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  • The Whites of Their Eyes

    Posted by Sgt. Mom on March 5th, 2019 (All posts by )

    It seems that Ruling Class lackey and unfunny comedian Bill Maher has unburdened himself of a particularly snide monologue this week just past, outlining what he sees as the difference between the residents of blue and red states – to the denigration of the red states, of course. This monologue was delivered to applause and laughter at every line – especially the one about the Blues (AKA – Our Kind, Darling!) having Wolfgang Puck and those lamentable, deplorable Reds only having Chef Boyardee, har, har, har! (We have Paula Deen, the Pioneer Woman, and Guy Fieri … and anyway, isn’t Wolfgang Puck so 80ies? He was a laugh line in Northern Exposure sub-plot involving Adam the anti-social master chef for pete’s sake.) There was also another laugh line, about how we all in flyover country were living in a state of frustrated envy, because the Blues are the British Royal Family, and the Red Staters are Meghan Markle’s dad.

    Yeah, Bill really slayed those in his audience with that line. Never mind that staunch small ‘r’ republicans have ever viewed the concept of royal families – British or otherwise – with a jaundiced eye. And Mr. Markle (as well as his ex-wife) seems to be living a small, comfortable and dignified life on his own terms, only slightly harassed on occasion by stray royal-watchers. Hey, the castles and the jewel collections would be great, but not being the constant, unblinking, critical focus of the public eye, day in, day out, for your entire life.

    Back on the subject of the unfunny and desperately clueless Mr. Maher. He and those like him in the media industry are merely the oozing surface pustule, a symptom of a darker, and even malignant condition afflicting those who see themselves as the natural American Ruling Class – and that is the wanton, contemptuous and deliberately cultivated ignorance of those who aren’t Their Kind, Darling. Which would be endurable, if they weren’t so vocal about their disdain, and if their words and actions didn’t encourage unhinged progressives to act out by physically attacking people and establishments … like the Family Research Council headquarters, Republican legislators practicing for a charity softball game, teenagers from a Catholic School attending the March for Life, people attending Trump rallies or wearing MAGA ballcaps, conservative student activists on the UC Berkeley campus, or perpetuating fake hate crimes most often blamed upon conservative horribles … which usually turn out to be completely fraudulent, as in the case of Jussie Smollett. The Establishment National Media never seems to exercise a shred of skepticism about reporting on them – no, they give every indication of falling upon such occurrences in the hope that “this” one will be all too horribly true.

    This is a dangerous game, as this essay points out. Loose-lipped, malicious personalities like Bill Maher and his ilk in media, entertainment, academia and politics – are essentially tap-dancing with steel-toed shoes in a dark room packed with powder-kegs and flints, without the slightest sense of awareness of what will happen when a spark is struck.

    Discuss – any thoughts on what will ignite the powder-kegs, and what, if anything, we can or should do?


    40 Responses to “The Whites of Their Eyes”

    1. Bill brandt Says:

      This interchange with Christopher Hitchens is a classic

      I’ll have to read the essay after dinner

    2. ErisGuy Says:

      “What Should we do?”

      Boycott Maher. He doesn’t need our money.

      Boycott HBO? Fat chance.

      Organize. Vote. Hasn’t defeated Leftism yet.

      Get laser sights. Practice sniping? Have any people recovered their liberties by rebelling against Leftism?

    3. PenGun Says:

      He has been a serious a-hole for a long time. I’m surprised you are just discovering this. ;)

    4. Mike K Says:

      Have any people recovered their liberties by rebelling against Leftism?

      You might ask Lech Walesa. Mean while, Ian buying ammunition,.

    5. Jonathan Says:

      those lamentable, deplorable Reds only having Chef Boyardee

      I have taken more out of Chef Boyardee than Chef Boyardee has taken out of me.

    6. pst314 Says:

      Bill Maher is snide and slimy, but as Christopher Hitchens points out, Maher’s audience is frivolous.

    7. Subotai Bahadur Says:

      1) Just in passing Chef Boyardee was the anglicized name of Ettore Boiardi, the Head Chef of the Plaza Hotel in New York. He is known for serving presidents, and preparing and hosting the welcome home dinner for returning WW-1 American troops. He sold his name, and some of his recipes to a company. Sadly, the state of prepared food preservation was not that advanced at the time. He did, however, introduce much of the mainstream population to the idea of Italian food.

      2) As far as ignition points, I expect a Leftist attack on a conservative to be met with a counter attack by bystanders defending the conservative, mass gang attacks by Leftists on a conservative or conservatives being allowed to go unprosecuted in Democrat polities triggering retaliation there and/or elsewhere, or Leftist assassination attempts on conservative politicians/personalities up to President Trump. There is no expectation that legal process in this country will punish the attackers, so people will take matters into their own hands. And the dance will be on.

      3) As far as preparations: a) do not be in Leftist controlled urban areas. They are deathtrap from within and without. b) be prepared for a breakdown of the normal logistical chains, and be ready to protect what you have. c) sort out who you can trust and be ready to coordinate with them. d) a study of 4GW would be helpful.

      Subotai Bahadur

    8. szopen Says:

      @Mike K

      You might ask Lech Walesa.

      But Lech Wałęsa started as a communist agent, who seem later to get out of control; and the Solidarity was actually broken in 1981, with thousands of people forced to emigrate. It’s just by 1989 system was bankrupt, no one from the government wanted to keep it and they only seeked the chance to switch to capitalism as painlessly as possible (it’s an anecdote one may find in mnay books, that when communists organised mock debates amongst themselves, to prepare for real discussions with Solidarity, supposedly everyone wanted to represent Solidarity side)

    9. Trent Telenko Says:

      Subotai Bahadur,

      The follwing is in my opinion.

      The inflection point/catalytic event is when Leftie mobs come after Right wing victims who refuse to be victims by defending themselves with firearms.

      The aftermath will reveal the identity of many of the Antifa wounded as being children of Democrat Party elites.

      Elites who will be wanting full-on revenge for their fire arms holed spawn.

      This is where the “crystal in a super saturated solution” or “Firing on Fort Sumpter” effect will kick in.

    10. Pst314 Says:

      “The aftermath will reveal the identity of many of the Antifa wounded as being children of Democrat Party elites.”

      Agreed. We’ve seen that already when thugs have been caught and put on trial.

    11. Brian Says:

      The Dems can’t govern. People are fleeing blue states. Not even just conservatives, but preferentially conservatives. The Dems just took over NY state government (the GOP historically has controlled the state senate and served as something of a check on the looney Dems). And what are their priorities? The fact that people are leaving in droves? The opioid crisis devastating upstate? Their pet project of “universal health care”? Of course not. They codified unrestricted abortion, then passed a set of new gun control restrictions, and now are going to pass even more since they decided they missed a few things. The left isn’t going to stop at state borders.

      People are sorting themselves by philosophy by moving to places where the party they prefer is in control. This is releasing pressure in the short term, but will lead to more severe problems in the long run.

      What will happen when the left tries to shut down fracking nationally? Will Texas, South Dakota, etc., comply? The feds could send in the EPA, IRS, etc., to shut them down, but what will happen when some state or states tell them pound sand? If states can tell ICE to get lost, why can’t states do that for any government agency? Rural areas of blue states are already doing so for gun control.

      I fear in the coming years we’ll see impeachments regularized, once the Dems take the first step, then gradually increasing political violence, as more and more people feel the other side simply cannot be allowed to have power.

    12. Mike K Says:

      Lech Wałęsa started as a communist agent, who seem later to get out of control

      Yes, but everyone was nominally communist. The point was that Poland began to throw off the communist shroud after Walesa.

      Recovering from the Soviet rule has taken 30 years and is far from over.

      What will happen when the left tries to shut down fracking nationally?

      We will have to see if the voters recognize the danger the political left poses to freedom. Education has been taken over and college graduates are less informed than those who entered trades. The sciences are now being infiltrated by the illiterates.

      The 2020 election is an inflection point. We are fortunate that Trump is so skilled at public speaking and spontaneous. He can be annoying when he uses exaggeration and bombast but he reaches people as neither of the Bushes did. Obama spoke only to the left. In spite of furious effort, I think Trump is getting his message out.

    13. CapitalistRoader Says:

      This article has stood the test of time:

      How Half Of America Lost Its F**king Mind
      David Wong | Cracked | October 12, 2016

      It describes Bill Maher perfectly: …In Braveheart, the main character (Dennis Braveheart) is a simple farmer and the dastardly Prince Shithead lives in a luxurious castle and wears fancy, foppish clothes. The theme expresses itself in several ways — primitive vs. advanced, tough vs. delicate, masculine vs. feminine, poor vs. rich, pure vs. decadent, traditional vs. weird. All of it is code for rural vs. urban. That tense divide between the two doesn’t exist because of these movies, obviously. These movies used it as shorthand because the divide already existed.

      Re: As far as preparations: a) do not be in Leftist controlled urban areas, everyone is a conservative about their own situation. 90% of the homeowners in my leftist-controlled neighborhood will happily depend on my firearms if it comes down to it. They may be clueless, reactionary leftists on the surface but they’re also rich and would not take kindly to civil hostilities. Hell, they’ll probably start buying guns for themselves long before then.

    14. raymondshaw Says:

      Wolfgang Puck peddles his soup in Walmart. Don’t anybody tell Bill Maher, it would shatter his world view.

      I’m a soup and sandwich kind of guy. While I buy a lot of canned soup at Walmart, when I feel like buying
      a tastier soup, I go to Costco.

    15. Grurray Says:

      Years ago I went to Puck’s Spago in downtown Chicago with my then girlfriend, now wife. Menu was on the pricey side, but I don’t remember anything exotic or gastronomically crazy. I think I ordered a pizza, probably because it was the least expensive offering on the menu. I do remember that his sister-in-law ran the place, which I thought was kind of neat, and she even greeted patrons.

      I agree with Raymond. Puck went mainstream long ago. His brand is available to anyone. Maher just shows here how out of touch he is.

      It kind of reminds me of when Trump nominated former Iowa governor Terry Branstad to be ambassador to China. All the Vox-ish male feminist media nitwits were wondering why someone from lowly Iowa was going to China. Nestled in their creative class safe spaces, they hadn’t heard that Iowa does billions in trade with China and Branstad had been friends with Xi Jinping for 30 years.

      In fact, it’s a good thing he’s there now because China hasn’t been able to replace the superior Iowa soybeans during this trade war. It’s the one product that will eventually break them in the negotiations. Another winning move by Trump that too apparent at the time.

      Anyway, the Dunning–Kruger effect is strong in these Leftist folks. They’re just going to bury themselves with their cluelessness.

    16. Grurray Says:

      when communists organised mock debates amongst themselves, to prepare for real discussions with Solidarity, supposedly everyone wanted to represent Solidarity side

      So you’re trying to tell us that there was no real opposition. Communists were just falling over themselves to join the capitalist party. It was just the natural evolution of things, circle of life stuff.

      I guess the assassins of Fr Jerzy Popiełuszko must’ve received the memo after they killed him and disposed of his body mafia-style. Crossed in the mail. Honest mistake.

    17. Anonymous Says:

      “I guess the assassins of Fr Jerzy Popiełuszko must’ve received the memo after they killed him and disposed of his body mafia-style. Crossed in the mail. Honest mistake.”

      Heh. I suppose this is yet another example of communists telling outrageous lies, expecting that few people will know enough about those times to know how egregious the lies are. I was a young man at the time and there was nothing in the behavior of the various Communist regimes to support any claim that they were looking for a way to abandon Communism.

    18. Mike K Says:

      do not be in Leftist controlled urban areas, everyone is a conservative about their own situation.

      AOC’s mother has explained why she left New York and moved to Florida. Pretty funny, really,.

    19. Phil Ossiferz Stone Says:

      This is all so much pissing in the wind.

      A hundred thousand illegals are coming across a month. One point two *legal* immigrants, mostly Chinese and Indian, and we take more from the Dominican Republic than the entire EU+ Russia. (White people are evil. You know that. Right?) Another half a million visa overstays per year they never catch, mostly Mexican and Canadian… and I don’t think the Canuck ones are white people fleeing the violent hellhole that is Canada. More likely yet more Third Worlders using Trudeau’s country as a transit point.

      According to the last election’s exit polls 65%-80% of all nonwhite ethnic groups vote en bloc Democrat. Even if none register to vote, most will still live in coastal sanctuary city/states. There were three million illegals in California alone last we heard, all protected under the law and given drivers’ licenses and full benefits. That’s enough to ethnically cleanse the entire states of Montana and Wyoming out of the House and the electoral college both, and they get ethnically cleansed every few years all over again.

      Florida flips blue and stays there the next election, or the next. Texas flips after that. At which point we are a one party state. And no one, not even the Orange Haired One, seems to lift a finger in principled objection to any of this. Keven DeLeon (D-CA) openly boasted half his family was here illegally, which makes him a double felon under our immigration laws, and he’s still walking around free to pass legislation that will get my mother put in prison if she has the wrong kind of bedside stand gun.

      Keep salting away ammunition while it’s cheap, folks. There’s no place to go any more.

    20. Phil Ossiferz Stone Says:

      One point two million LEGAL immigrants, I should have said. And no Caucasian country even makes the top ten. Oh, bubut we’re all in favor of LEGAL immigration, right….?

      Oh, and how about those Red Flag laws that openly violate the 2nd, 4th, and 14th? Every grade schooler understands you can’t do that. But they are anyway. And you’re worried about some court jester on TV. Jesus.

      Take a look at your state’s demographics, Mom. You’re closer to being a kulak in Soviet America than you realize.

    21. Bill Brandt Says:

      I couldn’t disagree with anything that author said in pjmedia. I too viewed this election as a “hail Mary” pass – last chance or Hillary will solidify what Obama did. I agree with mail in ballots too. These are scary times.

      and I could care less about Tump and Stormy Daniels. I too think “they” don’t get that. I am ecstatic that he is actually working on accomplishing his campaign promises. Very un-politician like.

    22. Trent Telenko Says:


      Regards this —

      How Half Of America Lost Its F**king Mind
      David Wong | Cracked | October 12, 2016

      What most people do not know about President Trump is that he had a minor in Anthropology in university.

      None in the professors in the academic anthropology field in the USA dare go near that fact for reasons of academic status & fear of ‘virtue signaling assaults’ on their field.

      Here are two very interesting links that found via looking for Trump’s Anthropology education.

      How many media biographies have you read on Trump that actually mentioned that anthropology education? It is a key part of the man, and skipped 999 times out of 1000.

      That we didn’t see it once on the 2016 campaign — and believe me I looked — says a great deal and none of it good about the media.

      Trump’s university level anthropology education is central to both his adult identity and his winning the Presidency.

      It is also the key to his reelection, as he understands the American working & middle class in a disciplined, data rich and “seeing outside the limits of your own culture” academic way that current DC elites literally cannot.

    23. Brian Says:

      “How many media biographies have you read on Trump that actually mentioned that anthropology education?”
      Historians are going to be very confused trying to read Trump-related content from prior to 2015, and after 2015, because the media coverage can’t possibly be of the same person, who has after all been a national celebrity for 40+ years.

    24. Mike K Says:

      Trent, those are terrific essays. What he says about college Anthropologists could be said about almost all college professors outside of hard science,

    25. CapitalistRoader Says:

      What most people do not know about President Trump is that he had a minor in Anthropology in university.

      I didn’t until you pointed it out. An econ major with a minor in anthropology: an interesting combo.

    26. Anonymous Says:

      BTW, I must have screwed up the above link to the Cracked article. This is it:

    27. Exasperated Says:

      Bill Maher ?
      “Why you fool, it’s the educated reader who CAN be gulled. All our difficulty comes with the others. When did you meet a workman who believes the papers? He takes it for granted that they’re all propaganda and skips the leading articles. He buys his paper for the football results and the little paragraphs about girls falling out of windows and corpses found in Mayfair flats. He is our problem. We have to recondition him. But the educated public, the people who read the high-brow weeklies, don’t need reconditioning. They’re all right already. They’ll believe anything.”
      ― C.S. Lewis, That Hideous Strength

    28. Exasperated Says:

      Bill Ankle biters gotta bite.

    29. BobtheRegisterredFool Says:

      That zero anthropology fellow is interesting. I looked at some of his linked articles on the Human Terrain System. Tried to drill down to the bottom of his arguments, and have concluded that he is an anti-American communist, and probably not one of the physical anthropologists that are rediscovering the truth about prehistory.

      I think he is right to call anthropologists out on not using their tools to better understand the world around them. On the other hand, I think his preconceptions might have blinded him where he saw clearly on this if he had instead been a woman or an American. I think that fact that he is a Canadian man let him remain objective enough to call things out.

      An American of leftwing faith must be enthusiastically for the Democratic Party, and likewise against the Republicans in order to be a good person. A woman of the leftwing faith must conflate her own personal success with that of certain female totems in order to be a good person. A person of the leftwing faith studying what he studies can not be emotionally neutral on the question of whether it is always wrong for a civilized society to exterminate nomads who have a different culture and speak a different language. We can see that he has the necessary emotional engagement and preference on that, so he probably is religiously leftwing, and likely comes with many of the expected emotional blind spots.

    30. mhj Says:

      About 10 yrs ago there was a history of progressivism/liberalism, by Fred Siegel (iirc and I may be wrong) that argued that the core of modern American progressivism since its beginning has been to insult and denigrate all Americans who are not progressives. Its main ideology has been one of social and intellectual and class superiority.

      This isn’t new, it was certainly there in the 2000s, the 1990s, the 1980s, the 1970s, the 1960s, the 1950s…

      My God, how else is one to parse the insults leveled at Dwight Eisenhower, who had led a coalition to victory in the greatest war in history, and the fawning over Adlai Stevenson, who, to be blunt, never did anything?

    31. Mike K Says:

      Here is the Siegel book and it is a good one.

    32. Anonymous Says:

      So you’re trying to tell us that there was no real opposition. Communists were just falling over themselves to join the capitalist party. It was just the natural evolution of things, circle of life stuff.

      Heh. I suppose this is yet another example of communists telling outrageous lies, expecting that few people will know enough about those times to know how egregious the lies are

      I don’t know what are you are both aiming at, but (a) this is the thing one may read in books by rightwing writers (I think I’ve read that in book by Rafał Ziemkiewicz) (b) this is actually making communists looking bad: that the system they created was so discredited, so bad, so evil and undefensible that even the communists knew it and couldn’t find any arguments to support it. Usually I am attacked as being right-wing conspiracy nut when I bring it forth, because it’s usually used to attack the round table agreements and the lack of decommunisation in post-89 Poland.

      Frankly, no idea how anyone could read the anecdote as anything else than painting the communists in the bad light. They actually defeated the Solidarity in 1981. But after eight more years of lies, following absurd policies and idiotic dogmas even the most hardcore people at the government knew their time was over, they bankrupted the country and had no heart to continue the dictatorship (despite many of them knowing already years earlier that the system is evil and undefensible). So they manufactured the “peaceful transformation”, and created a legend of “compromise” and “people overthrowing the communism”, when in reality we had a complete bankruptcy of the system and the case of communists-in-name only (in reality, just opportunist apparatchiks) trying to save their position and wealth.

    33. Anonymous Says:

      Wolfgang Puck is the Chef Boyardee of the 2030’s

    34. Trent Telenko Says:

      BobtheRegisterredFool, Anonymous Says.

      The issue here is that our “credentialed but not educated” elites cannot stand the thought that that their “social inferiors” view them as the villains of the piece and have legitimately defeated them.

      This means that from their POV Trump is illegitimate and any means they used to get him out of power is legitimate, no matter what social norms they break to do it.

      This is an identity issue crisis for them.

      The upshot of this given its credentialed but not educated demographics is that the Federal Reserves is going to try to tank the economy before the 2020 election while blaming Trump’s tariffs on China as the cause.

      This is going to fail for a number of reasons starting with the structural changes in the energy sector (See: Fracking), manufacturing (See: Additive manufacturing) and the Pres. Trump’s “regulatory compliance tax cuts.”

      The stimulation of the American economy by reducing compliance costs to Federal regulations and unleashing the “animal spirits” of the small business sector are — like fracking and 3D printing — outside the life-experience of the current Fed directors.

      The Federal Reserve’s trying, failing and getting caught after Pres. Trump’s reelection means the Republican Party base will decisively turn against the Fed as an institution the way it has the FBI and the rising antisemitism of the Democrat Party Left will seal the deal as far as disassembling the Fed given the ethnic composition of the major financial firms associated with the Fed — See Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.

      This will have really bad long term structural economic affects, as in think hyperinflation followed by Great Depression.

      And this major economic melt down is going down in the 15-20 years.

    35. Ken Neil Says:

      I like your stuff, but please do everyone a favor by reducing the width of the of the center column because it is unnatural to read that much horizontally.

      [Jonathan replies: Thanks for the suggestion. This blog’s design predates the phone age. At some point we will update it.]

    36. Mimi Says:

      There is nothing that needs to be done. Those who condemn will eventually condemn each other.

    37. Bill Peschel Says:

      Coincidentally, I came across this wonderful quote by G.K. Chesterton that perfectly sums up the dangers of listening uncritically to public intellectuals:

      “Carlisle said that men were mostly fools. Christianity, with a surer and more reverent realism, says that they are all fools. This doctrine is sometimes called the doctrine of original sin. It may also be described as the doctrine of the equality of men. But the essential point of it is merely this, that whatever primary and far-reaching moral dangers affect any man, affect all men.

      “All men can be criminals, if tempted; all men can be heroes, if inspired. And this doctrine does away altogether with Carlyle’s pathetic belief (or any one else’s pathetic belief) in ‘the wise few.’ There are no wise few. Every aristocracy that has ever existed has behaved, in all essential points, exactly like a small mob.”

    38. Dan from Madison Says:

      I’m sort of late to this party, but here goes.

      I watched the video, that I had never heard of before this post. Typical gutter us vs. them stuff that we have been hearing for a long, long time. Generalities, stupidity, broad brushing, wash, rinse, repeat. Nothing new, just more garbage from an elitist who’s gramma is probably a sweet woman from South Dakota, although I have no proof of that, nor do I wish to waste any time finding out.

      Anyways, there is nothing new under the sun. I don’t think this has brought us any closer to civil war then we were just a week or two ago. Which is to say, not very, imho. We have been dealing with this nonsense for a long time and there is more to come. Sticks and stones and all that.

      All of that said, I am glad I have lots of guns and ammo and neighborhood solidarity with my farmer friends. Molon Labe, y’all.

    39. newrouter Says:

      Is Q playing this a limited role of the Antiversity?

      >What does the Antiversity do when it proctoscopes USG? For every agency, unit, or acronym within USG, it creates a knowledge base. It knows, more or less, what the acronym does, who works for it, what its budget is, etc. It understands the acronym’s bureaucratic purpose, decodes its public emissions, identifies its friends in Congress, etc., etc., etc.

      More daringly, the Antiversity can (within the bounds of law) develop a way to verify the identity of USG employees. This allows Washingtologists to develop secure, reliable and anonymous inside sources within the Beltway. It can even create communities for them—for instance, host a conversation in which employees of agency X, and agency X alone, can communicate safely and anonymously. Not only does this compromise the loyalty of the agency X, it ensures that the Antiversity can understand it better than its own management. (More on these custom communities later…)<

      Mencius Moldbug San Francisco; November 2009

    40. newrouter Says:

      Ponder this:

      M. Steyn vs Mann


      Tillmann’s thing

      Strange no?

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