Tatyana in Chicago

Tatyana, who comments here frequently, will be visiting Chicago on the weekend of October 18 and is interested in getting together with members of the Chicagoboyz community. If you’re interested, please leave a comment here, or email me at the Chicagoboyz support email address and I will forward your message to her.

15 thoughts on “Tatyana in Chicago”

  1. There’s about a 50-50 chance of me making it up there from KC, depending on weather — if it’s bad enough (here) I’ll be able to break away — long story. If so, I would arrive around midafternoon on Saturday, driving my own car, which I might or might not want to stash somewhere and move about the city by train, depending on details of the itinerary.

    I’m hoping that others might be able to step up as I am not the best expert on Chicago. Anyone else available?

  2. My chances are now much better than 50-50, as I have arranged for a substitute at the volunteer event I was originally going to cover on Saturday night.

    Our agenda for Saturday, such as it is, is likely to include some late afternoon/sunset photography of the Loop and perhaps one or two other interesting areas, followed by a blues venue (investigation continuing). MD is planning a Magnificent Mile tour for Sunday morning.

    (Chris – I live near 99th & Holmes in KCMO. Most of my friends live in Johnson County.)

  3. I should be around on Friday after work or Saturday. Sunday it is a Bears game and I will be going there with Dan from Madison… if she wants to see the real Chicago she is welcome to show up for the tailgate even if she doesn’t have a ticket for the game

  4. OK, rendezvous is set for 4 PM Saturday in the lobby of the Allegro Hotel, 171 W Randolph. Likely agenda is a couple of hours of sightseeing/photography, followed by dinner (anything that looks good), then a nearby blues club (I have a list). All of this will be on foot — I will indeed be stashing my car in a hopefully secure and in any event undisclosed location and taking the El into the city.

    I’ll leave the Sunday portion to MD.

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