Father Damien

I don’t think many people at this site are in need of an explanation as to what was wrong with Alexandria Occasio-Cortez’s objection to the statue of Father Damien.  So I’ll just link a couple of songs about Damien, from Tom Russell’s album The Rose of Roscrae.

The Hands of Damien

A Crust of Bread, a Slice of Fish, a Cup of Water

The protagonist of the album, which is set in the American West, is an Irish immigrant and outlaw named Johnny:  when he hears Damien’s story, it inspires him to seek his own redemption.

5 thoughts on “Father Damien”

  1. I guarantee you Saint Sandy the Idiot thought it was a statue of some missionary sent to convert the Hawaiians.

  2. Ginny…Tom Russell is a great singer-songwriter, who is not nearly as well-known as he deserves to be.

    I reviewed his album ‘The Man From God Knows Where’, a song-cycle about the American immigrant experience based in part on the experiences of his own Norwegian and Irish ancestors. The perspective of Sitting Bull is also included.


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