A Strange Conversation

I received a confirming email from a hotel in Atlanta. I am staying there next week on business. It mentioned the amenities of the hotel, including “in-room workouts”. Being the fitness freak that I am I went to the hotel’s website to figure out what exactly that was – but no dice, nothing there on the subject.

Why not workout in my room instead of the workout room, right? My other thought was that I could hire a personal trainer for a short period of time that may come right to the room for some strength training. I figured it would be good to get another person’s opinion of my workouts and to possibly show me some pointers. So lets call the hotel to see what it is about.

Me: Good afternoon. I am calling to find out what the in-room workout is. I saw it mentioned on my confirmation and couldn’t find anything about it on your website.

Hired Help: Oh, that means that you have a treadmill in your room.

Me: Is it extra money?

HH: Yes sir, and we have only two of these rooms in the entire hotel.

Me: Doesn’t sound like it would be worth it, I guess I can walk down to the workout room.

HH: Yea, most people do. Only extremely obese people usually request the treadmill in the room.

Me: OK, thanks for the info.

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