Protest or Insurrection?

The protests that quickly morphed into rioting and mass looting began with an arrest of a career felon for trying to pass a counterfeit bill. He had been convicted of felony home invasion and robbery in Texas and served 5 years in prison. According to several unreliable sites, he was”turning his life around” and was involved with a church. That argument is somewhat diminished by the fact that he had Methamphetamine and Fentanyl in toxic levels at autopsy. The reaction in Minneapolis was extreme and horrific.

Some of the destruction can be seen here the next day.

It got worse, much worse.

The spineless leftist Mayor is now seeking $55 million form somebody to repair damage he might have prevented.

Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey will seek state and federal aid to rebuild city structures following over a week of looting and rioting, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported Friday.

Some 220 buildings have been damaged and require at least $55 million in repairs, the city’s Community Planning & Economic Development department said earlier this week, noting that the city was “not yet ready to produce a credible estimate.” City Council members warned that the costs will likely be far higher, while Mayor Frey said damages could reach into the “hundreds of millions.”

Typically, he tried to seek approval from black rioters and was expelled from the meeting.

He was elected on a platform of fighting “global warming.”

A pretty good explanation of what is behind all this.

For white liberals, a black identity shaped by rage is not only to be condoned, but celebrated. All politics is identity politics to liberals, because the whole object of their existence is to invent one’s identity according to therapeutic needs. That is why the progressive movement took up the cause of transgender rights with such passion: To change one’s gender is the ultimate expression of self-invention in defiance of nature and tradition.

The possessors of these newly-invented pseudo-selves know that they are imposters, and that everyone is laughing at them behind their backs. As Mephisto told Faust, “Wear a wig with a million hairs, and stand in heels as long as your elbow, and you still remain what you are.”

The motivation behind these riots is becoming clear. Antifa is an international, communist based, terror organization.

Antifa is not a single organization: it is a movement or coalition of leftist groups, each of which claims to combat “fascism,” a political ideology whose definition academics have been arguing about for decades. The word Antifa itself is a truncation of anti-fascist.

Despite the name, the movement embraces fascistic tactics.

Antifa has gained new prominence in the post-Obama era. They trace their roots back to Nazi Germany. Although they opposed the Sturmabteilung (SA), or Nazi storm troopers, like the SA they also used violence to intimidate political opponents and break up their meetings and rallies. It could be argued that the ideological distance between Antifa and the now-defunct National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, abbreviated as NSDAP) or Nazi Party, is so slight it can be measured in millimeters.

How is it funded ?

[T]he left-wing billionaire George Soros has ties to Antifa through a group called the Alliance for Global Justice (AfGJ). Soros’s philanthropy, known at the time as the Open Society Institute, gave $100,000 to AfGJ ($50,000 in 2004 and $50,000 in 2006).

Acting as a fiscal sponsor, AfGJ gave $50,000 to Refuse Fascism, an unincorporated Antifa group. Fiscal sponsors are recognized tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofits that take in donations on behalf of unincorporated or small groups so that donors can deduct the donations from their taxes, charging the group receiving the donation a processing fee.

Refuse Fascism was created in the weeks after Donald Trump’s unexpected victory over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election. The group’s goal was summed up in a slogan on its website: “It’s Fascism: Drive Out the Trump/Pence Regime!”

Some of the members are employed, usually by universities or school boards. The man arrested for striking a demonstrator with a bike lock was shown to be a non-teaching employee of UC Berkeley. However, his charge for felony assault, resulted in 3 year probation. Thus local juries and judges tend to favor the offenders.

Eric Clanton had been linked by police to violent assaults with a metal bike lock during a “free speech” rally in Berkeley on April 15, 2017. Before his arrest, Clanton had been “outed” online, on the website 4chan, as someone who used a bike lock to strike a man in the head. The assault was captured in a video clip (below) that drew widespread attention and anger after it was posted on YouTube.

Wednesday, Clanton was supposed to have had his preliminary hearing, where a judge decides whether there’s enough evidence in a case for it to move ahead to trial. Instead, there was no hearing, and information about Clanton’s plea deal became available online.

According to Alameda County Superior Court records, Clanton entered a “no contest” plea Wednesday to one misdemeanor battery charge. The felony charges against him were dismissed, and an allegation that he had caused serious bodily injury was stricken. A misdemeanor charge that Clanton wore a mask during the commission of the crime also was dropped.

The local leader of a group called “By Any Means Necessary,” an affiliate of Antifa, was similarly, given a token sentence.

Under a plea agreement, the Sacramento District Attorney is set to dismiss a case against Berkeley teacher Yvette Felarca and two co-defendants related to a neo-Nazi rally and counter-protest more than three years ago.

Felarca and two other activists were scheduled to go to trial Thursday over felony assault charges and misdemeanor rioting charges, but left the morning court hearing, in front of Judge Richard Sueyoshi, with only a community service requirement and stay-away order.

“This is a victory,” said Felarca, a King Middle School teacher and controversial activist with By Any Means Necessary, in a phone interview Thursday afternoon. “Of course I’m relieved, it’s just been a long process and a struggle. I’m really so happy for all three of us. To me it’s a real affirmation of standing by your convictions.”

Needless to say, the “White Supremacist” rally was a fiction. Does anyone think they will “stay away?”

Relatives of Democrat politicians are also members of this group

The son of VP candidate Tim Kaine was arrested at an Antifa riot. The son of Minnesota AG Keith Ellison (former black Muslim ) has announced he is an Antifa supporter and made the motion to disband the Minneapolis police.

More evidence of the insanity of academia, which has spread to the population.

An example of focusing on “underrepresented minorities” can be seen in the recently established “Power Hour” at Gordon Research Conferences. While this effort is commendable in order to increase the participation of women in science it diminishes the contributions by men (or any other group). Universities have established various centers for “Equity, Diversity and Inclusion”, complete with mandatory seminars and training. These issues have influenced hiring practices to the point where the candidate’s inclusion in one of the preferred social groups may override his or her qualifications.

The paper has now been withdrawn.

25 thoughts on “Protest or Insurrection?”

  1. Indeed. I would have been a whole lot more sympathetic about protesting the violence and militarization of police forces, about the propensity to go in with all guns blazing on very thin grounds (with a demonstrated tendency to shoot the family dogs on the way in).
    But they wanted to make it all racial: black criminals totally unstained, better than pure. White cops/accusers totally raaaaacist! Eleventy!
    Eh. I’m so jaded and cynical, I’m willing to sit back and see how this plays out. (Note to self – purchase more ammunition.)

  2. well the daughter of the idiot governor, was actually serving as a lookout, for the rioters,

    apelbaum has a very good piece on the international angles related to this

  3. >FINAL DIAGNOSES:46-year-old man who became unresponsive while being restrained by law enforcement officers; he received emergency medical care in the field and subsequently in the Hennepin HealthCare (HHC) Emergency Department, but could not be resuscitated. I.Blunt force injuries A.Cutaneous blunt force injuries of the forehead, face, and upper lip B.Mucosal injuries of the lips C.Cutaneous blunt force injuries of the shoulders, hands, elbows, and legs D.Patterned contusions (in some areas abraded) of the wrists, consistent with restraints (handcuffs) II.Natural diseases A.Arteriosclerotic heart disease, multifocal, severe B.Hypertensive heart disease 1.Cardiomegaly (540 g) with mild biventricular dilatation 2.Clinical history of hypertension C.Left pelvic tumor (incidental, see microscopic description)
    George Floyd 20-3700 Page 2 III.No life-threatening injuries identified A.No facial, oral mucosal, or conjunctival petechiae B.No injuries of anterior muscles of neck or laryngeal structures C.No scalp soft tissue, skull, or brain injuries D.No chest wall soft tissue injuries, rib fractures (other than a single rib fracture from CPR), vertebral column injuries, or visceral injuries E.Incision and subcutaneous dissection of posterior and lateral neck, shoulders, back, flanks, and buttocks negative for occult trauma IV.Viral testing (Minnesota Department of Health, postmortem nasal swab collected 5/26/2020): positive for 2019-nCoV RNA by PCR (see ‘Comments,’ below) V.Hemoglobin S quantitation (postmortem femoral blood, HHC Laboratory): 38% (see ‘Comments,’ below) VI.Toxicology (see attached report for full details; testing performed on antemortem blood specimens collected 5/25/20 at 9:00 p.m. at HHC and on postmortem urine) A.Blood drug and novel psychoactive substances screens: 1.Fentanyl 11 ng/mL 2.Norfentanyl 5.6 ng/mL 3.4-ANPP 0.65 ng/mL 4.Methamphetamine 19 ng/mL 5.11-Hydroxy Delta-9 THC 1.2 ng/mL; Delta-9 Carboxy THC 42 ng/mL; Delta-9 THC 2.9 ng/mL 6.Cotinine positive 7.Caffeine positive B.Blood volatiles: negative for ethanol, methanol, isopropanol, or acetone C.Urine drug screen: presumptive positive for cannabinoids, amphetamines, and fentanyl/metabolite D.Urine drug screen confirmation: morphine (free) 86 ng/mL <

  4. A study of postmortem fentanyl levels in fatal cases.

    Edinboro et al. reported a fatal fentanyl intoxication after a transdermal dose of 300 µg/h, with blood concentration (vena femoralis) of 25 µg/L (20).

    Fatal OD seems to be around 25 so he was intoxicated but maybe not a fatal OD. Meth level was also high.

    I doubt the cop will be convicted unless Ellison is able to control the location of the trial. Sort of the reverse of what Gil Garcetti did with the OJ trial.

  5. “Black Lives Matter” is a cudgel to beat white people over the head with. If black lives really mattered to black people, they would do something about the 93% of black people that are killed by other black people. (And the many lesser crimes they also commit out of all proportion to their 13% of the population.) Let me know when there is rioting & looting — pardon me, “protests” — over a black-on-black murder. I’ll be waiting a lo-o-o-ong time …

  6. Chicago Aldermen complaining that their neighborhoods have turned into war zones. Over half of the city council is black or Latino, half the police force is black or Latino, the police superintendent position is permanently reserved for a black man, and the mayor is a black gay woman. All the boxes are checked in the city, yet the rioters still destroyed it.

    The Chicago City Council’s Black Caucus criticized Lightfoot’s decision to use 375 members of the Illinois National Guard to block off the Loop and the central business district starting Sunday morning, making business corridors on the South and West sides an “easy target” for looters and criminals because they “did not have the same level of protection.”

    It was Chicago Democrats who told us you never let a serious crisis go to waste, so I say what’s the sauce for the goose should be the sauce for gander. Military occupation of urban areas should be accompanied by military rule. Trump should appoint a Viceroy with ultimate authority over local officials to manage reconstruction of cities. Nothing will be off the table to restore an orderly way of life. I have in mind something like a modern updated of MacArthur’s Three Basic Points for post-war Japan.

  7. well it’s like beirut when fatah challenged hezbollah, or sarajevo where the black swans and the tigers pared off, the first were sunni islamists, the others were orthodox nationalists,

  8. Here is a hilarious call between the Chicago black lesbian Mayor and one of her City Council members.

    Language alert.

    As Black Lives Matter rioters coursed through the city, Lightfoot attempted to lock the protesters out of the Loop area by raising the bridges over the Chicago River and blockading highway exits feeding into downtown.

    But Lopez accused the Mayor of forsaking his district while she focused on the Loop.

    “When downtown is in lockdown, our neighborhoods are next,” Lopez warned during the call, adding, “We’re seeing this destruction … We have seen where, in other cities, this has gone on for days; and we need to come up with a better plan for days, at least for the next five days, to try and stabilize our communities.”

    The rest is just hilarious.

  9. The spineless leftist Mayor is now seeking $55 million form somebody to repair damage

    No. Not just “no,” but HELL NO.

    To repair the damage, tax the residents there until they bleed from every orifice.

  10. I doubt the cop will be convicted unless Ellison is able to control the location of the trial.

    Serious question: does Ellison really want to convict the cop?

    Leftists commonly demand the release of miscreants (e.g., Wesley Cook, aka “Mumia” something or other) who are painfully and obviously guilty as sin.

    Why? Because they don’t want them released. Instead, they want to use their “cause” for agitation, which doesn’t work if they’re released.

    Ellison might just want an acquittal (or a dismissal) in the run-up to the election to generate a new round of riots.

    In a less conspiratorial (but equally cynical) take, the two gals who signed (and presumably wrote) the criminal complaint seemed to be at pains to fold arguments for the defense into it. The thought occurs that maybe the complaint was designed to assuage the mob a bit, and that they didn’t intend for the cop to be convicted, but did want to avoid blame for his acquittal.



  11. As Iowahawk said on Twitter regarding Frey, “Your annual police budget is $179 million, so defunding it should pretty much have you covered there”

    Couldn’t have said it better myself!

  12. Georgie hadn’t figured out that he was a bit old to be playing the street drug game. He was doomed with or without the arrest. One more body in the inner city gutter. At least he didn’t take along any innocent victims, say in a car crash.

    Have a nice trip, Georgie.

  13. “Fatal OD seems to be around 25 so he was intoxicated but maybe not a fatal OD. Meth level was also high.”

    Not reading that many autopsies, about all that I could get from the official one is that Floyd’s heart stopped, but not why. (The Baden autopsy, since it was commissioned by Crump, in order to secure a settlement from the city, of course found the neck hold to be the cause). But that is the ultimate cause of most deaths, isn’t it? It can happen through O2 starvation (my wife’s heart stopped in the ICU due to anaphylaxis,;likely caused by her iodine allergy). Fentanyl appears to affect the breathing reflex. COVID-19 appears to sometimes adversely affect the lungs. We just don’t know enough there yet. I couldn’t tell the extent that his lungs were impacted or degraded (no doubt, being an MD, you could read more there) Interestingly, his blood apparently had “sickled” somewhat, which suggests O2 transportation issues.

    I think that it will be interesting to see how this plays out in court. In order to convict, they are either going to have to show some causality between the neck hold and the heart stoppage, and/or that the officers should have detected Floyd not breathing, had a duty to do something about it, and breached that duty (for the legally trained – essentially proof of negligence). As of yet, I don’t see how they do it. But no doubt, they probably can get there throwing enough experts at the jury.

    “I doubt the cop will be convicted unless Ellison is able to control the location of the trial. Sort of the reverse of what Gil Garcetti did with the OJ trial.”

    Agreed on the reverse Garcetti here. They very likely get an automatic conviction in Hennepin County, and an acquittal elsewhere. But, then, Hennepin is his power base, and I expect that most of the rest of the state is embarrassed by his election.

    As I have noted elsewhere, the addition of 2nd Degree Murder by Ellison is purely political pandering. It is essentially for felony murder, but that is supposed to require some accompanying felony that isn’t subsumed in the murder charge. He has to stand on his head to find that, essentially arguing that the neck hold was assault, but was adequately separated from the death or something. But that would require that the aggravated assault be proven, which is likely, given that Floyd was under arrest at the time and was not compliant. They would essentially have to prove that the officer’s actions broke the law, and that he knew it, despite the neck hold being apparently within official policy. Not going to be easy.

    The problem is that MN has broken Depraved Mind(/Heart) Murder out from its usual place in 2nd Degree to Third Degree Murder. The crowds were screaming for more, and that is why the 2nd Degree charge was added. The 3rd Degree charge is more realistic. Depraved Mind Murder essentially requires a deliberately dangerous act. But it also requires that there be intent to intentionally engage in the inherently dangerous action. The problem here is again policy. How does the defendant know that the action is inherently dangerous, when he has been taught it by his department for just this situation? Sure, it is more complicated than that, but not probably as complicated as Ellison would like.

  14. Stumbling around a bit yesterday, I found that AntiFA’s roots really are antifascist, or, rather, anti-Nazi. The original AntiFA was a Stalinist group that opposed the Nazi SA in Germany for a couple years. This was a fight for the soul of socialism. But fascism, including Naziism, was developed in direct opposition to Russian Communism, as socialist alternatives. So, I think that the original AntiFA can be best understood as the German counter to German counters to Russian Communism, as practiced by Stalin.

    There is a modern German AntiFA that models itself on the Hitler/Stalin era AntiFA, and our AntiFA is a closely allied movement that shares the same emblem (except the colors of the flags are reversed, red for black). Which of course, looks similar to the original Nazi/Stalin era AntiFA emblem or logo. They are all communists.

    I would suggest though that modern AntiFA is more Maoist than Stalinist. It is more involved in trying to force an armed revolution that ushers in a communist state. So yes, they should be labeled a terrorist organization, and treated accordingly, since their goal is the violent overthrow of our Constitution and government.

  15. One significant omission from the Bader autopsy is that he did not see all of the heart, or said so at least. That might have been the infarct that killed him. The body cam video from all the cops has yet to be released. Interesting as all other video, that I know of, has been out since the next day or two. Does that video show he continued to resist ? I suspect so. I wonder if it was “be lost” before the trial as in Epstein’s cell video?

  16. I swear we are losing the language, if you dr. k observed the tape, that’s not an autopsy, that would entail blood work, actual contact with the body, and the fraud procedes from there,

    yes american mind has a piece about the particular derivation from the black liberation army and the weather underground to the black bloc,

  17. Racial issues were very important to the radical left in the 60s. Remember the Symbionese Liberation Army was started by white women teaching literacy to black male prison inmates. Lots of Weathermen actions were supposed to be about racial oppression of blacks. A black school superintendent was a victim in one of their assassinations.

  18. And now we have a rap performer as the duke of seattles autonomous zone, what wormhole did we step into.

  19. I doubt Seattle will be the only left wing city with an Antifa “Autonomous Zone.” Trump is smart enough to leave them alone although he will mention the Insurrection Act every couple of days. Dangle it.

  20. I’m betting that they’ll go all ‘Lord of the Flies’ within two weeks – a week at earliest. Remembering how the Zucatti Park Occupy Wall Street camp outwore their welcome, and degenerated into a disorganized hell-hole.
    I wonder if electricity and water to Capital Hill Autonomous Zone will be turned off?
    My money is on Trump just setting back and watching the Zone melt down of itself.

  21. A couple weeks down the road. Several shootings (including one death) so far, plus at least one rape, at CHAZ/CHOP. Today, they tried to build an Autonomous Zone across from the a White House. DC Police actually held the line, and were backed up by federal park police. They seemed to be trying to take down a statue of Andrew Jackson there, but that was repelled with a reminder that that is a federal felony with up to 10 years in prison.

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