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  1. Reading about the build up to “days” leading to the “hit a jew” day, I’m kinda thinking this is more about children being clueless about the larger social and historical context of their actions than it is about anti-Semitism. It doesn’t seem like jews were being singled out per se but rather jewishness was just one of many attributes that got people hit. (Must of sucked to be a tall jew though)

    My son has friends of a staggering range ethnicities and they often tease each other in ways that make me uncomfortable but for them it seems to be nothing more significant than teasing about height, hairstyle or something equally innocuous.

    Frankly, I think kids have received so much “sensitivity” training that it has desensitize them to its implications. Teasing about ethnicity, religion, subculture etc just becomes another form of bonding much like cursing used to be back in the day.

    That being said, everyone should teach their kids to hit back. Peace through superior fire power.

  2. My daughter-in-law is a modern Jewish woman who wouldn’t dare lay a hand on my 3 year old grandson, Sam. “It just teaches him to hit, I explain to him that its not nice to hit. We give him a timeout”. Peace and love!

    The other day I observed Sam when another little boy his age decided that sharing is caring and went to play with Sam’s toy car.
    Even though he wasn’t playing with it, Sam pushed the other boy to the ground, took the toy away and simply said “Mine”!
    Socialism is going to be a tough sell with this boy! He’ll need that attitude later in life because, as Sam’s mother is Jewish, by definition, so is he!
    Good job, Sam!

  3. Tatyana:

    How do you read “Jews are socialists” into the anecdote that I posted? Let me help you here. My grandson’s attitude is “What belongs to me is mine, I’ll share it if I want to. Right now, I don’t want to.”
    At the three year old level that’s a pretty strong statement for private property!
    I mention “Jewish” for two reasons;
    – Many Jewish women, but of course not all may have a more liberal “modern” attitude toward child rearing and probably handle “Hit a Jew Day” differently than I taught my son, her husband, to deal with such situations. My instructions to him were “just walk up to the person bothering you and punch him right in the face. You’ll only have to do it once”. A neighbor’s teenage boy was taunting my son and even spit on him. My son was unable to chase him down but the next day he took my advice bloodying the kid’s nose. Years later they attended each others’ weddings so I guess the spitting and punching stopped.
    – My understanding of “who is a Jew?” is anyone having a Jewish mother. In the context of “Hit a Jew Day”, my grandson is a Jew, whether he chooses to remain so or not, and he needs to be strong and take care of himself more than many.

    One more thing, Tatyana, lighten up. Its a cute lighthearted tale of a little boy in view of today’s politics. Its a time for joy; tomorrow the moyle visits Sam’s week-old brother!

  4. “That being said, everyone should teach their kids to hit back. Peace through superior fire power.”

    Walk softly and carry a big stick. One of my favorite quotes by one of my favorite presidents. We sure could use someone like him today. Kids today and especially boys are being forced to be pacified illuminati liberals by the school and our PC society. I’m glad that there are still a few kids with that fighting spirit, they are going to need it!

  5. > > Yeah. Because ‘Hit a Principal Day’ would be so much worse, wouldn’t it, Ms. Lelonek?

    I dunno, “Pop A Cap In An Administrator Day” has a nice ring to it, and would probably be quite popular in some inner city schools.

    That’s in addition to it as a clearly effective and useful means of cutting spending and red tape in any district in which it was implemented.



  6. >>> Don’t tell me lighten up.
    > Your grandson might be cute, but you are nothing but.

    “Chill”. I think you’re taking this both far too seriously and far too personally, too, and placing intentional offense where none was intended.

    I certainly didn’t read any “equating socialism with Jewishness” until YOU said it.

    > “That being said, everyone should teach their kids to hit back. Peace through superior fire power.”

    It doesn’t even need to be that — bullies don’t look for people who will fight them, they look for people who won’t fight them. For the most part, with few exceptions, if you show a willingness to fight — even if you both know you’re going to lose — the bully will almost always go find easier prey who gives it up without a fight. They might beat you up that first time if they can win, just to save face, but as long as you don’t run off crying, and make it clear you still intend to fight them every time, they’ll go find some other kid who won’t make them work actually for it. Some kid named Barry, for example.

  7. Another one.
    Don’t tell me to chill. It means bubkes that YOU didn’t see the equation – I did, and that’s enough for ME.

    I’m sure the offense was not intended – it’s just the way Jerry thinks: his daughter-in-law teaches his grandson not to hit other kids, and in his mind it’s connected with her being Jewish. And she wants him not to grow a greedy sociopath, teaches him to share his toys – why, she must be Socialist. All nicely tied up.

    Funny thing that people like Jerry will always deny being anti-Semits.

  8. While it is appropriate to teach one’s children not to be the aggressors, I believe it is also appropriate for children to fight back when they are wrongly attacked. Unfortunately, our schools no longer permit a child to defend himself. They punish the innocent along with the guilty.

  9. > Funny thing that people like Jerry will always deny being anti-Semites.

    Tatyana, you are free to hold your own views, but I cite to you that YOU ARE SEEING BOGEYMEN WHERE NONE EXIST.

    I suggest you should be careful in throwing that term about, it’s not a term to use lightly, and you appear to be doing so. It has serious negative implications, being largely equivalent to “racist” or “sexist” and all too often these days that’s a “guilty until proven innocent” charge… and it’s virtually impossible to “prove” innocence in those things.

    And when you do that, you actually increase the likelihood of Anti-Semitism, because it can wreak havok far and wide in someone’s life in the wrong place and time. Which can lead people to “You know, I was never one before, but you can damned sure bet I’m one now!”

    I would happily stomp on these children for their actions, and not just by punishment but by figuring how how they got the idea (and yes, it may well have been utterly innocent — kids can distort things VERY oddly through their innocent perspectives without outside “adult” assistance in the matter — though I’d make certain of that before accepting it). And, if their parents did have a hand in it, I’d make an effort to talk to THEM as well.

    In short, I’ll more than happily stand with you against Anti-Semitism, even the “closet” kind. But I suggest you should make damned sure that “the closet kind” IS that.

    And what’s that about “the beam in one’s own eye?” (Yeah, I know, that’s not Old Testament)

    “I’m sure the offense was not intended – it’s just the way Jerry thinks”

    Since you’re the only one seeing this without direction, maybe it’s more telling of the way YOU think.

    > I did, and that’s enough for ME.

    It should be enough to raise the issue politely. It’s not sufficient to be quite so certain that you stomp on them with both feet.

  10. I cannot believe that people find this blatant anti-Semitism funny. There is a rule to humor that I live by: if you’re going to be racist, be racist against yourself. Which is why I can hate the Jews: I am one.

    But “Hit a Jew Day”? When was this deemed acceptable? If you’re going to be anti-Semitic, make it clever.

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