To Vax or Not To Vax…

That is indeed the question, and against all urging and advice, a fair number of Americans are saying ‘not’; for valid and wholly understandable reasons, after having made a carefully considered decision. Such be the case of the Daughter Unit and I. The Daughter Unit spent most of last year being pregnant and did not want to risk anything that would possibly damage Wee Jamie in utero. Her medical team did not do anything more than make a pro forma suggestion; that they did not mention it after she declined likely hints at their own doubts about the safety. We both had to get yearly flu shots when we were on active military duty, and honestly, I would routinely get sicker from the shot than I usually did from the flu itself. Towards the end of my active-duty time there was a great push to get all active duty to be vaccinated against anthrax, and I was in two minds over having to get that vaccine, before my retirement rendered the point moot. I remembered very well how so many of those deployed for the first Gulf War later developed serious health problems, problems that it was speculated, might have been because of the array of vaccinations they were given, in combination with exposure to various environmental hazards and contaminants. (I’ve always thought that the Gulf War Syndrome was a kind of multiple chemical sensitivity/allergy, caused by exposure to a range of triggering compounds or combinations, to which some people were more vulnerable than others. Not a medical or sciency-person; just my own opinion from what I have read and knowing veterans who were affected by deployment in that war. But that’s a whole ‘nother rabbit hole.) To get to the point, it was not entirely unknown for reluctant military personnel to be ordered to take vaccines, over their own doubts and objections.

Just this week, the Daughter Unit received a form letter from the Secretary of Veterans’ Affairs, addressed to Dear Veteran:

Thank you for your service to our Nation. Your commitment to our country’s long legacy of service has protected us, and our Nation owes you a debt of gratitude we can never repay.

We must once again ask you to volunteer to serve. COVID-19 has affected all of us in unique ways. We have lost far too many former brothers and sisters in arms, family members and friends over the last year. It is time for this pandemic to be over, and I ask for your help in protecting this Nation and completing the last part of this journey. Our greatest hope in defeating this deadly virus is for each of us to get vaccinated as soon as possible…” (Letter continues for another four paragraphs in this vein. Totally calculated to play “My Country Tis of Thee” on the patriotic heartstrings. Yes, the VA – which as the current meme has it, “Offering veterans one more chance to die for their country.)

After my retirement from active duty, I declined the yearly flu shot, and only caught the flu twice in 22 years, a circumstance which leads me to believe that the offered vaccines were not all that effective and that I had a fairly robust immune system. The worst case was something that sidelined the Daughter Unit and I for almost a week, late in 2019, a crud that matches many of the reported Commie Crud symptoms. I’m certain in my own mind that we had it already. We’ve never been sick since, in spite of not being particularly assiduous in mask-wearing, hand-sanitizing, or social-distancing. One way and another, we both have decided that we have developed or always had natural immunity. So, why risk a bad reaction to the Crud vaccination? Pretty pointless, and that’s our decision.

The inescapable fact remains that the whole vaccination project for COVID-19, or as I call it, the Commie Crud, was rushed and even experimental, in the face of what was claimed by practically everyone in authority and in the establishment media to be as horrific an epidemic as the 1918 Influenza Pandemic. Some of the first reports that the Daughter Unit and I tracked were enough to give us concern, and an excellent reason to quietly add to our stock of over the counter flu and cold remedies, bleach, sanitizer, handiwipes, and yes – masks – very early in 2020. The reports out of China, with people dropping in the streets, overcrowded hospitals and crematoria going night and day were a reason for worry on our part. But somehow, as spring turned into summer, the Wuhan Flu/ COVID-19/Commie Crud never quite delivered on the promised horrors in the United States, for all that certain big-city mayors and blue-state governors with a taste for draconian control over citizens confidently expected. No mass graves, no funeral homes overwhelmed with bodies, no regular hospitals swamped with the sick and dying; nothing like that happened at all, in spite of every hysterical prediction in the mainstream media, once they discovered the existence of the Commie Crud. Nothing on that scale ever happened in the United States, not even in super-congested New York, where a US Navy hospital ship came and went without treating a handful of patients, and emergency wards set up in public places stood empty, awaiting a flood which never materialized. If the Wuhan Flu/Commie Crud had turned out to be all that the mainstream media had predicted, everyone would know first-hand someone who had died of it, possibly even more than just one. Every single family would be grieving, whole communities and congregations would be practically extinguished – just as happened in 1918 Influenza Pandemic.

The Wuhan Flu/Commie Crud turned out to be a damp squib in comparison. For all that the local Texas Public Radio medical/scientific reporter and practically everyone else hyperventilates about the dangers posed by the Commie Crud ‘Delta’ variant … nothing much is happening. No mass graves, no overwhelmed hospitals. Most people who caught it barely noticed. So … why the all-hands-to-the battle-stations push for everyone to get vaccinated, and after you are, to still wear the face diaper? What gives? Any speculation at all?

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  1. I think everyone over 50, or maybe 60, should take the vaccine. Those younger with significant co-morbidities should consider it. Under the age of 50, certainly those under the age of 30, have no valid reason to risk the vaccine. If voluntary, I see no problem. My wife had an illness in June 2020 that was almost certainly SARS-2. She had all the symptoms, skin lesions unique to that virus, loss of taste and smell, high fever and respiratory symptoms. She has a chronic immunodeficiency for which she take Xolair and she takes HCQ for rheumatoid arthritis. The HCQ is probably the reason she had a short illness although she required oxygen at home for a month after. The PCR tests were all (5) negative. I was also taking HCQ and did not get ill.

    Now the PCR test is being discontinued because of cross reactions with influenza. I personally believe half the SARS-2 deaths were flu.

  2. “The reports out of China, with people dropping in the streets, overcrowded hospitals and crematoria going night and day were a reason for worry on our part.”

    Indeed! Let’s not forget the reports of people being abandoned in their apartments as the doors of buildings were welded shut! The news media told us how seriously the Chinese Communist Party was taking Covid, which rightly made us all very concerned.

    And yet … and yet … nothing like that has ever been reported again, not from China and not from anywhere else. No more cell-phone videos of well-dressed working-age males lying dead in the streets — not from India, Indonesia, Vietnam or anywhere else.

    Makes my Spidey sense tingle. Especially as we see Chinese factories running flat out to keep up with the demand for imports by US workers who have been rendered unemployed and dependent on Govt handouts, while the US Trade Deficit and Budget Deficit spiral beyond anything remotely sustainable.

    What will be the long-term health effects of the Government’s gene therapy (NOT vaccine)? Ask again in a few years.

  3. You cannot separate events and actions mandated by a functional one-party government from the political events of the time. My slant-eyed spidey-sense reads a political basis for these new orders, and the goal as not being particularly good for the Deplorable Proletarians.

    Since the failure of the so-called “Insurrection”, those in power have been doing their best to create a cassus belli that would justify a seizure of power and the use of deadly force by those in power. This is not going to end easily or safely.

    Subotai Bahadur

  4. Subotai: “… those in power have been doing their best to create a cassus belli that would justify a seizure of power …”

    Arguably, the Political Class has already seized power. We saw with President Trump that the bureaucracy would actively subvert his orders. According to Matthew Lohmeier in his book “Irresistible Revolution”, even military leaders were disobeying direct orders from the Commander in Chief. And the Political Class showed with the “80 Million votes” for the senile sock-puppet that there is no way of voting ourselves out of this problem.

    I used to get very exercised about the Political Class’s destruction of the once-admirable USA — the only country to fight a war to free the slaves; the powerhouse arsenal of democracy in WWII; the country which half a century ago could do the impossible and put a Man on the Moon. But then I realized — the Political Class has been sawing through the branch on which they sit so comfortably. The future they are creating for all of us is bleak — but especially so for themselves.

  5. We are more willing to vax if we can trust the honesty of the those convincing (and certainly not ordering) us. I need to believe not that bad reactions are “rare” or “never happen” – we all know of some – but how often, what would make us vulnerable. Patting us on the head, firmly soothing us with the infallibility of the national health agencies is becoming less and less tenable.

    Problems: a) Has the efficacy of masks of the kind that most of us have been proven? b) Why are the children especially tormented when they are unlikely to get it, unlikely to get very sick, and it would appear more likely to react to the vaccine? Many are suffering from oxygen deprivation; c) as McCarty keeps asking, why isn’t the national health organizations canvassing to see what kind of children with what kind of pre-conditions have caught covid, and, especially, suffered greatly or died from it? d) has anyone yet looked over the evidence (surely hospitals are keeping modern records) to analyze the usefulness of treatments – or is that all still verboten? And why? How do much vitamin d and zinc factor in as preventative or not?
    e) does anyone out there trust Fauci who i) argued for experimentation of just the kind that produced Covid-19, ii) gave money to Wuhan, iii) gave cover to Wuhan (and not unimportantly, himself), iv) was apparently (is this just a rumor?) one of those people who in the midst of AIDS argued that anyone could get it – thus not emphasizing the caution that gays and hemophiliacs should be taking? v) who argued for masks but had no problems with random sexual encounters during Covid. (I don’t want to sound puritanical; i know it is easier at 75 to think his approach is reckless than at 25 – still, frankly, it is reckless.) His desire to be “with it” in some of these sexual examples shows a certain shallowness and, one suspects, less empathy with those vulnerable than desire to project a faux sophistication. We don’t need to treat 2-year-olds as both dangerous and vulnerable in the same way we might someone who has just had a 3-organ transplant and is, say, 65.

    On the other hand, as someone old (see above) and overweight, my group should be warned; I doubt hectoring works well, but is more justified than with those younger and suppler. It appeared in early discussions but seems to have vanished in terms of warnings – high risks should be noted; none of us likes to be called fat, but here it might save lives.
    Lots of irritants, lots of gripes. Sorry so many.

  6. It is a very good question why They can’t just declare victory, so we can all just Move On. Those who want it have been able to get it for months now, those who haven’t got it in general don’t want it. The public health crisis is over. I’m not one to jump to conspiracy theories. My main theory is that since 2009 or so, when Obama was not greeted with universal adulation, the brains of white liberals have been completely broken. They see the Great Covid Vaccine Wars as another campaign of enlighted, educated white people against benighted, ignorant white people. Such campaigns are their whole reason for being, at the moment, and completely define their perception of the universe. Moving On would be a loss in their minds, and they can’t accept that possibility.

  7. As someone who lives adjacent to ground zero of the delta variant in the United States, let me say a few words, though I know many of you don’t want to hear what I have to say: the delta variant is no joke. Southwest Missouri is seeing a major outbreak that is overrunning first hospitals and now morgues there.

    Covid hospitalizations and ICU usage are at levels higher there than they were during the peak this past winter. They are bringing in hundreds of healthcare professionals from out of state to meet the demand, building external treatment facilities because the hospitals are overrun, and today two of the hospitals there announced they are expanding the capacity of their morgues because they’ve been overrun.

    Some numbers: The CDC says the Pfizer vaccine is 95% effective against the original Wuhan variant but only 64% effective against the delta variant, which is why you’re seeing significant numbers of vaccinated people in the hospital with it. Still, 64% is better than 0%. The numbers out of Joplin show that you’re eight times more likely to end up in the hospital with delta Covid if you’re *un*vaccinated than if you are vaccinated. The vaccine appears to have risks itself, but the numbers say you’re 500 times more likely to die of Covid than from the vaccine.

    One other thing. Missouri is seeing a lot more 20, 30, and 40-something people hospitalized with the delta variant than they did with the original Wuhan variant. There’s been a noticeable uptick in the number of children under 12 as well, though it sounds like that’s still fairly rare.

    As for masks, the best data I saw came from a study that came out about a year ago. It showed that the typical double-cloth mask that a lot of people wear will reduce your chance of catching Covid in an encounter by about 30% if the receiver is wearing it and about 60% if the transmitter is wearing it. That’s significant, but it’s not a panacea. If you’re a nurse in a Covid ward, that alone is not going to protect you for very long, but for a chance encounter at a grocery store, it’s not too bad particularly if both people are wearing masks.

    Now I will sit back and wait for people to get angry at the facts I have shared. Sigh.

  8. mKent,
    I take it from this you can’t read actual studies beyond the first paragraph.
    Any reduction of “catching it” is not beyond chance error.
    And, oh, noes. Less space in zee hospitals for nurses and doctors to dance in.
    My heart, it is broken.
    Dear LORD — nothing can save you from mortality. Yes, you can die from COVID or the common cold. Tomorrow.
    99% of people with more than 6 months to live survive this. You can’t change that.
    Do you know what else you can’t change? The bullshit imposed on society over this is NOT survivable.
    You are so scared? Fine. Hide under your bed, and make everyone cross a shower of bleach to reach you.
    LEAVE THE REST OF US ALONE. We are individuals and not your play things.
    You shared no facts. You shared bullshit panic. Go away.

  9. Ah well. Have another surge then. You lost almost 400 people yesterday and almost 62,000 new cases. This will move through the un-vaccinated rather thoroughly and kill a bunch more Americans. Works for me.

    Its just stupid.

  10. Ginny Fauci who i) …. iv) was apparently (is this just a rumor?) one of those people who in the midst of AIDS argued that anyone could get it

    The answer to that is yes. Stacey Lennox details a number of parallels between his AIDS response (he was in a similar position then as he is now) and his response to COVID.

    … when Dr. Fauci began talking about asymptomatic spread for COVID-19, he created a panic that shut down schools and businesses, put diapers on people’s faces for more than a year, and made many Americans view their fellow citizens as mortal threats. Yet, in January 2020, he told reporters that asymptomatic spread was not a driver of respiratory viruses.

    Significant transmission of this kind would be unprecedented. It is not something that drives other respiratory viruses, even other coronaviruses. The assertion requires an extraordinary explanation, which has never been given.

    During the HIV crisis in the early 1980s, Dr. Fauci created a similar panic regarding transmission. Fauci speculated that the virus could spread through regular household contact based on detecting the infection in an infant. The media immediately seized on this assertion and created panic and a stigma for those infected.

    According to Sean Strub, author of Body Counts, A Memoir of Politics, Sex, AIDS, and Survival, Fauci’s attitude toward existing treatments with known efficacy and safety was difficult to understand:

    Fauci refused to acknowledge the evidence and, according to one account, even encouraged people with AIDS to stop taking treatments, like Bactrim, that weren’t specifically approved for use in people with AIDS. Longtime treatment activist Richard Jefferys wrote in 2001 that Fauci “went as far as telling activists attending a 1987 meeting that there was no data to suggest PCP prophylaxis was beneficial and that it may, in fact be dangerous.” Fauci’s close colleague, Dr. Samuel Broder, who was head of the National Cancer Institute, even suggested — in the absence of any evidence at all — that the newly introduced antiretroviral, AZT, would make prophylaxis against PCP redundant!

    The COVID equivalent of this position is well known.

  11. mkent: All fine and dandy. Spread your news far and wide and convince people to get poked. The question is why, even if we stipulate all of that, you can’t just take No for an answer?

  12. Fellow Citizens,

    The case fatality ratio is order-of-magnitude to death by vehicular accident.

    Nevertheless. Vaccine hesitancy statistics, specifically where and amongst what age groups are (I suspect) being used as a proxy metric for overall social “malleability” for what may come next: it is a way to gauge opposition on the ground to increasingly draconian enhancements to our lives.

    Incidentally, please take a look and consider in depth study of the material presented at ivmmeta (dot) com and affiliated sites. I find no fault in their analysis.

  13. What really cracks me up are all those people who won’t eat a GMO tortilla chip but will run right out and modify their own genes at the government’s behest.

  14. There are no honest numbers relating to COVID because the reporting of cases has been completely politicized.

    Also, the CDC just announced (frankly to my amazement) that testing centers should stop using the PCR test because it can’t distinguish between COVID and flu.

    In addition, notice that there is never any mention of alternative treatments, such as Ivermectin or the combination of HQC + zinc + Azithromycin. These are all well-tested drugs that clinical experience (where not suppressed by medical authorities responding to political pressures) has shown that using either treatment early in the disease will stop COVID in a majority of cases.

    Finally, as Scott Adams said the other day, vaccinations are being pushed hard by the four least-trusted institutions in America: “1. Government 2. The Fake News Industry 3. Social media companies 4. Scientists”.

  15. At that rate it will be 8.5 years and every person in Jasper county will have covid!!! Sound the alarms! Put another way, on average, every day for the last seven, three one hundredths of one percent of the population got covid and nobody died. Geez Louise.

  16. If you’ve ever worked in a pharmaceutical company, you would run screaming from these hastily developed, experimental vaccines.

    As far as hospital mortgues being allegedly “overrun”, hospital morgues don’t have very many beds.

  17. “The urge to save humanity is almost always only a false-face for the urge to rule it.”
    – H.L. Mencken

  18. I’ve been reading about the mRNA vaccines for quite some time–Back in the 1990s, they were touted as the “coming thing”, ready in “five years”, and that they would “revolutionize health care”.

    Thing is, none of that came to pass: They could not pass the testing for human use. Before the COVID “crisis”, I remember reading that mRNA vaccines were likely another ten-fifteen years off, likely to become useful in the 2030s.

    Then, crisis, followed by “Yeah, we’re using them…”.

    My take? This was an opportunistic stab in the dark in order to get past the justifiably paranoid FDA with regards to this technology. As such, I’m highly suspicious of the whole thing, and I really have to wonder why they’re pushing it so hard and so fast. There’s an agenda here that we’re not being told about, up front, and that alone makes me really suspicious of the motivations and intents.

    Side-effects remain to be seen. Long-term studies haven’t been done, and we’re basically conducting a mass-scale society-wide public health experiment with limited to no real concern given to “Will this work, and what are the effects going to be over the long term…?”.

    The fact that Fauci is running this shitshow? LOL… We are soooooo screwed. And, stupid–He should have been fired after the whole AIDS thing, TBH.

  19. It would be easier to take FedGov’s hand-wringing about the necessity for “vaccination” more seriously if the same FedGov was not allowing vast numbers of un-vaccinated illegal immigrants across the border and then flying those supposedly dangerously-unvaccinated potential disease-carriers at taxpayer expense to destinations throughout the Continental US.

  20. You might add especially when tested, that group appears to have a very high percentage of infected. (And, no, it is not blaming brown people – this is a matter of blaming Biden, et al who have created circumstances in which those brown people as well as those in any city where they are sent are put in positions likely to increase its spread.) To then say that Texas is a red state and it is Trump voters that are increasing the rates is a little hard to take.

  21. One of the Daughter Unit’s observances is – that if this were seriously a plague on the same level as the 1918 Flu Pandemic – then wouldn’t the homeless shelters and homeless tent camps be veritable charnel houses of the dead and dying? These are not localities noted for care taken in mask-wearing, social-distancing, and personal cleanliness. So why not a substantial death rate?

  22. I wrote: Now I will sit back and wait for people to get angry at the facts I have shared. Sigh.

    The very next comment: Bullshit.

    That didn’t take long.

    LEAVE THE REST OF US ALONE. We are individuals and not your play things.

    How have I played with you? I merely posted facts in a blog comment. That you are so angered by facts suggests that you are not coping with the pandemic well. I don’t know how to help you, but I’m pretty sure getting angry at facts is of no help to anyone.

    Brian: All fine and dandy. Spread your news far and wide and convince people to get poked. The question is why, even if we stipulate all of that, you can’t just take No for an answer?

    How is my pointing out facts not taking “No” for an answer? I’m not forcing you to do anything.

    It seems this pandemic has brought out a lot of hedgehogs out of the woodwork.

  23. Mkent made me look.

    According to Newsweek — I know! I know! Part of Project Fear — “In the Springfield hospital and other system hospitals in the region, 75 patients died in July …”. Let’s call that one person dying with/from Covid per day — in Missouri which has over 6,000,000 people. Just based on an average 75 year life span, over 200 people die in Missouri each day. Where is the pandemic?

    Divide & Conquer has always been a major tool for those who wish to control others. There is no reason for any thinking person to let the Usual Suspects use the CovidScam to turn citizen against citizen.

  24. Dan wrote: I took at look at the actual stats for Jasper county, which contains Joplin, as reported here…Daily average of cases last seven days of 39, confirmed deaths ZERO. What a crisis!

    It amuses me how people who have never set foot in a community will tell people who live there what life there is really like. It’s like the college student who tells his professor who grew up behind the iron curtain what communism is “really like.”

    If you were really following the pandemic in Missouri, you would know that the Missouri state site stopped tracking daily Covid deaths on May 31st. They posted 17 deaths per day for the week before May 31st dropping immediately to zero for the next three weeks. To get accurate data, you have to look at county data, not state data.

    If you were looking at county data, you would know that there were 57 Covid cases in Jasper county in the last day, 382 in the last seven days, and 751 in the last 14 days. You would also know that Jasper county has seen 1043 Covid cases per 100,000 residents in the last 14 days — that means that over 1% of Jasper county residents have caught Covid in the last two weeks. For a disease that has hit 10% of the population in 17 months, 1% in two weeks is a pretty major outbreak.

    In addition, you would also know that Jasper county had 132 Covid deaths as of June 30th and 172 Covid deaths as of today. That’s 132 Covid deaths in the first 17 months of the pandemic and 40 — an increase of 30% — in just four weeks. Again, that’s a pretty major outbreak.

    I’ll give you credit for looking for data instead of getting angry. That’s something.

    Dan wrote: Geez Louise.

    Oh, and you were doing so well.

  25. The bodies of the “vaccinated” are starting to pile up. They can’t hide the truth forever. There is a legal definition of a vaccine. There’s also a medical definition. These injections don’t meet either definition. Does not confer immunity. Does not prevent transmission. Take Sarah for example, she has a 99.95% chance of survival if she gets covid. How much greater is her chance of survival with the injection? The most it can possibly increase protection is by .05% But you can’t ask the question let alone get an answer.
    The people who got scared into it are so screwed. Wait until the fall. The dead will really start to pile up.
    Foolish humans. Are you trying to extict your dumb selves? I’m not looking forward to your replacements. You know they don’t even really speak Latin?

  26. “In the Springfield hospital and other system hospitals in the region, 75 patients died in July …”. Let’s call that one person dying with/from Covid per day — in Missouri which has over 6,000,000 people.

    Whew!! July is a long month!

    Statewide, Missouri is seeing 12 Covid deaths per day. The two hospitals in Springfield alone have reported 34 Covid deaths in the last three days. That may not sound like much, but it’s a pretty low population area, and statewide Covid hospitalization rates have already hit 60% of the winter peak just from Springfield and Joplin.

    And it’s spreading. Northward toward Kansas City and along I-44 toward St. Louis. If either of those major metropolitan areas get hit at anywhere near the rate of Springfield or Joplin, it’s going to be a big problem. The vaccination rates there are only slightly higher than in the southwest, so officials are worried.

    Look, if you live in a highly vaccinated area like Vermont or Hawaii, you’ll probably be fine. But don’t project your Covid numbers on the parts of the country not so vaccinated. We’re not fine.

  27. Take Sarah for example, she has a 99.95% chance of survival if she gets covid.

    She must be special, because nationwide 2.1% of Covid cases end in death. An even larger percentage are hospitalized and suffer major problems.

    I don’t know where this 99.95% number keeps coming from. 0.2% of the entire American population has already died from it though only 10% have caught it.

    Just using more accurate numbers would go a long way in understanding the pandemic.

  28. Kirk
    July 28, 2021 at 3:14 pm
    My take? This was an opportunistic stab in the dark in order to get past the justifiably paranoid FDA with regards to this technology.

    I think economics has a lot more to do with this than paranoia.

    Traditional vaccine production has a huge installed base as well as a ready market, most importantly due to required vaccinations in Western countries. It’s somewhat unfortunate but unless you’ve got a treatment/vaccine/other-medical-whatsit that rich Western countries need or want you’re going to have a very tough time making enough money to justify the expense of development. It’s almost catch-22. You need the US/European approvals to market there, as well as the marketing boost you get from that approval worldwide, but it’s also the most expensive and time-consuming one to get. From what I’ve read the initial mRNA vaccinations were intended to be anti-malarias rather than replacements for existing vaccinations (the FDA ‘better efficacy’ standard probably plays a part there, too). Those aren’t going to be drugs with a significant market in the US/Europe where pharmas can make their investment back even though they would be welcomed in less developed (but poorer) countries where malaria is still a big issue. The economics stalled mRNA development even though the technology is fairly mature and well-understood.

  29. “The economics stalled mRNA development even though the technology is fairly mature and well-understood.”
    According to this article, which is from a few years ago but was widely shared last year before these mRNA vaccines were beyond questioning, that’s not true–companies like moderna couldn’t figure out how to give people persistent doses without making them really sick, so they switched to vaccines, which (as you say) destroyed their business model.
    Covid was a dream come true for them–a disease scary enough that people have been convinced to tolerate the nasty side effects AND that they’re going to be convinced to take constant “boosters” for.

  30. Vis-a-vis the Gulf War Syndrome issue…

    I know for a fairly solid fact (wasn’t there personally, but people I trust were…) that we did, indeed, blow the ever-lovin’ crap out of Iraqi munitions supply points that almost certainly contained a variety of chemical weapons. So, along with all the other insults to people’s immune systems that came out of that, there’s the fact that you were very likely exposed to a cocktail of God-alone-knows-what if you were anywhere in that region.

    The chain of events that led to this would be something I could go over, if anyone doubts me on the issue. It was very much an “own goal”, inflicted on ourselves through no real malice or incompetence, just… The fog of war and poor communications. Not to mention some structural issues with how we did command-and-control over EOD assets that weren’t used to integrating into tactical situations.

    I also remain dubious of free-form experimentation with vaccinations. I do note that at least one of my acquaintances who could not seem to keep track of his shot records, and who was then immunized-against-everything on multiple occasions throughout our time together…? Yeah; his health collapsed sometime not long after we parted company, and when I ran into him again, he was medically retired, in really bad health, and suffering from a bunch of issues related to his immune system. From what he was telling me, his doctors were completely baffled by what was going on with him, because he had things happening that were so far out of the norm for a mid-thirties male with no prior history of immunological issues that it’s not even funny. Whatever disease it is where your immune system starts attacking your nerve sheaths, he had it. No family history of it, and no other rational causative factors, other than that his medical records showed an incredible amount of vaccinations. I think that when it all got gathered up, he’d had the complete set of shots some seven times over the course of four years, all due to lost or misplaced shot records. That was the only thing the doctors could come up with for a lot of his issues…

    Since then, I’ve viewed vaccinations with a certain critical eye.

  31. My husband came down with COVID-19 March 27, 2020. Unbeknownst to us (his March 2, 2020 sleep apnea test results were locked away in our doctor’s office due to the inital lockdown) he was hypoxic every time he lay down, hence his struggle with 2 prior colds–down and out for 1 week– in November and December 2019. I took him to the ER on April 2 because he hadn’t been able to eat, running a fever and 88 read on the oximeter. He was sent home. What happened to the oxygen, fluids and maybe steroids that have been prescribed for his presenting issues since the 1970’s? The truth is the CDC didn’t have a pandemic response plan and still don’t. Fear was carrying the day. When they finally admitted him on April 9, with a 79 read on the oximeter, we were off to the races. Cytokine storm ensued and the reality is COVID-19 didn’t almost kill him, no treatment and his body’s overreaction to the spike protein almost killed him. 19 days in the hospital, a number of them in ICU and he made it out. (The thousands praying around the world didn’t hurt.) I was home with it and recovered without any medications whatsoever. As I was alone, I didn’t want to mask symptoms in case I too needed hospitalization. This was when nothing was really understood. We both have the IGG antibodies. We’ve lived normal lives since his hospital discharge last April 23 as have our children. For our family, theatre masks only when absolutely necessary, and we haven’t missed a family occasion/holiday since. Our 3 children, their spouses and our 4 grands have not had it, nor do we fear it. None of us will be getting this shot–it’s not a vaccine.

  32. Correction: I rushed my husband to the hospital on April 5. So he was hypoxic (87 or lower) for 5 days before finally receiving help. My friend dropped off that oximeter when we were told he tested positive for SARS-Co-V2. I’m convinced that if we didn’t have that, at one point he would have gone to bed and never waken.

  33. So, given your poor (justified) opinion of the only people who are actually looking into microscopes and autopsying dead people, what are we supposed to take away from that what your opinion of those of us who decided to get one of the vaccines, do you think I’m an idiot, or gullible, or a sheep, for researching what I could, analyzing papers to the best of my ability, and deciding that my personal risk was too high? I’m overweight, over 60, and diabetic, and I decided the J&J vaccine (which strangely enough showed promise against “variants”, and was publicly shot down by governmental FUD), because doctors that I trust and explanations that made sense convinced me that some of the fear of the virus was justified for those of us who aren’t 100% healthy young people. I accepted my Savior long ago, so I’m not worried about being dead, but I’m not too happy about the process of dying.

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