The Diplomad is Back!

The Diplomad 2.0, the blog of a retired Foreign Service officer, disappeared without a trace…it was gone for good or so I thought.  Turns out that the author had some domain-name problems, and the blog is now back here.


6 thoughts on “The Diplomad is Back!”

  1. It was GoDaddy bad customer service.

    “Nightmare dealing with They apparently “mistakenly” assigned domain to another account, and that account holder deleted the account, but still retains control of the domain name. Right. So I am back to for now. I can’t link to my old pieces unless I go in and change each address, I guess.

    Anyhow, I will keep working on it. If you can get the word out to the other five or six readers, I would much appreciate it.”

  2. Why I never was interested in godaddy for my own blog, obscure as it is. I have used Bluehost and WordPress since 2007 when I started it after Cathy Seipp died.

  3. Tanks, and IFVs, about the Diplomad. Good news about a survivor.

    Must have been an “accident”. {Snort!} {Gag!} {Chortle!}

    Has there been any indication that the Commissars of the SJW have gotten their paws into the guts of the Net? After all, if their plans for Konquest by fraud in November were to be successful, the “Deplorables” had to be muzzled.

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