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When we visited the San Antonio Zoo this weekend (because military  and veterans get in free, all during November) we discovered that the zoo has a pair of bald eagles, which they are rehabilitating. They have a nice little enclosure with an American-looking shed with a flag out in front. One of the eagles struck a heroic pose on the perch in front of the hut; we suspect the bird is a complete and total ham for attention.


(More pictures of critters taken yesterday on my cellphone here)

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  1. Majestic creatures in flight. Absolutely massive, which is hard to tell when they’re in isolation. Saw one once sitting on a tree branch, ripping something to pieces (a rabbit?), and completely dwarfing some sort of hawk that was trying to scoot close enough to snag some of the flying detritus…

  2. Sauk Prairie has an annual Eagle Days event. There’s a dam on the river, and during the winter eagles congregate by the spillway where the water is open and they can catch fish. So–lots of eagles to watch.

    An eagle’s digestion is ultra-strong, and over and above the usual road accidents, sometimes eagles come down with lead poisoning from shotgun pellets in their meals.

    Some of the the injured and sick are brought to an eagle rehab center, and on Eagle Days they release the eagles that have recovered. They carry them from their van through the crowd to the river-edge, and toss them up for takeoff.

    The “through the crowd” bit is how I wound up two feet away from an adult bald eagle. Impressive.

    One of the releasees flew upriver, then downriver, then into the far side of river where he took his first bath in a year–a nice long one.

  3. @James – I live up towards Sauk sort of and have noticed some eagles on utility poles lately and saw one walking around a field just last week after a farmer plowed it over (I assume getting a chopped up rodent). Always a cool sight.

    This org rehabs injured raptors including eagles (among other animals) and is in northern IL:
    Through a family connection I got a behind the scenes tour once. Pretty cool place. I can’t imagine the federal paperwork to handle the eagles.

  4. Ha, just an hour ago as I was on the phone a large adult bald eagle flew east to west over my driveway and woods, it’s windy here today. Earlier this year when it was more of a gentle breeze one soared quite a distance, only saw it flap its wings once, and its flight path went right over my house, just above roof height. I had a magnificent view out my front picture window of its approach. Just another day here in Amish Appalachia.

  5. I can remember chiseling a barley field and seeing six eagles perched on as many power poles at the edge of the field waiting to see what I would turn up. I’ve also known them to ride on center pivot irrigation systems, going after mice or pheasants or other birds.

  6. In Pittsburgh we have a pair of eagles hatching a couple of eaglets every year. A camera is fixed nearby so the public can watch their progress.

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