3 thoughts on “JACQUELINE TAIEB: 7:00 A.M.”

  1. Yeah. And these aren’t your memories, are they really? You weren’t born yet, were you?

    The halls lined (was it Regenstein or is that a new name?) chanting for Flacks and some woman the Soc dept wasn’t giving tenure? And all the time, the sound track in my mind was Dylan and Je T’aime. And once a week, the best variety show ever – Johnny Cash. And I didn’t even like country then – but even that stupid I knew enough to love it. Looking them up, I understand: that was a time and a place and they were the sweetest thing about it. SDS has come and gone. The conservatism I believed in then was gone, and now I’ve come back to it. But, then, this kind of stuff is always there, isn’t it? It’s youth but part of us is always young.

  2. Amen, amen, I say to you, Ginny, that this song is part of my youth because it part of the permanently youthful world the song and the images capture and preserve forever!

    Moi? b. 1963. But, I found the relics of the 1960s in bargain bins the late ’70s and early ’80s and that kicked my start date back to about 1952, or something like that, and I never looked back, except I now get the 40,000 ft. overview, since I did not have to live it in real time, but only in the reliquaries of vinyl and now of gigs of memory. And starting just the other day, we get to see it all again through the miracle of YouTube. It is all one big agglomeration of NOW, not “then” or “sometime” or “used-to-be”, but today and forever and ongoing and the inspiration and energy and go-go dancing of tomorrow, baby.

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