“Collecting Democrat votes one dead stiff at a time”

Yesterday at lunch a friend was circulating an e-mail her friend had taken as she’d run errands in Houston. Great video: hearse following Biden bus. Some overreaction (Can we stand four years with a humorless party in power? And how do they intend to use their power – to stop laughter and flags flying?)

I’ve long thought that the Babylon Bee does more to keep up spirits about next Tuesday than the greatest stump speech or endorsement.

9 thoughts on ““Collecting Democrat votes one dead stiff at a time””

  1. Goes to show, you have to be literally brain dead to vote for Biden. They’ll be voting for someone that thinks just like they do.

  2. Questions for tomorrow:
    1. What time will Trump get locked out of Twitter?
    2. Where to go for news once twitter and facebook start shutting down anyone stating/predicting Trump is doing well?
    3. What time will Biden declare victory? (no matter the actual results)
    4. Location of worst riots–DC, NYC, Philly, LA, Portland, Seattle? So many choices…

  3. So predictable right now, the media refusing to call so many states that Trump has won to make it look like Slow Joe is ahead…

  4. As I get up, I make it Trump 267 to Biden 238 with Nevada, Wisconsin and North Carolina for 31 still too close for me to guess. The NYT still shows Georgia, Pennsylvania and Michigan, that I put on the Trump side as undecided with Arizona that looks like it will go for Biden. As I said, this is my guess, I’ll give the NYT the benefit of the doubt for now and assume the states they see as undecided really are based on the precinct by precinct data that I don’t have.

    Pennsylvania (20 EV) will have to break 69/31 for Biden while it’s 55/44 for Trump right now. It looks to me hopeless but I’m sure there are people in Pennsylvania that see it as a challenge. Will the NYT be running human interest stories featuring the plucky vote harvestors like the grape harvestors so many years ago? This is the only place I see where significant shenanigans might have scope. Not that the other close states aren’t at risk, it will just be harder to see the gears turning in them.

    I’m surprised it’s this close, especially when one of the candidates was only sporadically more active than the average corpse. If the Democrats will swallow this, I can hardly wait to see what they have in store next. Apparently Democrats lack a gag reflex, a possible subject for future medical research.

    Still think Trump will prevail.

  5. I see that I missed Alaska with 3 EV that’s breaking 61%/35% for Trump right now with 36% counted, so Trump 270 to 238.

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