In the aftermath of large crowds chanting “Lets Go, Brandon” or the ruder, cruder variant, certain prog media figures are reacting by ostentatiously clutching their pearls and demanding civility. In response to such demands, many of us who have paid attention over the years are pointing out that the civility ship has long sailed … in fact, circumnavigated the world, crashed into the homeport dock, burned to the waterline, and sank in a gusher of steam. Where was the civility when those on the conservative – or the sort-of-conservative – side of the aisle, such as Donald Trump, John McCain, Sarah Palin, GW Bush, Condi Rice, Brett Kavanaugh, Rand Paul, Clarence Thomas, and others too numerous to mention, present and past – were viciously and savagely calumniated by progressives? Where were the demands for civic civility when the Tea Party, as earnest, sober and serious as ever a protest movement there was – were dismissed as ‘teabaggers’ by nasty-minded progs like Anderson Cooper? Readers of this blog with memories longer than last week know for damned certain that there was no such courtesy extended by progressives in the media, entertainment, or politics.

Frankly, it’s kind of fun to hand back a portion of the abuse to our potted plant of a president, to political idiots like Terry McAuliffe, or to jerks like Alec Baldwin. Kick a jerk when he is down? Oh, yes – with the greatest of pleasure. Although the FICUS may be too far-gone to realize that he is being enthusiastically mocked, McAuliffe undoubtedly does, and Alec Baldwin most certainly has, along with facing charges for manslaughter at the very least. (Baldwin broke every one of the four rules for handling a firearm, AND in order to cut corners, his movie production team ignored every single one of the protocols for managing functional firearms on a movie set. It’s a kind of marvel, incompetence that towering, and all-encompassing.) Let the ridicule and abuse descend, descend like a driving rain, or better yet, like baseball-sized hail.

Either civility is demanded across the board, right or left or in between – or it is not. It has become obvious that “not” is the operative understanding. So have fun with the mockery, with pouring scorn, ridicule and derision. Suggestions are welcome.

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  1. Demands for civility are a weapon, utilized by the passive-aggressive twats infesting much of the leftward side of things. I’d say “twit”, but that doesn’t quite carry the desired connotation I’m seeking–A twit is essentially harmless, means well, and is just simultaneously ignorant and certain of their rightness. The other? Well, they know damn well what they’re doing, and they’re doing it willfully.

    I’ve concluded that the old saw about the Democrats being the “evil party” while the Republicans are the “stupid party” is pretty much accurate. I used to favor the Republicans, out of distaste for the antics and programs of the morally corrupt Democrats, but I’ve come to another conclusion: The Republicans are actually the more dangerous of the two parties, because they serve as willing foils and anodynes, draining off the righteous rage that the public would otherwise vent on the Democrats. With the Republicans there, you can say “I voted for the other guys!!”, and then have the spectacle of them doing the exact same thing the Democrats were doing, the moment you finished leaving the voting booth. They’re actually way more destructive, because they serve to set the Democrat programs in bipartisan cement, once the initial foray is made against our liberties. Witness that POS McCain, he who campaigned on ending Obamacare, and then who made mock of that once the election was safely over, and he actually could have done it.

    I’m through with all these people. I’m still going to vote for the “least bad”, but I would sooner identify myself as a child molester than Republican. The party isn’t part of the solution; they’re part of the damn problem. Parasites, all.

    The day someone presents me with a workable alternative? I’ll be theirs, but until then, I’m just a cynical anti-establishment type with no particular brief for either party. They’re both filled with losers, of one stripe or another. I’m actually embarrassed, thinking back on my rote defense of some of the Republican cretins who’ve now shown their true colors.

    Being eaten last is no kind of workable strategy.

  2. Ridiculing politicians is objectively good. Conservatives don’t cry when “our” politicians get mocked or ridiculed, the fact that liberals can’t handle it is telling.

  3. One thing that Trump accomplished, aside from the economy taking off, was to show how vicious the political left is. Maxine Waters was the face of it but it began early, with “The Little Red Hen” restaurant,

    At about 8:00pm on Friday, June 22, 2018, The Red Hen’s chef telephoned restaurant co-owner Stephanie Wilkinson to report that White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders had entered the restaurant to dine with a group of about eight people.[1] Wilkinson told The Washington Post that, after conferring with her employees, she told Sanders that the restaurant upholds standards “such as honesty, and compassion, and cooperation” and asked Sanders to leave, which Sanders did.

    So much for civility,

  4. Yes, indeed – well, the vile progs have established the template, let them choke on it. Looks like the Red Hen in Lexington is still in business, just barely.

  5. “was to show how vicious the political left is”
    Nothing that was said against Trump was unusual at all–the Dems have said equally insane things about every GOP president (and candidate) for decades.
    One of the more pathetic things about the GOPe is the way that the likes of Mitt Romney, John McCain, and W can just shrug off the horrific ways they were treated and go all in against Trump. How does Liz Cheney justify her current siding with people with brutally savaged her father every chance they had? It’s a pitiful disgraceful display, from the lot of them.

  6. Exactly, Brian – it was pathetic, how Mittens, McCain and W just submitted to being a sort of political punching bag. One of the first qualities that I liked about Trump was that he fought back – he handed back the vile abuse. In the real world, being a kind of punching bag is not a route to respect and success. One began to think that the GOPe was basically emasculated … as Bill Murray said in Ghostbusters: “Yes, it’s true; this man has no d**k…” (and then the fists began to fly.) Trump pointing out the obvious didn’t go over very well with Mittens, McCain and W. Their reaction was, as you said, pitiful.

  7. we thought the depths were reached with ‘killing of a president’ , then they went deeper with the huntress, then finally with trump

  8. Random item on the Baldwin deal. No mention yet if the crew/other people/Baldwin were abusing substances that day or the previous day. I’m having a hard time figuring out how this huge of an error could have been made if everyone was in their right mind.

  9. From what I’ve read, the AD that handed the gun to Baldwin and yelled “cold gun” was fired off another picture for being careless with guns. The “armorer” was a 24 year old ex model. Apparent qualifications for everyone was working cheap.

    The scene called for appearing to shoot toward the camera, not unusual, movies are full of things no one would normally do. Because it’s a revolver, that view point would show clearly if there was nothing in the cylinder so it was supposed to be loaded with dummy cartridges.

    Checking wouldn’t have taken ten seconds and should have been the armorers job, as was maintaining control of all the guns when not in use and keeping careful control of any live ammunition although you have to wonder why there was any live ammunition in the first place. I’m sure stupidity can adequately explain it all.

  10. How does Liz Cheney justify her current siding with people with brutally savaged her father every chance they had?

    Because it was all in the game, and they were all on the same side. The kabuki theater just didn’t matter too much to any of them, no matter what the rubes in the cheap seats thought about it.

    And George Bush was much worse. My “favorite” example is when during the 2004 campaign the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth shut Kerry down for more than a month. Eventually, Kerry was forced to stop hiding. He came out furiously attacking Bush for the mean things said about him and demanded Bush make it stop.

    Instead of telling Kerry to stop whining, Bush said something to the effect that he thought they had stopped it, via the McCain-Feingold campaign law.

    I still think Bush would have surely lost if not for the Swift Boat Vets- and I think he actually wanted to lose, as that would have helped advance his globalist agenda. Pathetic.

  11. Althouse even has a tag for it: “civility bullshit”. Which, considering her persona is a bit jarring. We used to live in a world where appearing on the floor of the House wearing something that alluded to an obscenity would have been unthinkable. That world seems dead and we all will have to learn to deal with the new reality.

    It’s as if there was a war where one side limited its weapons to well padded pugil sticks on principal while the other used everything up to nuclear weapons. The answer to the question: “Have you no decency?” is always NO.

  12. It is sort of amusing to see how little resistance to ridicule our Progressive fellow citizens actually posses. Rather akin to taking someone who has spent their entire life in sunny, idyllic California and dropping them into Minnesota in January. Or heck, November.

    Conservatives are just plain tougher. Maybe that is why the symbol of the GOP (which is not the same as Conservative but kinda, sorta, a bit) is a pachyderm. Which literally means “thick skin”.

  13. I still think Bush would have surely lost if not for the Swift Boat Vets-

    I agree and Bush did not seem to understand. It was a meeting of the club and the vets were not members. It was a good indicator of where the Democrats were going that they would nominate Kerry who was a world class phony, if not a traitor. We are now seeing, as Glenn Greenwald says, that the 9/11 Patriot Act is being turned on those opposing the Democrats’ domestic agenda. There are Homeland Security people now attending school board meetings.

  14. Those of you boasting of the “conservative thick skin” ought to consider this: The jackasses, metaphorical and real, tend to win their arguments because they make the most noise, and the silent middle just assumes that because nobody is raising a voice in protest, then the jackasses must be right…

    You don’t win wars by not fighting. You don’t win arguments with silence.

    They’ve successfully moved the Overton window with all this crap mostly because there’s been no pushback from anyone about any of it. The inherent insanity of saying that a biological male can compete in women’s sports isn’t questioned; the insanity of saying that any woman can be an infantryman, regardless of physical realities? Again, nobody has pushed back, so here we are in la-la land. You can’t question the inherent issues with any of that, because whenever someone does, they get shouted down. Because of those “thick skins”, we allow that.

    Here’s a quick tip to all y’all: We’ve lost the cultural battle, mostly by doing the things we have been doing. It is far past time to recognize that loss, analyze why it happened, and then take countermeasures.

    It’s inherently insane that the transgenderqueer microscopic minority has been able to leverage tolerance and understanding, weaponizing both, to enable their destruction of common sense and the cultural commons. We’ve let them do it, because we pity them. The time for pity is past, and it’s about damn time to recognize that the vast majority of these deviants are actually mentally ill, and in dire need of treatment and marginalization. They represent self-destructive behaviors that are inimical to society at large, and it is far past time they get called out for that.

    Is it better for some marginally capable genetically male athletes to be able to shine by taking over female sports, or should we leave that space open for genetic females to be able to compete fairly? That’s the actual question, here–Not whether some sexually-confused transgendered twit can live out their fantasy. Which is the greater good? Athleticism for half the population, or making the deviant dreams of a fraction of a percentage come to life for them?

    A nation with any common sense whatsoever would shut this BS down in a heartbeat, but we’re incapable of it, because nobody pushes back on it.

    Hell, at the least, the vaunted “Right” should have said something like “OK, you’re wanting to compete in women’s sports? Fine; let us move to a division line that is entirely non-sexual, and evaluate participants in these things strictly along lines of physical attributes. If your muscle mass and bone density is above this line, you compete in this category; if below, in that one…”. Then, draw that line such that fair competition exists, for both the generally male and the generally female. Let the confused compete where their genetic inheritance places them, in terms of their real physical attributes, and let us ignore the solely sexual accessory items they’re born with.

    You want sanity in public life? You’d better be ready to fight for it, and fight hard. Letting yourself be shouted down because you want to be “nice” is a loser’s game.

    Hell, you wanna shut down idiocies like affirmative action? Simple; mandate that whatever the job, wherever the position, it has to match the national ratio of ethnicities. Which would result in about nine-tenths of the NBA losing their jobs, along with a bunch of Federal employees having to seek civilian employment… Mandates and quotas should run both ways, if you’re going to have them. Demand that they do. Make them choke on it.

  15. In that KY “lap dance” story, I agree that it should not have happened, but the story seems to completely miss the fact that the “lap dancers” were entirely boys, just goofing around. Again, not at all appropriate for an assembly, no way no how, but let’s not pretend there was real sexual hijinks going on, more the sort of traditional mockery and ridiculousness that happens all the time in all-male environments (which this was not, of course).

  16. Don’t forget, when listing all of Alec Baldwin’s misdeeds, to include that of union-busting. Absolutely typical democracy from someone on the left, but it shouldn’t be left unsaid.

  17. Oops, the combination of voice dictate and careless proofreading can be deadly. That was obviously supposed to say hypocrisy, not democracy.

  18. I see the key to liz motivation in the installation of general suleimani, who became the kingmaker in iraqi politics, since allawi left until the day he met allah in 2000, he selected who would be in charge in the key ministries, almost all officials of various pro iranian militias, now the likes of kinzinger are a little harder to grok, he was a fool for the storm militia, the ones that turned over hostages to islamic state,

  19. progs practice in circlement, their penetration of the commanding heights make it possible, wasn’t a convicted, pedophile behind the transgender push, so they come up with some catchy slogan, as with same sex marriage, only in retrospect do we see how susan rosenberg gamed the system, through the kellogg foundation, the sanford case was the trial balloon, the cloward and piven ‘overwhelming the system’ by compromising the standards for mortgages started with the boston fed memo, obamas suit against citibank and other probes,

  20. Hell, at the least, the vaunted “Right” should have said something like “OK, you’re wanting to compete in women’s sports?

    Florida has addressed that. We are seeing islands of sanity. I live in Arizona and things are relatively sane. Tucson city is crazy but it is a blue island ()university town) in a largely red state. What is amusing is that Mexican immigrants from a prior generation are getting sick of the insanity at the border. People will self isolate from the crazies. We left CA and my conservative son is planning to get out as soon as he can.

  21. “What is amusing is that Mexican immigrants from a prior generation are getting sick of the insanity at the border”
    Nothing’s gonna turn Mexican immigrants towards the GOP more than seeing an armada of Haitians just waved on through the border. Like I’ve said before, you couldn’t come up with a better slogan to alienate Hispanics than “Black Lives Matter”…

  22. Yeah, I’m thinking that’s gonna backfire just a little. I’ve commented before on the Mexican ingrained antipathy towards blacks, which an awful lot of people are in denial about. My guess is that all those Haitians are worth a significant swathe of the Mexican-American vote, in terms of what the Democrats are unthinkingly sacrificing.

    I can’t help but think the major problem with all of their machinations is that they believe their own fairy-tale BS, and don’t know the reality. I remember one of my “woke” female officers that I worked around, who was aghast to discover that it wasn’t all peaches and cream between her imagined “brotherhood of oppressed minorities”, and that the fact she was white counted for more than the fact that she was a woman. Somehow, somewhere, she’d gotten the idea that she was their sister in solidarity against “the man”, and when it turned out that her little brown brothers disdained her overtures, disrespectfully, she was shocked, shocked I tell you, that they could possibly be at all sexist. Or, racist.

    My biggest problem with all of the left isn’t necessarily their politics or their programs; what I loathe, above all, is the fact that they willfully ignore the fact that so much of both simply don’t work. I could tolerate putting up with the woke bullshit, if it produced anything of worth, but… It doesn’t. And, the fact that they keep looking away and doubling-down on the BS, like some gambling addict at the craps table of life? WTF? Can you not see the results of your wunnerful, wunnerful theories played out? It’s like with the whole Globull Warmening line of BS–You can show them the falsified data, demonstrate the fact that none of the dire predictions have come true, and they’ll still insist on the whole thing being really real, no BS. What really pisses me off is that they’re the same people who make mock of the religious for their occasional lapses into equivalent insanity, never noting the deep similarity between the climate prognosticators and the millennialist ravings of your occasional fundamentalist nutter that claims the world will end on some set date, as revealed to them in some conversation with their schizophrenia.

    Longer I watch these fecal remnants, the more I’m convinced that leftism is a form of mental illness, a particularly virulent and actually contagious variety. You watch people overcome by it, because they lack the mental fortitude to resist the herdthink, and it’s a terrible thing. The whole thing is spread by mass media, and the more exposure you get to the brainwashing, the more likely you are to fall prey to it all.

  23. the haitians were forced out of chile and brazil eventually, they blamed ‘zenophobia’ and doubtless bolsonaro (i didn’t check)

  24. The latest Biden Krime Krewe insanity is that they want to pay each and every transgressed-against illegal alien $450,000.00.

    Lemme see how that works… You come here, you violate the law, and the American tax payer has to fork over a cool half-million to you for imposing “family separation” on you and your fellow criminals?

    The revolution can’t come soon enough. All these bastards need an early appointment at the wall, or with Mr. Hempen Rope.

  25. The Democrats have their usual solution to the port crisis. Give them more of our money.

    Not content to wait for Congress to pass a big infrastructure spending bill, Gavin Newsom and Pete Buttigieg moved on Thursday to inject $5 billion in loan money to help modernize California’s seaports.

    The money won’t help unclog the severe congestion that’s creating seaport chaos at present, but the two say that modernizing the ports and the truck and rail systems that serve them can prevent logistics nightmares in the future.

    Sure and AB 5 will be repealed. Ooops, not that last one.

  26. It’s all about the graft, and the opportunities to divert money to Democrat special-interest groups. Follow the money.

    I say we audit all the bastards, and every dime they or their kin can’t account for from their salaries gets “nationalized” and returned to the Treasury. Along with the property they’ve accrued, and any businesses.

    The whole thing is so deeply corrupt that it’s not even funny. Hunter Biden is just the tippy-top tip of the iceberg. I guarantee you that there are corrupt dealings with just about every recipient of foreign and military aid, and that all our sainted “public servants” are partaking of it.

    Can there be any other explanation for the criminally incompetent way with which we went about fighting the so-called “War on Terror”? I’m coming to the belief that that should have been entitled the “War for Grift, Graft, and Generational Wealth” for our “elites”. Who ain’t, in the final analysis, at all “elite” or meritable.

  27. This is late to the comments and just a few examples, but makes Sgt Mom’s point, too:
    Byron York
    I remember how one of the news shows gave examples of the vulgarity of language on the 2020 election trail, all the examples were from the left – sure you can say that’s Fox but funny how the conservatives that felt at ease on Fox seldom had to be bleeped. And what is more vulgar than the things said about Roberts’ family at his confirmation, about Trump’s relation with his daughter, at the apparent pleasure in the attack on Rand Paul, etc. etc.. The wit of the Brandon cry relieves it of some of the vulgarity. And anyway f has lost its force in the Democrat’s world.
    Those chants came from all the pent up anger after years of being told it was racist, sexist, xeonophobic to criticize Democrats and now regular people have a (albeit of an age and impairment that traditionally were given some respect, but those reservations were firmly put in the dustbin of Democrat’s manners) mature white man they can yell at and all they feel about him but also felt for so long now can be given full throated expression.

  28. I remember watching the Reagan funeral on TV. As the hearse & Nancy’s limo went though the streets I clearly recall seeing groups waving signs that read “Reagan burns in hell!” standing on street corners.

    I never forgot that, or forgave it.

  29. I really don’t care one whit for civility, anyway, when my opponent is trying to tear down all that is good and holy and right in the world, or to harm me and mine. I’ve NEVER understood the concept that ‘civility’ was an unbounded virtue. It’s part of the Progressive corruption of Christian virtues.

  30. they say they want civility, but they want silence, when the huntress was the only major figure who challenged obama in his debut, the progs made their feelings graphically known, in deed and word, she was hung in effigy in west hollywood, her church was burned down, (no culprit was ever charged) t shirts with a disgusting derogatory were printed up, so tell me about civility,

    in the latest case in loudon cty, the da that covered up the assault, has released some 500 sex offenders, and tried to charge the father, but transgenderism is the new gold calf, second to moloch worship

  31. I think he was referring to Sarah Palin as the “huntress.”

    What has horrified me is reading about what is going on in Queensland and Brisbane.

    I like Brisbane and have friends in Queensland. I once thought of emigrating there. Queensland was considered the most conservative state in Australia yet I read of this.

    During the lengthy COVID lockdown in the state of Queensland, Australia (Brisbane area), most workers were not permitted to work or earn a living.

    Several states stepped in to provide wage subsidies so people could purchase essential products and pay their living expenses. However, during the lockdown if you were caught violating any of the lockdown rules, you were subject to a civil citation, a fine or ticket for your COVID violation.


    Now the state is requiring all of those civil citations get paid, or else. And the enforcement actions to collect these fines from the State Penalty and Enforcement Register are quite extreme. Citizens who have outstanding tickets are finding their driver’s licenses suspended; bank accounts are being frozen and seized; homes and property are are being confiscated, as well as business licenses suspended for outstanding citations.

    “Queenslanders who received fines for breaking Covid-19 rules risk having their homes seized and bank accounts frozen in a government crackdown to collect $5.2 million in repayments.” (LINK)

    This is astonishing.

  32. Karen is essentially fascist, by nature. The sort of person who becomes a block warden or gauleiter exists everywhere, and you enable them at your peril. Once they’ve taken over, it takes armed violence to get them put back in their place.

    The majority of the Democrats have this mentality, along with an essential mental illness that is breathtaking in scope. They’ve always been like this–Look at all the little things that Wilson and his crew did during WWI. The majority of that stuff did not make it into the history books, but if you listened carefully to your great-grandparents, they’d describe things like the little power-tripping nosy neighbors coming around to “inspect” for “hoarded” food, confiscate it, take it down to the local Democratic precinct headquarters for “re-distribution”.

    What is frightening is the speed with which these characters can take over, and the ease with which they forget what they did. How long did it take for Wilson to demonize German-Americans and anyone who was against getting into the war in Europe…? How many later forgot how they mobbed their dissident neighbors, and tortured innocent Dachshunds because they were “Germanic”?

    Most of these people are weak-minded and mentally ill. Beware of them, because they’re the same sort of deviant weaklings that join in lynch mobs, the KKK, or any other mob action. Democrats, in other words…

  33. yes that’s how roger kimball said the russians described her, back in 2008, the terrifying thing is these lockdowns and other proscriptions don’t work in slowing the viruses path, yet like odysseus crew rushing toward the rocks, they double down,

    dos passos was on a tear against wilson in most of his trilogy, and I thought he was overwrought, but in retrospect, he was right,

  34. these punitive measures were what biden suggested for h1n1, I believe fauci did as well, no one took him seriously then

  35. COVID has one thing in common with AIDS… Both epidemics were treated in entirely unprecedented ways, and for the same basic reason: Politics.

    If AIDS had been endemic with, say, straight white males? They’d have done like they did with every other epidemic of similar lethality: Quarantine, contact tracing, and isolation. The epidemic would have burnt itself out within a year or two. Because of who it affected, however…? We threw out literally hundreds of years of experience in dealing with infectious disease, returning to what can charitably be described as a “pre- pre-germ theory” methodology for handling it. They did better with Yellow Fever and Cholera, back before we knew about infectious disease as a “thing”.

    With COVID, they took a disease that has a 99-odd percent survival rate, and treated it like the Black Death. Again, for purely political reasons–They needed a cudgel to go after Trump with. So, here we are, shutting down the economy and everything else, for a disease whose lethality rate isn’t that far off that of the seasonal flu. I have to keep reminding people of how many friends and acquaintances we all know who succumbed to things like plain ol’ flu, back in the day–They’re all up in arms, ginned up by the media, treating COVID like it was the literal plague.

    Politics. Pure, idiotic politics for both–And, the proximate center? The sainted Doctor Fauci, who should have been fired in the middle of the “AIDS crisis” that he helped turn into a crisis in the first damn place.

    It’s ironic–Both times, he overplayed the lethality and likelihood of infection for the average person, and both times for purely political gain. The amount of money that got funneled through the agencies he worked in due to the self-created “AIDS crisis” was epic; so was the power accrued. And, the sorry bastard has yet to actually perform–Look at the incompetence with which they managed the Japanese cruise ship situation, early on. All Fauci, all his agencies.

    We’re a nation run by fools, sycophants, and idiots–And, we’re even more the dolts, for tolerating it.

  36. Yes, indeed – well, the vile progs have established the template, let them choke on it. Looks like the Red Hen in Lexington is still in business, just barely.

    Some months ago, sick of being stuck in town, I drove up to the North Coast to Ft Bragg just to stay by the beach a few days. That was a story unto itself, with me for the most part having dinner from my Stouffer’s hauled up in the ice chest and put in my room’s microwave.

    Ft Bragg and the next town, Mendocino 13 miles down CA 1, is a study in contrasts. Bragg, a former lumber town, is what I would call a “working class” town. It is unpretentious, although if you find yourself there, by all means take a ride on the Skunk Railroad, the former line that hauled the lumber from the mountains to the coast. It is a spectacularly scenic ride.

    But anyway Bragg has never worn politics on its sleeve. All are seemingly welcome, and people keep their politics to themselves.

    Mendocino OTOH wears its liberal politics on its sleeve. Even walked by a restaurant with a sign in the window saying that “if you support Trump please don’t come in”.

    Or words to that effect. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. When I was in business, all were welcome. It isn’t as though you want to decide which customers you want. And I never talked politics, nor did my customers.

    Mendocino is a beautiful little town, a former lumber town that is now an artist colony.

    They used to film Murder She Wrote there. You can even see Jessica Fletcher’s house. Yes, “Cabot Cove, Maine” had the ocean on the wrong side of the street. You can stay in the hotel (Heritage House) that the production crew used.

    But apparently the drought has taken its toll and the well is running dry for Mendocino.

    I am wondering it it is some sort of cosmic retribution.

  37. The really amazing thing about all these “nice people” like the asshat who put that sign up on their business…? They’re completely oblivious to the fact that they’re the ones acting like and demonstrating the behaviors that they supposedly decry.

    It’s a mental illness. I get email all the time from relatives I can’t cut off, with stuff that they’re not even cognizant is offensive. They’re parroting the filth they hear in their milieu, never questioning any of it. It’s just what “good people” believe.

    I had a hard time, once upon a time, wrapping my head around the way that the average German unthinkingly supported rounding up the Jews and sending their neighbors off to the camps. I don’t, any more.

    We’re in the midst of a campaign of hatred much like that run by the Nazis–But, not by them. Or, at least, most of the participants think they’re fighting Nazis, not grasping that they’re the ones who’ve taken up the Nazi ideology and tooling themselves.

    Never forget that the Nazis were of the left, entirely. Slightly rightwards of the Communists, but leftists nonetheless. The assholes at Antifa want you to believe that they’re saintlike do-gooders, fighting the good fight against the nasty Nazis, but the reality is this: They’re the Nazis of today.

    What is ironically hysterical is that most of them are too stupid and historically illiterate to even begin to grasp the similarity between what they’re doing, and what the Nazis did. Utter fscking morons, the lot of them.

  38. As we speak, NYPD is running shifts to process retirements, FDNY is in the process of deciding how many companies to consolidate to deal with their staffing issues. We’ll see what the next step is when Biden and company see their bluff being called. I wouldn’t bet they’ll back down gracefully.

    The Australians have chosen their poison and now will have to live with it. I bet they go ahead and re-elect all the politicians that they have now.

  39. @Mike – according to imdb it was in Newport, OR. Ft Bragg is a nice little town with a pretty harbor (Noyo – still with a small fishing industry) but doesn’t have the “ambiance” of Mendocino that has such interesting old buildings.

    One interesting thing about Ft Bragg (besides the Skunk Railroad and Noyo Harbor) is Glass Beach.

    From the early 1900s until the 1960s, it was the town dump. Over the decades, the waves changed the broken bottles to smooth jewel-like stones. And the city (or state) began charging admission. Only people over the last decades have kept picking up the glass to the point the beach is pretty cleaned up.

    Divers like to go to Ft Bragg but during my diving days every time I went there there had been a previous storm to stir up the water. And that water, from the Alaska Current, is COLD.

    But Ft Bragg is a nice little town – not pretentious, the exact opposite of Mendocino.

    @Kirk – I think you are right. They are oblivious to their behavior.

  40. well communists have their variations, the bloc committees, the turbas, the colectivos, (the last are a kind of death squad, of the chavez regime,

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