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Saturday, 4 PM CDT, 171 W Randolph (lobby of the Allegro Hotel). Wear your official ChicagoBoyz attire for prompt recognition. Agenda:

  1. introductions
  2. walk to Millennium Park (3/8 mi E), take pictures
  3. walk to Blommer Chocolate factory (W to Canal, N to Kinzie, W 1 block; just over 1 mi from Millennium Park), take more pictures (this spot recommended by Jonathan)
  4. sunset, 6:04 PM
  5. eat someplace
  6. proceed to Buddy Guy’s Legends (E to Wabash, S to venue; 1¼ mi from Allegro); artist info

Forecast is for sunny and 60° F at midafternoon, winds ENE at 8 mph. Hit it!

5 thoughts on “Rendezvous”

  1. I am going to see “burn after reading” at 2pm at 600 N Michigan and will head down to the allegro after that. It is 96 minutes and with commercials and stuff I probably will get there a bit after 4pm. can’t do all the items on the program but definitely can find time for a drink or two and to say hello

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