Seth Barrett Tillman: Trump’s 7% Panel

In the Fourth Circuit, 3 judges have D/R or R/D appointments (i.e., CJ Gregory, Traxler & Floyd). 8 of the 18 have R or R-only appointments. 7 of the 18 have D or D-only appointments. The chances of drawing a strictly R-only panel of judges are 8/18*7/17*6/16 = 7%.
Not that it matters.
Did I tell you?: only 7%.

Seth runs the numbers. His post is worth reading in full, as usual.

2 thoughts on “Seth Barrett Tillman: <i>Trump’s 7% Panel</i>”

  1. It is getting impossible not to think that we are going to have a nullification crisis in the very near future, given the heated level of rhetoric around politics in general but the judiciary in particular, which is now viewed by many as a purely partisan institution, which wasn’t really the case in recent times (even as it was used by the left to destroy our representative democracy in the 1960s, just sayin’…). Who knows what will trigger it, some combination of immigration or guns or energy, or anything really. Interesting times are ahead of us…

  2. Some states are preparing to nullify Federal gun law:

    12 counties, including mine, with more pending have declared themselves as 2nd Amendment Sanctuary counties here in Colorado in the face of the state law that will be signed in the next week or so in Denver by the Leftists to allow them to seize anyone’s legally owned firearms without any allegation of a crime being committed and without any judicial adversary proceeding or due process. The first that the “respondent” as HB 19-1177 refers to the firearms owner may know of the court order is the appearance of the police or a Tactical Team outside his house. There will be consequences.

    Our County Commission and Sheriff [chief law enforcement officer of the County] have unanimously declared us a sanctuary. Nullification is the best alternative to either accepting tyranny or starting the SACW.

    If the rule of law is, as is apparent, dependent on who is in power and who is the judge; life is going to get downright interesting in the Chinese sense. And right smartly.

    Subotai Bahadur

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