Those Who Live in Glass Houses…

The latest kurfuffle in this years election is how a Representative from Georgia, a Democrat, accused Republican John McCain of creating the same “hateful atmosphere” that was fostered by Gov. George Wallace with his racist and segregationist policies.

Someone needs to pull the honorable lawmaker aside and explain that George Wallace was a fellow Democrat. While they are at it, they might also mention that most of the truly ardent racists during the Civil Rights era were Democrats, while the Republicans were the people who did the most to advance the cause of equality.

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  1. Let’s not forget the 1964 Dem convention, in which the Dems — including most especially LBJ and Hubert Humphrey — disenfranchised duly elected black representatives from the south. The resulting anger and resentment were direct underlying causes of the violence which ensued in the later 1960s.

    In contrast, I suggest you consider the following:
    We pledge that our American citizens of Negro descent shall be given a square deal in the economic and political life of this nation. Discrimination in the civil service, the army, navy, and all other branches of the Government must cease. To enjoy the full benefits of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness universal suffrage must be made effective for the Negro citizen. Mob violence shocks the conscience of the nation and legislation to curb this evil should be enacted.

    — from the 1940 GOP platform

    Contrast especially with:
    We stand for the segregation of the races and the racial integrity of each race; the constitutional right to choose one’s associates; to accept private employment without governmental interference, and to learn one’s living in any lawful way. We oppose the elimination of segregation, the repeal of miscegenation statutes, the control of private employment by Federal bureaucrats called for by the misnamed civil rights program. We favor home-rule, local self-government and a minimum interference with individual rights.

    We oppose and condemn the action of the Democratic Convention in sponsoring a civil rights program calling for the elimination of segregation, social equality by Federal fiat, regulations of private employment practices, voting, and local law enforcement.
    — from the 1948 Dixiecrat’s Platform

    (Someone once tried to argue that this was “The Dixiecrats”, not the Democrats. In 1944 they were Democrats, in 1952 they were Democrats. The racism at the heart of the Democrats is inarguably a part of their history)

  2. It doesn’t matter….firstly most liberals/democrats are unaware of this due to the “you don’t know because you don’t want to know syndrome” that is so pervasive. Also, because I have literally been told …”That was 30+ years ago and all the racists became republicans and switched to the Republican Party because the Democrats were no longer racists..”

    It must be pure serendipity that I voted for a republican all these years and I never got that memo at all….

  3. I’ve found that some of the best fun can be had by using a technique of the socialists — pre-appropriation of terminology.

    The usage of “XXX Democratic Peoples’ Republic” style terminology in country names of the USSR and of Communists in general is an example. Appropriate the term away from them at the very start of the conversation. “We here in the Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Blojobistan don’t understand how you in the West are so…”

    The mechanism here is to open a conversation with something along the lines of “Well, as a staunch conservative, I’ve never understood the massive amount of unadulterated racism which underlies all the supposedly benevolent claims from the Left in general and Democrats in particular”.

    The claim gets them right onto the defensive almost immediately.

    Follow it up with historical notes about racism, and modern examples, like G.B.Trudeau and Oliphant’s racist cartoons. Then call attention to the inherent racism in notions that black people, somehow, are unable to better their lot without handouts from white people. When they attempt to counter that with arguments of slavery, show how the Chinese and Japanese faired little better, were just as likely to be lynched for white associations, and, in fact, were the only ones interned in WWII. Despite these racist policies, somehow Orientals (use the incorrect term “Asians”, if you want, to avoid that idiotic argument) do better even than whites on most scholarship tests and that they represent an enormous percentage of patents and Nobel prizes in the last 50+ years. So, quite clearly, blacks are inferior to those from the Pacific rim, since they cannot overcome a disadvantageous situation without endless handouts.

    Keep a careful eye on the other person, as, at some point, they are likely to froth at the mouth and turn purple, and start gibbering and getting violent, and it’s a good idea to be able to move out of swinging range when they embarass themselves with it.

    If, somehow, this hasn’t happened, you can also add notes about how, despite these plans supposedly out to help them (and feel free to call attention that people like Sanger promoted abortion as a means of eugenics against blacks), black literacy has plummetted since the 50s, black incarceration has become not only a critical problem — it raises issues for black women who have a vastly reduced pool of eligible males to choose from — And also that said same incarceration has vastly increased the spread of AIDS among black males. Then add the cherry onto that of the steady increase of black drug usage.

    It is a rare libtard indeed who won’t explode by this point, since it throws right in their faces all the vast array of failures and flaws in reasoning so completely at the heart of everything they stand for.

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