3 thoughts on “The Obama Drinking Game”

  1. How clever. Why not a drink every time McCain mistakes a religious group or a nation and an event…or changes his position? When mcCain can give a speech the way Obama does, I will buy you all the drinks you and your son can handle.

  2. Fred Lapides,

    You do realize that we only make these jokes because people like you leap upon perfectly ordinary and trivial mistakes of Republicans. Honestly, McCain and Lieberman spends days discussing issues in Iraq saying combinations of Shia and Sunni hundreds of times. He transposes them once and you actually expect me to believe that means something?

    You really expect me to believe you’re that stupid?

    When mcCain can give a speech the way Obama does,…

    And I care how well a candidate gives a speech, why exactly? If I want a rousing speech, I’ll hire an actor. I care if a candidate notices that his preacher is a racist loon and that he’s launching his political career in the living room of a unrepentant maoist terrorist. If he passes that basic level of judgement, he can have a ferocious stutter and a facial spasms for all I care.

  3. Perhaps we should take a drink for every one of Fred’s typos. If I did that during his responses to the Quayle test post, I’d still be trying to peel my face off the floor.

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