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  • I Said It First

    Posted by Shannon Love on January 16th, 2009 (All posts by )

     Charles Krauthammer via Instapundit on the rehabilitation of George Bush’s legacy. 

    Now, I don’t like to toot my horn… Oh, who am I kidding, I love the tooting!

    I said it first. 

    Obama’s retention of almost all of the most contentious Bush policies proves that the polices were needed. 


    5 Responses to “I Said It First”

    1. Lexington Green` Says:

      “…proves that the polices were needed.”

      No. It only proves that Bush dug a hole so deep you can’t just step out of it easily or quickly.

      Nothing Obama is doing retroactively vindicate Bush’s decisions.

    2. fred lapides Says:

      Stupid is as stupid does. Or, in my case, stupid comments.

      [Comment edited by Jonathan.]

    3. Shannon Love Says:

      Lexington Green,

      It only proves that Bush dug a hole so deep you can’t just step out of it easily or quickly.

      I disagree. My post was about his security actions. He could stop enhanced interrogation immediately. He could shut down Gitmo within weeks. He could shutdown the electronic surveillance immediately.

    4. Shannon Love Says:

      Fred Lapidies,

      I hate to break it to you but at least as regards the War on Terror, Obama seems to an adult.

    5. fred lapides Says:

      In Obama’s reaching out to the press, to members of both parties, to economists of all stripes etc Obama seems very adult indeed. It is of course much too early to make any sound judgements about how he will pan out as president, but his announcing dumping the anti-gay item for our military he has taken a very adult stand. Our military in need of all the troops they can get, and many other nations have shown no problem with gays in the military. The economy of course is the big issue for most Americans at this time, and what Bush had given away without oversight constraints will now, under Obama, entail serious reviews as to who gets what and how it is used. And that is how it should be. Thanks for indulging my comments.