New! – Subdivision Wildlife Blog

It’s up. Thanks to Mike Doughty and David Fischer for providing seed photos, and to Dan from Madison, from whom I ripped off the term, “subdivision wildlife.”

If you want to submit photos or written accounts of your urban/suburban wildlife encounters, please email them to submit at subdivisionwildlife dotcom, or to jonathan at chicagoboyz dotnet (or simply click the “support” email link in the upper-right column of this page).

3 thoughts on “New! – Subdivision Wildlife Blog”

  1. I have no offerings of my own (thankfully, any wildlife that self-activates in my apartment building is exterminated by a diligent super in timely fashion), but I thought this post by Dustbury might qualify. That is, if you consider grackles a wildlife.

  2. Makes me think there might be a business opportunity for a quick-thinking entrepreneur. Lack of laser equipment that needed to be substituted means there is a potential market for urban hunter.

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