very troubling. Comey’s exoneration Hillary and her email scandal was outside Justice Dept rules, and then to insulate himself against a Congressional investigation, reinstates the investigation 11 days before the election. The WSJ opines that this cost her the election.

      All rotten at the top, but I would agree with Jonathon that your average field agent is ethical and probably shocked at the rot at the top.


    8. Phil Ossiferz Stone Says:

      >I would agree with Jonathon that your average field agent is ethical and probably shocked at the rot at the top.

      Then you’re a damned fool. There have been zero whistleblowers, zero resignations. Zilch. None.

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