Rise of the Modern American Zampolit

The political commissar (also politruk, Russ: political officer), is the supervisory political officer responsible for the political education (ideology) and organisation, and loyalty to the government of the military…

So it seems that the Biden* administration is going all woke in inflicting Critical Race Theory on the armed forces, with Sec Def Austin’s chosen expert on all matters racial, the somewhat ironically named Bishop Garrison, who appears to see white supremacy under every bunk, now making plans for a cats’ paw contractor to stringently screen the social media accounts of active duty military members on an Ahab-like quest for the elusive Great White Racist.

As Mr. Garrison appears to view anyone who voted for and supported President Trump, breathed so much of a word of approval for constitutional principles in any forum whatsoever, attended a traditionally conservative church, or whose ancestors came from any part of Europe west of the Urals and north of the Mediterranean, he would seem to have his work cut out for him, in sifting energetically through the US military branches, searching out and eliminating the Great White Racist. Since the post-Vietnam ending of the draft, and the rise of the all-volunteer force, those persons inclined to join the US military historically tend to be of a rather more conservative inclination, politically, usually support the Constitution, are conventionally religious, come from generally a rural and/or southern background, and families in which military service is a tradition.

It’s bad enough that CRT has been elevated to a higher priority than readiness; bad enough as Michael Kennedy noted that able and experienced commanders were purged by the Obama administration. Now it looks like the terminally woke ‘zampolit’ are going for everyone else.   In shaping up a quest to target, investigate and eliminate such people from any kind of active duty, Mr. Garrison might not be deliberately intending to gut the military … but I can confidently predict that this will be the result. Retention and reenlistment will crater, and so will recruitment. Who will want to stick around, unless it’s a matter of enduring another couple of years to qualify for a retirement pension? And who among the veterans who have already served will recommend enlistment or OCS to junior members of their family?

I also venture a prediction – that the Biden* administration, or whatever Democrat Party apparatchik follows – will use the crashing retention and recruitment rates to push for some kind of national service for eighteen-year-olds. Oh, they will call it some kind of social-national service, and the sons and daughters of the favored party elite will get nice cushy jobs delivering meals on wheels or assisting in a nursing home or nursery school, while the less-favored draftees might actually wind up in something resembling a military, with uniforms and those nasty guns and things that go boom.

Discuss as you wish and can bear it. What do you think the end-game for the wokerati is, as regards the US military?

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  1. …the sons and daughters of the favored party elite will get nice cushy jobs delivering meals on wheels or assisting in a nursing home or nursery school, while the less-favored draftees might actually wind up in something resembling a military, with uniforms and those nasty guns and things that go boom.

    You’re being very charitable. I don’t think for a second that the spawn of the party elite will be willing to do anything so onerous as work in a nursing home or deliver meals on wheels. They might be assigned to manage such things, but they won’t be doing any of that low social status stuff like emptying bed pans or carrying meals up the stairs. Most likely, their “service” will be getting assigned to go university, which they would have done anyway.

    As to the military, it seems to me that the woketarded have an interest in wrecking the military for the same reason they have interest in “defunding” the police. That is, the existence of both as presently constituted are a barrier preventing them from imposing tyranny on the country, which is their goal.

    The end result would be a military completely under their control, made up of individuals loyal to the left, and very willing to kill Americans who resist. Those people will be trusted to have the guns. The less-favored will get to do such things empty bedpans, pick up trash, mow the lawns of the privileged, serve the victims of white supremacy, etc, etc. No doubt they would get to be cannon-fodder as well, but only under watchful eyes of people who despise them and who wouldn’t hesitate to shoot them if they got uppity.

    Whether or not this will actually happen is both TBD and why or why not is I think a bit off-topic, so I will stop here.

  2. The only fly in China’s ointment is the US. It is a deadbeat customer, buying real goods with rapidly-depreciating printed dollars — although that was admittedly the price the Chinese Communist Party had to pay to de-industrialize the US. But even a paper tiger can have nuclear teeth, to quote Mao. Given the utter worthlessness of the Europeans and the pointlessness of the “International Community”, the only thing holding China back from taking Taiwan etc is the existence of the US nuclear deterrent. For the CCP, the risk of pushing the US too hard is unacceptable — the cost of initiating a nuclear exchange would be too high.

    Some CCP members might question whether that US nuclear deterrent still works. The US has not tested a nuclear weapon in almost 30 years, while the half-life of the Tritium in a hydrogen bomb is 12 years. The viability of the nuclear deterrent is very heavily dependent on the skills & dedication of the small group of people who make sure those weapons would still work if the call came. It is probably a reasonable guess that those people are older, whiter, and male-er than Resident Biden*’s wokerati can accept.

    It is quite possible that the effectiveness of the US nuclear deterrent could be gutted under the guise of whatever nonsense Democrat insiders happen to be pushing now with the US military.

    A related question to ponder — If the CCP had simply bought the US Establishment, what would our Best & Brightest be doing that is any different from what they are actually doing today?

  3. Gavin, I think that they have bought and paid for the Democratic Party’s leadership. Although Brightest is not a term applicable to them.

  4. Oh, they’ve bought the GOP leadership as well, no doubt.

    The military has several aspects they’d love to destroy–it aids people in getting on their feet and not being wards of the state, bonds veterans together, teaches patriotism, etc. Hard to see how to fix things now, you can’t un-rot a foundation…

  5. One of the characters in a Russian WWII film I watched a couple of months ago was a political commissar attached to an aviation regiment–it struck me that if this man had been transported to 2021 America, he would have had great job opportunities in organizations of many kinds. Pasha is going to need to talk to you.

    I was going to update this post to include Biden-driven recent appalling events in the US military and post it here, but Sgt Mom has pretty well covered it.

  6. My grandson was hoping to learn a trade having ruled out college as too leftist. I suggested that he try the SeaBees, following his great-grand father who was a SeaBee in the Solomon Islands in WWII.

    Once I learned of the Woke indoctrination, I withdrew my suggestion.

  7. The political commissar of the US Air Force Academy has an appropriate name and resume.
    ” In the wake of policy changes this year from the president and Defense Department, the Air Force Academy created a Transgender Working Group to raise awareness and understanding of transgender Airmen, Guardians and cadets at the school. Doctor Joseph Looney, the Academy’s chief diversity, equity and inclusion officer, said the number of requests from across the base to support the Transgender Working Group has been “overwhelming.” Looney holds a doctorate of counseling psychology from Arizona State University”

    (insert gif of Xi and Putin laughing hysterically.)
    Like I said several months ago, the proof that we’re finished is that I’m not even mad at stories like this, just completely indifferent.

    The Russian military is feeble, but ours is decadent trash. Whatever “the wokerati” are trying to do, it sure isn’t to appeal to the standard military member, or to form a powerful fighting force.
    Russian Army Ad vs. Woke-left Liberal U.S. Army Ad.
    The West = done.

  8. }}} If the CCP had simply bought the US Establishment,

    And what, pray tell, makes you imagine they did not, essentially, do exactly this?

    Sure, they didn’t just put money on the table and sign a contract, or anything. But there’s a reason why the NBA won’t speak out on China, Disney won’t speak out on China, and why Biden has plenty of ties to China… :-/

  9. Gavin, re the lifespan of US nukes. The US warhead inventory is undergoing it’s third cyclical rebuild currently. It’s basically a multi-year continuous process, with breaks for retooling the plant.
    Happens at a facility called Pantex, NE of Amarillo. They take them apart and service them there.

  10. ed — Understood. But call me old-fashioned. When my car comes out of the service department, I like to take it on a test drive. And an automobile is a whole lot simpler than a nuclear warhead.

    A guy I knew in one of the National Labs got a high level position in the Swamp simulating the performance of rebuilt nuclear warheads on supercomputers. In the absence of test data, that is about as trustworthy as “Climate Modeling” — time will tell!

    The principle of Mutual Assured Destruction is tied up in that word “Assured”. By the time the plagiarizing hair-sniffing backhander-accepting senile Resident of the White House and his handlers are done, other countries may have doubts about the “Assured” nature of the US nuclear deterrent. Not good!

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