Seth Barrett Tillman: The Mystery of Blumenthal v. Trump

…In other words, in the District of Columbia action, Judge Sullivan’s standing-only ruling did not dispose of the DOJ’s motion to dismiss. The customary or target deadline for resolving such a motion is 6 months—i.e., the 6-month target to resolve the motion was December 7, 2018. December 7 has come and gone. We are now 3 months post-deadline. There has been no call by the court for further clarification, renewed briefing, or renewed oral argument. Yet the DOJ’s motion to dismiss remains unresolved.
Why the delay?
Where is the decision?
What is going on?

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UPDATE: Part II: The Mystery of Senator Richard Blumenthal v. President Donald J Trump

3 thoughts on “Seth Barrett Tillman: <i>The Mystery of Blumenthal v. Trump</i>”

  1. Would one have to be paranoid to think this Clinton appointed judge is just waiting for the right time to rule against Trump?

    Hopefully Team Trump has plans to deal with the fact that the next 18 months will see all out war upon them by the establishment, from impeachment, to any and all legal roadblocks they can put up, to indictments by New York state against any and all Trump associates and family members they can nail, no matter how flimsy the grounds.

  2. The CREW v. Trump case is as flimsy as it gets. CREW realized early on that they had no standing, so they brought on a restaurant trade group as a co-plaintiff in order to argue that Trump’s foreign contacts were depriving them of business. The only way to prove that is for a foreign dignitary to testify that they ate in a Trump hotel rather than at a competitor’s restaurant in order to enrich Trump to influence policy, and if the foreign dignitary hadn’t had that alleged emolument opportunity they would’ve eaten in the competitor’s restaurant instead.

    And even if they prove that standing, the Founders didn’t write that clause in order to insure competition among restaurants in the nation’s capitol. The whole thing is so stupid it’s amazing it has made it this far. I didn’t know much about Larry Tribe or Erwin Chemerinsky before Trump came to office, but now I understand that their chief skills are turning the judicial system into a clown show.

  3. So why cannot the President get his motions decided in a timely way just like any other litigant in the federal courts? It is all so difficult to understand

    Ask Mark Steyn.

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