Much to the horror of progressive school boards, teachers and administrators everywhere, the parents of kids in public schools are becoming increasingly irate at various flavors of poison being mainlined into their kids: the imposition of Critical Race Theory – or whatever it is being called this week in order to deflect criticism – mask mandates and inappropriate sex education which amounts to the sexual grooming of K-12 students. Or what is even worse; schools tolerating, excusing, and covering up lawless behavior committed by students of the favored minority group o’ the month. The simple fact is that normal parents are practically guaranteed to go berserker on anyone or anything which threatens harm to their child. This seems to come as a surprise to school administrators.

And whatever version of CRT being mainlined in school is harming kids in the worst way; it lays a hideous guilt trip on white kids for their supposed ancestral crimes, and damages minority kids by instilling the notion that they are doomed because ‘the man’ will work tirelessly to keep them down and there is not a thing that white or minority kids can do about it. This is child abuse of the most damaging, insidious kind, and parents see this plainly. Ideologically committed teachers though, apparently cannot – and remain baffled at righteous and angry objections from parents.

Well, it’s not as if education majors can be accused of being the sharpest intellectual knives in the box but trying to sic federal law enforcement on parents speaking their minds at school board meetings may have been a bridge too far when it comes to assuaging parental fury at educational malpractice. Especially in the case of the Loudoun County father whose daughter was raped in a school restroom by a male student who identified as bi and wore a dress. (Whole disgusting episode here. Frankly the whole episode appears as if the Loudon County school administrators were more interested in sheltering their precious mini-tranny than in protecting female students.)  Getting the FBI involved in local school board ‘come to Jesus’ public meetings could have entertaining results, though – imagine a deep-cover FBI agent at such an open session, “How do you do, fellow parents! Say, anyone interested in kidnapping a school board member?”

The other public flashpoint is the Biden (mis) administration’s pushing of mandatory Covid vaccinations and useless masks for all. Never mind that those who have had Covid, also known as the Peking Pox, the Commie Crud or the Wuhan Flu are now naturally immune, never mind that many citizens entertain strong doubts about the efficiency of the Covid vaccines, not to mention possible dangerous side-effects. At this point, anyone who wanted a vaccination of their own free well has gotten one – so why the bloody-minded insistence on vaccination or else be fired? Why the shade cast on ivermectin and chloroquine as treatments for those with mild to severe cases of the Commie Crud? Might it be that those drugs are practically generic, cheap and have been used for other purposes for years, so that there’s not much money in it. Are certain people and parties making a lot of boodle over mandatory Covid vaccines? Do bears go to the bathroom in the woods? (We suspect the current Pope is not Catholic, though.) Or is it just the Ruling Class getting their continued jollies by exercising arbitrary authority – just to show that they can. Discuss as you wish; Let’s go, Brandon!

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  1. So glad to live in a small town. Even in a deep blue state, we don’t have too much of this lunacy. One good example, though, of why We always lose, is that in “red” Florida mask mandates are apparently banned by the state but the “blue” cities have ignored that and imposed them anyway, while here in “blue” NY mask mandates are imposed by the state and not a single school that I have heard of gives students facial freedom, despite the fact that 90% of the state’s land is at least as “red” as anywhere in FL…They count on us being good little citizens, and beat us over the head with our submission.

  2. So glad I’m in Texas, where Gov. Abbott is being very firm about vax mandates. The local classical station is all in with their PSAs, to a degree almost hysterical, about masks and vaccines.

  3. You have to wonder what these idiots think the end-game is going to look like… Those school boards have to go to the public for school bonds, damn near every year. So, even if the worst case never eventuates, piss off enough of the electorate, and what happens…? No money.

    I find that a lot of these people making these decisions have one thing in common with some of the idiot officers I worked for in the Army: An utter inability to work out likely effect from causative action taken. It’s like they live in the Underwear Gnome’s heads, and it’s all a dream-state with “I’ll do “A”, missing step “B”, through to desired end-state “C”…”, never once considering that “B” ain’t necessarily going to be the resultant outcome of “A”.

    This is how revolutions happen, with disconnected elites making idiotic decisions from on high, thinking that they know how things work–When they really do not. Ceausescu thought he had it under control, right up until that last little bit where the crowds started screaming epithets and the Securitate joined in with them, instead of doing what Ceausescu thought they’d do.

    My guess is that because they’re damping down and suppressing the righteous and fully-justified anger of guys like the dad of that rape victim, the next step ain’t going to be following channels and protesting at the school board meetings. I’d presume somebody is taking notes, and when it happens to their kid? Look for vigilante action against the responsible parties. It’s getting to that point–You don’t listen at the meetings, make the ballot box ineffective? Next step? Katy bar the door.

    I don’t want to live in a world where people are getting necklaced, lynched, or assassinated, but these utter fscking morons are making that necessary. I think they’re going to get a short, sharp shock of a corrective lesson, and that’s when other equally idiotic types are going to try to clamp down on it all, exacerbating the situation and making an even larger conflagration out of it all.

    Can’t help but suspect that someone out there has this as an actual intended outcome, given what Soros & Company have been doing and enabling. They have to realize what sort of fires they’re blowing on… Either that, or they’re really that dumb. America ain’t Europe; the masses aren’t going to line up quietly for the train cars taking them to the camps. You’re going to see a lot of really outrageous things become normal, over the next few years, and it’s all due to these idiots that can’t work out effect from cause…

  4. Exactly, Kirk – exactly. Situations like this is where Committees of Vigilance start to form … and when they do serve their brand of justice on the miscreants, everyone in the neighborhood didn’t see nuttin. Of course, the Ruling Class and the PTB are panting with impatience for that to happen, so they can unleash the powers of the state on them … and then things will get interesting. For certain values of ‘interesting’.
    The fools, like the Loudon County school board, the local prosecutor, and the local activist who went all in for mini-tranny are playing with matches in a room full of powder kegs.

  5. School boards are elected by teachers who are the only ones who bother to vote in those elections. That may change. DeSantis was elected Governor of Florida, partly by black women who support vouchers, which was part of his campaign. Public school enrollment is down a lot nationally, maybe 20% in numbers. Next year would be a good time to bring up vouchers in elections. California had a voucher proposition on the ballot 20 years ago that was defeated by soccer moms in suburbs. That might change now.

  6. Public school curriculum has become the new Third Rail of American politics. And a substantial segment of the Education Bureaucracy glibly drops trou and sits right on it. Then are shocked, literally and metaphorically, at what happens. That should suffice, but if they decide that all they need to do is keep sitting there, well there’s a train that will arrive presently.

    I actually think that locally the Board/Super are way smarter than that and are trying to hold the line on the nonsense being directed at them from Higher Up.
    I might be wrong, its been known to happen. But if I am then the NEXT Board and Super will be wiser.


  7. The thing that strikes me about the whole “transgender” deal is that the people who’re doing the “fighting for” and enabling just don’t seem to “get” the whole depth to which the normies can come to loathe the people they’re fighting for.

    I mean, it’s one damn thing to know that your neighbors are a little off, but about the time you’ve spent months or years putting up with the weird being shoved in your face day after day…? Your tolerance wears pretty damn thin. I’m a live-and-let-live guy, but I have my limits, and when the weird neighbors are having anal sex on the pool table in the common rec area, I’ve pretty much reached them. And, if they won’t take a polite hint, telling me that I’m just insensitive to their needs and that I’m anti-gay?

    Well, guess what? That just flipped the switch from “tolerant” to “intolerant”. And, that’s where the problems come in.

    I think there’s a certain amount of mental illness involved here, and not in terms of sexual choices made; some of these people have this urgent, screaming need to be transgressive. They need the affirmation of being “against society”, and even if you give in and say “Yeah, that’s fine… Do your own thing…”, they’re going to react badly–Because, to them, the point isn’t “doing the thing”, it’s pissing everyone else off.

    Family friend was a kid who was angry at the world. He decided, one day in his late teens, that he was gay. I think it was mostly a cry for attention from his decidedly conservative and highly passionate Christian parents, but he did not get the reaction he expected, which was to be validated by them throwing him out of their lives and cutting him off. Instead, they embraced him and his sexuality, being (in his mind, at least…) uncharacteristically understanding and accepting. They never said a negative thing about it to him, or anyone else, and they weren’t the least ashamed of him.

    That drove him nuts.

    So, he escalated and escalated, apparently seeking some kind of point where they’d say “Get out of our lives…”. Which never came. They never gave up on him, no matter what ridiculous thing he did, including inviting a bunch of “activists” to come “raid” the church they attended and disrupt services. Activists, I might mention, who he’d lied his ass off to, and who not at all happy with him having done that–They’d been roped into going after what they were told was the Westboro Baptists, and discovered that not only were there openly gay members of the church, the asshole kid had never been banned or denied by his family in the first place.

    The whole thing is down to psychodrama, with much emphasis on the “psycho”. I think that for a significant fraction of the so-called LGBT community, the real deal isn’t that they’re nuts because they’re LGBT and rejected by society, it’s that they’re actually nuts and they’re expressing that insanity by adopting the LGBT identity and all the outrageous BS surrounding the activists around that identity. In other words, the sexuality ain’t why they’re nuts, they’re nuts first and foremost, with the sexuality being an adopted pose they’ve come up with to outrage the horses.

    The non-nuts legit gays and lesbians I know? You’ll never find them wandering down the streets, wearing leather bondage gear and a ball gag; they’re just quietly themselves, minding their own business, and eschewing the horse-frightening practices of the poseurs.

  8. I linked in the last thread, the particularly soviet source of these instructional templates, yes they are targeting every node of a society, economic cultural political, like sappers

  9. I’m deeply skeptical about the push for vaccines being driven by money. The chief driver, in my opinion, is that if ivermectin and chloroquine were accepted and widely deployed as effective early treatments, then the number of deaths would go way down, and the crisis would go to waste. And it is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL to the leftist authorities that the crisis not be allowed to go to waste.

  10. DL is on the right track. Karl Denninger was on the dread Kung Flu early and often. He pointed out that the availability of an effective early treatment would prevent the “emergency use” pathway for the vaccine and require a proper evaluation of efficacy and side effect profile, not to mention preventing the granting “get out of jail” legal indemnification for big pharma. Follow the money indeed!!!

  11. I think that COVID is either a happy accident for the CCP, in order to take the weight off for their mismanagement of the economy, or it’s actually a part of the controlled implosion they’re conducting in order to ensure their continued power. Either way, they’re taking full advantage of it, and pioneering the techniques of oppression via disease for the rest of the world’s oligarchies.

    You have to wonder at the rapid uptake of the Chinese technique of lock-down, around the world. Where has this ever been done, before? What gave them the idea it was either a good idea, or even legal? Have we ever had a quarantine, even for exponentially more lethal diseases, that looked like this one?

    No, I’m thinking that the whole deal has been leveraged by the various flavors of wannabe aristos to clamp down on and control the populations they lord over.

    If this disease were something like, oh… Say, the Black Death, with rapid onset and an extremely high mortality rate, I’d understand the way they’re reacting. It might even make sense, given modern transportation networks–But, when you’re looking at a survival rate well over 90%, all I can say is “WTF?”.

    The response is insane, unworkable, and being done the way it is because of another agenda entirely, and it sure as hell wasn’t one anyone of us “normal people” voted for. I suspect that if they’d done this openly, we’d have been looking at a public reaction of incredulity and mockery, but with the “pandemic scare”, they were able to get this crap past everyone without having to seek formal approval.

    Seriously–Go look at any other epidemic we’ve had, in modern history, that was handled like this one. You won’t find one.

  12. It would have made good sense to “lock down” the high risk elderly and obese. Those my age are rarely working and it would have meant little economic disruption. Instead, they shut down the livelihoods of those at least risk. Now they are going after kids who are at near zero risk. The first couple of months, before the virus was better understood, I could understand. It got political pretty fast and then the Democrats saw the opportunity to get rid of Trump. Once that happened, sanity would get rare. The incentive for hospitals to inflate numbers is pretty serious. They were losing elective surgery because of the fear of the virus so it made sense to emphasize the numbers. Now, no one can be trusted.

  13. The thing I fear is that this is going to get too big to ever let the truth get out.

    It’s like with the Great Depression… So much of that was exacerbated by the government that it’s not even funny. So, what did they do? They enshrined the whole thing as this inexplicable event we had no control over and no ability to influence, which was the “conventional wisdom” for decades. Only recently have historians had the balls to go back and look the reality, and state clearly that much of the cause for its length was fundamentally insane government policies.

    Likewise, this deal here is going to be enshrined as some sort of “act of God”, and nobody is going to question the roots of it all, namely that our public health idiots were paying for work to be done in China in an unsafe lab under the aegis of the CCP, which may or may not have deliberately released the agent sometime in 2019. The whole thing is a mess, and a mess of man-made origin.

    Guy I knew while on active duty was involved with all that stuff, back at Fort Detrick, the CDC, and the military agency for biowarfare defense. His take on all of them was that they were staffed by hordes of incompetent time-servers that didn’t really care about actually doing their jobs, just getting a paycheck, and that every competent person he knew who “gave a fsck” was out of that world and doing biotech on the civilian side. This was shortly before the anthrax fiasco, and he pretty much nailed the ineffectiveness of the response, along with how they’d never catch whoever did it. When I read about the CDC sending people to work that cruise liner in Japan who hadn’t even been trained on wearing their PPE, and who then sent back people who’d been exposed without first quarantining them…? Yeah; I remembered everything that he told me about it all. He’d been on the sidelines during that virus outbreak with the lab monkeys, and he had nothing good to say about the things that were going on in the background where he was watching. Fauci is a perfect example–He has remained in government service mostly because his reputation is so bad that nobody in the civilian biotech industry would hire him to be more than a PR “face”. Actual epidemiologists use his AIDS work as examples of “what not to do”… I have no idea why he’s still in a position of trust in the government, but that’s the effect of the Deep State–It enshrines incompetence.

  14. }}} This seems to come as a surprise to school administrators.

    This has long been obvious, from the general state of education in the first place… “I don’t give a shit about the little bastards, why do they?” is how they think.

  15. }}} Discuss as you wish; Let’s go, Brandon!

    We need to start calling them the “LGB crowd”, just to fuck with liberal brains.

    I’m telling you, it’s the tactic to be applied.

  16. }}} I actually think that locally the Board/Super

    Timothy, you vastly overestimate the intellect of people who run for School Board.

    This is not a new thing, it has been the case from the beginning.

    “First God made idiots.
    This was for practice.
    Then he made School Boards.”
    – Mark Twain –

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