It Shall Be Sustained

On July 4, 1941–five months before Pearl Harbor–a long poem titled Listen to the People, written by Stephen Vincent Benet, was presented on nationwide radio. The full text was also printed in Life magazine. Here’s the whole thing. I posted an excerpt of this poem at Chicago Boyz in 2006…in the comments, Steve Barton points to a podcast of a 1943 performance of this work.

Other 4th of July reading:

Power Line has thoughts from Lincoln and Calvin Coolidge(!)

Reenlistment ceremony in Baghdad.

Update: Corrected date of original radio broadcast of the Benet poem.

3 thoughts on “It Shall Be Sustained”

  1. The Lincoln speech from Powerline is just astounding.What a gifted rhetorititian!A politician with genuine beliefs. Where are we to find such today?

    Thanks for the link.

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