The Arizona Recount

At least Maricopa County has a new county recorder who defeated the Democrat who screwed up the 2018 election.

The preliminary audit aired several unsubstantiated conspiracy theories and baseless allegations of election fraud and partisanship on Fontes’s part, some of which didn’t even cite a source or origin for the claims. Though Richer labeled the claims as unsubstantiated, some Republicans portrayed them as established fact.

Richer also questioned some of Fontes’s other election-related actions in his report, such as the expanded use of emergency voting centers in 2018, his placement of those centers, and his new policy of reaching out to voters with potentially deficient signatures on their early ballots. Richer concluded in the audit that those policies were questionable but not illegal.

Of course a Republican accusation is a “conspiracy theory.”

I’m sure Soros backed Secretary of State would agree. She is convinced an audit of the voting is a waste of time.

“A group of Republicans are continuing to try to appease their base who refuse to accept that … Trump lost Arizona and that he’s not the president anymore,” Hobbs told CNN’s Chris Cuomo on “Cuomo Prime Time.”

This was a few months after she referred to Trump voters as “neo-Nazis.” Certainly no bias there.

First, the Board of Elections denied use of official facilities. Then the Board of Supervisors Tried to prevent access to ballots

The Democrats then sued to try to stop it. The first judge recused himself, then the second judge, a Democrat, Refused to stop the recount.

Why are Democrats so determined to prevent any recount in an election they assert they have won and any questions about fraud are “without evidence?”

Now, the Biden DOJ is trying to intervene.

They really don’t want anyone checking on that election, do they?

Everyone knew this was coming…. The Feds are attempting to get involved in the Maricopa County ballot audit. The DOJ Civil Rights Division has sent a letter [pdf available here] to the Arizona State Senate claiming their review of Lawfare statements and media reports may show evidence of auditing issues that violate federal laws.

Last week a group of Lawfare activists [SEE HERE], including New York University Law School – which leads to Andrew Weissmann, asked the DOJ to get involved.

The ridiculous letter from the Biden DOJ goes on to cite media reports from the Washington Post as evidence to justify their involvement.

Remember, previously the DOJ narrative was that each state makes up its own election rules. Now the DOJ is saying, falsely, that Arizona might be breaking federal laws.

No doubt there will be more to come. You’d think Democrats would be proud of how well the election that Biden won was conducted.

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  1. Every GOP official everywhere should be asked about this audit, and if they say anything other than “What possible harm can there be in proving how clean and fair the election was, the audit should go forward, and be replicated anywhere that wants it”, then they should be hounded from office and replaced with someone with a spine.

    Same goes for asking them whether they’re ok with Americans with zero criminal records being held in prison for 4+ months now for simple trespassing charges, as well as Americans with zero criminal records having their houses invaded by armed FBI agents who can’t tell two obviously different curly haired brunettes apart.

  2. The local Phoenix newspaper, like all the Media,. is dead set against the recount. Why ?

    The Republican-controlled state Senate hired Cyber Ninjas, a Florida-based technology company with no known experience in election audits, to oversee the county audit.

    Cyber Ninjas CEO Doug Logan, who has a history of posting unsubstantiated claims of election fraud online, initially said he expected the hand count to take 16 days and to provide a full report in 60 days.

    Of course. The Tucson paper is even worse. It does provide weather reports.

  3. Democrat party has been a gang of crooks for quite a while now. Since at least when it was founded by Martin Van Buren around 1830 something.

  4. Maricopa County continues to defy the judge order to cooperate with the Audit.

    Maricopa County officials claim that two laboratory tests on the voting equipment didn’t find any evidence that the voting machines were connected to the internet. Bennett disputes this finding, saying that auditors can’t confirm this without access to the logs.

    “Here we are several weeks into the audit, and we still don’t have some of the information that was subpoenaed by the state Senate from Maricopa County,” Bennett said. “They told me personally weeks ago that they had taken all the routers and the internet connections and the hubs and everything out of the building so they could send it to us, and we would have the logs when we got into those devices, we would be able to see those logs, that nothing was connected to the Internet during the election. And lo and behold, they don’t show up in the equipment that they said would be delivered to us.”

    This is sort of a test case for any attempt to inspect the election processing. It will be interesting to see how this all turns out. I posted this to sort of follow the trail.

  5. The lady doth protest too much. I read but have not confirmed the Michigan GOP grew a spine and wants to examine ballots. If fraud is found, and given all the statistics there has to be at least a 50% probability that it will be found. What if AZ, MI and one other state turn for Trump?

    We then have a Constitutional crisis the Democrats want.

  6. Here is the same information from the recount without the paywall.

    A second issue flagged by the audit has to do with “anomalies” in chain of custody processes for ballots. The letter says the county has yet to provide chain of custody documentation, bags storing the ballots were not sealed, batch dividers are missing, and ballot boxes were sealed with regular tape rather than tamper evident seals.

    The third issue mentioned is the alleged deletion of “the entire ‘Database’ directory from the D drive of the machine ‘EMSPrimary’.” That would mean subpoenaed data has been removed. According to the audit, there is also evidence that the “main database for all election related data for the 2020 General Election has been removed.”

    It’s going to be a battle but some data is trickling out.

  7. Mike K
    I’m waiting for Mollie Hemingway’s “Rigged.” Notice it is NOT on Amazon.

    B&N informs us that the book is not available until September. As such, I am giving Amazon a pass on not having the book up yet.

  8. Is it known for sure whether these machines were connected to the internet? Because that’s the first thing that should be absolutely banned. Then we can move on to whatever else needs to be done to clean things up.

  9. Even with no connections to the Internet, or to any form of data communications, hacks are sometimes possible, for example, via a supposed software update or bug fix. I believe this is what the Israelis did to cripple the Iranian centrifuges.

    Forbidding Internet connectivity would certainly reduce this risk considerably, but there also have to be tight controls over software updates.

    Or just use paper.

  10. Yes, any voting system should have a piece of paper that the voter marks, none of this touch screen and print a receipt sort of nonsense.

  11. Look at the correlation of forces:
    The Lefties Rule! They cannot allow any discussion about making future elections less prone to fraud, since that would open up the question of whether the last Presidential “election” was influenced by fraud. Obviously, Lefties have to deny that possibility totally. The Institutional Republicrats are on board with sweeping election fraud under the carpet, and a majority of the “Supreme” Court justices also support the Leftie agenda or are too craven to perform their sworn Constitutional duty.

    There will be no substantive change in electoral procedures aimed at improving electoral integrity — no photo ID, no purple finger, no restrictions on mail-in voting, no limits on ballot harvesting. Absolutely no checking whether a “vote” comes from a living citizen who is a resident of the relevant district.

    We just have to accept that the ship has sailed. The margin of fraud has been permanently expanded — to the benefit of the in-charge Lefties. Now, where do we go from here?

  12. More evidence.

    The auditors for example have discovered that Maricopa County officials illegally tampered with the voter database records before turning them over to the auditors, including the deletion of an entire database.

    State Senate President Karen Fann wrote a letter to Jack Sellers, the chairman of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, demanding an explanation as to why the databases were deleted.

    “We have recently discovered that the entire “Database” directory from the D drive of the machine “EMSPrimary” has been deleted,” Fann wrote. “This removes election related details that appear to have been covered by the subpoena. In addition, the main database for the Election Management System (EMS) Software, “Results Tally and Reporting,” is not located anywhere on the EMSPrimary machine, even though all of the EMS Clients reference that machine as the location of the database. This suggests that the main database for all election related data for the November 2020 General Election has been removed. Can you please advise as to why these folders were deleted, and whether there are any backups that may contain the deleted folders?”

    Third, the auditors are finding significant and large discrepancies between the number of actual ballots found in storage boxes delivered by Maricopa county and the batch reports for each box.

    During the “pause” in the audit for high school graduations, the evidence will propbably disappear.

  13. Now Georgia might be in play.

    Now Daugherty is fighting a different fight in Georgia. He’s bringing a case unlike any other in the quest to determine what happened in the Georgia Senate 2020/2021 runoff election that put two far-left Democrats into the Senate from what was a red state.

    The case alleges the runoff election for the GA U.S. Senate seats, which was certified in February of this year, was illegally executed on many levels. Illegal elections do not generate confidence in American democracy and moreover the result may not accurately reflect the will of GA voters. The lawsuit calls for a new election based on paper ballots as provided in Georgia law. Daugherty’s concern is that if Americans cannot be confident in their elections, what is the rest of the world supposed to think?

    “The case does not rely solely on the anecdotal evidence of ballot harvesting, dead citizens voting, or stuffed ballot boxes to seek to overturn an election. This case is different because it involves a solid, objective examination of whether the voting machines used in the election meet the required GA statutory standards. From what I have seen, the answer is — they do not. If so, the election should be invalidated,” declared Daugherty.<

    The plaintiff has a history of winning lawsuits against the government.

    He is a hero because he has spent the last decade fighting charges brought by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that LabMD had engaged in “unfair” business practices in 2008 when it was hacked by a security consulting firm trying to get him to buy their security services.

    Since the early 2000s, the FTC has brought charges against over 150 companies alleging they had bad security or privacy practices. Privacy and security concerns are undoubtedly serious.

    He on that one. Can he win this one ?

  14. Sigh. The courts aren’t going to touch anything having to do with the last election. The only answer is legislative. The GOP in those states needs to step up, investigate, and reform the laws. And they need to get governors and secretaries of state elected who (unlike in GA) will actually make a slight effort to enforce those laws.

  15. it’s chris krebs former shop, cisa, who assured us there were no intrusions, until solar wind, which happened last may! or electoral interference, and they concluded it’s darkside, which I am dubbing the janus syndicate

  16. More mischief in ballot counting, this time in New Hampshire.

    The current audit started after an initial hand count (recount requested by a Democrat who narrowly lost) discovered that votes from a ballot counting machine specifically undercounted votes for republicans and mysteriously transferred those same votes to the Democrats (the Democrat candidate lost by a much wider margin).

    The four machines being audited are AccuVote optical scanning systems, which were manufactured by Global Elections Systems Inc., which was ultimately acquired in 2010 by Dominion Voting systems.

    And now… “An audit team sent to conduct a forensic examination of the 2020 election results in Windham, N.H. started the process off well enough on Tuesday. But by Wednesday, they hit a major snag: The live stream cameras that had been broadcasting the audit room around the clock went offline for close to 90 minutes, potentially obscuring any problematic intervention.

    Hmmmm. Wonder how that happened ?

  17. Another update: the Biden DOJ is getting ready to shut down the audit.

    Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Pamela Karlan to Arizona State Senate President Karen Fann.

    Karlan told Fann that, based on news reports and complaints her department received from unnamed individuals, DOJ officials are concerned about “at least two issues of potential non-compliance with federal laws” in the audit, which was ordered earlier this year by the state senate and is now counting returns.

    The DOJ is scandal tainted but that is another matter.

    [J Christian] Adams told Fann in a May 7 letter that Karlan is “an ideological extremist with a long history of partisan enforcement of civil rights laws, as well as rank scholarly dishonesty … [who] wants you to believe the Justice Department is engaging in a normal exercise of federal power under federal voting law. It is not.”

    Adams was referring to a 2009 Duke University law school journal article in which Karlan claimed no Voting Rights Act cases were filed by DOJ in five of the eight years President George W. Bush was in office.

  18. There is no conceivable legitimate reason for the DOJ to object to an audit. A sane, non corrupt judge would tell them that their remedy would be to object to the procedure after the results were made public to be corrected by another audit under better rules, if they can make a case. Stopping the audit is an outright admission that they want to hide the truth.

    The exception would be if they could show a possibility of destruction of evidence. Then the audit should still go on after the preservation of the evidence was assured.

  19. “There is no conceivable legitimate reason for the DOJ to object to an audit.”
    Well, trying to suppress massive fraud is a legitimate reason, if you recognize that the DOJ is just one particular wing of the DC power structure that runs the country…I mean, it’s not legitimate from a rule of law perspective, but from their point of view, it is entirely so.

    And note well the complete and total silence from the national GOP on the issue, to go along with their total silence on the fact that a lot of people have been in prison for 4+ months now for walking through the capitol building. Tar, feather, pitchforks, and more, are what it’s all going to come to…
    “It is terrible to contemplate how few politicians are hanged.” -GKC

  20. And note well the complete and total silence from the national GOP on the issue, to go along with their total silence on the fact that a lot of people have been in prison for 4+ months now for walking through the capitol building.

    Yes, and I get 50 to 100 emails a day fundraising for GOP candidates or the party. I ignore them all.

  21. More obstruction by the Soros Sec State of AZ.

    “Rather, decommissioning and replacing those devices is the safest option as no methods exists to adequately ensure those machines are safe to use in future elections,” Hobbs wrote. “Instead, the county should acquire new machines to ensure secure and accurate elections in Maricopa County going forward.”

    The cost would be substantial. County officials say they have a three-year, $6.1 million lease from Dominion Voting Systems for the equipment that runs until just before the 2022 election. They already paid $2.8 million of that.

    That account is biased by the far left Tucson Daily Star, which I refer to as The Red Star.

    Soros is getting his money’s worth.

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