Palin’s Moment

Listening to Gov. Sarah Palin. Nothing to change my mind regarding her qualifications to be Veep but the woman has first-rate political skills coupled with a genuine mean-streak that she can execute on live TV without looking like a cast-iron beeatch. That’s a neat trick that most VP and Prez candidates never master ( ask Bob Dole).

Joe Biden just went from heavy debate favorite to underdog.


Against most of my expectations, a home run. No, make that a grand slam home run. McCain rolled the dice on his career with Palin and raked in the chips.

Addendum II:

Spengler on Palin and Biden. Hat tip to Dan of tdaxp.

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  1. Obama, to use the parlance of our times, is pwned. Biden is so inconsequential as to be unmentioned.

    I still say the election favors the Dems, but if the electorate of bitter clingers gets energized enough, we might have a real race here.

  2. Biden wasn’t going to wipe the floor w/her.

    he’s between a rock and a hard place.

    she came out swinging in OH – 2nite she knew what had to be done and she did it.

  3. SM,
    Agreed. Biden looks like such a ‘safe’ pick now. So much for change. I also agree with your assessment of the race. But, if Obama is to win, at least he has to fight for it now, maybe even pander a little more to those outside his comfort zone.
    Great political theater. I hope the world is watching.

  4. IIRC, it was 1994 when Manny Ramirez was a rookie. The Tribe was playing the As. The As had a lead late in the game and with 2 on they brought on their relief ace, Hall of Famer, Dennis Eckersly to face Manny. Eck threw Manny a fast ball and Manny hit it into the cheap seats. The expression of shock and surprise on Eck’s face was something to behold.

    Somebody looking at Joe Biden this evening would have seen that same expression.

  5. Did not get to listen to it. Just read the text.

    I am so relieved that someone is going hard after Obama, instead of treating him like some kind of holy being that must not be criticized. The proper response to a pompous windbag is mockery.

    The script the MSM and all the great-and-good in America have written is simple — Obama is a messiah who will have an inevitable coronation in January, to purge America of its sings of racism, capitalism and patriarchy.

    This is the first moment when the cardboard stage set started to crumple. Maybe the coronation of His Holiness Barack I will not come off as planned, after all.

    At least now, if he wins, he will win as a politician who puts his pants on one leg at a time, after a fair and hard and probing campaign.

  6. Gov. Palin’s speech tonight brought to mind, of all things, U2’s Bono introducing the band’s cover of “Helter Skelter”: “This is a song Charles Manson stole from the Beatles. We’re stealing it back.”

    In this analogy, Palin is Bono, Obama is Manson, and Hillary Clinton is the Beatles. Obama stole Hillary’s thunder in the Democratic primaries; now along comes Palin to steal not only Obama’s own thunder, but also the thunder Obama had stolen from Hillary. By the time 2012 rolls around, Hillary may well find herself being the “other” woman in the campaign; for all we know she may even (heaven forbid) be up against a female incumbent.

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  7. I watched the speech. It was pretty good. I loved the part when she talked about carting off the styrofoam columns back to the movie set, referring to the set Obama used in Denver at Invesco field.

    Biden is in deep doo doo in their debate. He can’t come across as a pompous hater, and that will be tough for him as that is exactly what he is. The best Biden can hope for is a tie. Not that vice presidential debates ever mattered before all that much in elections, but this time, I think it may be a bit different.

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