6 thoughts on “Random Pic”

  1. I had read earlier that the recorders were brought back here because the crash was so violent that they were damaged and needed special facilities to recover the data. I think it was the flight data recorder that was found 15 meters below the bottom of the crater.

    They were pretty close to their destination, I wonder where the other pilot was. Both pilots should have been busy getting ready for landing.

    There have been a number of crashes and near crashes because pilots don’t get much practice hand flying the airplane, especially at some airlines. Air France had a close call a few weeks ago.

    If it was intentional, there will be lots of evidence, especially on the voice recorder and what happened to the other pilot. It sounds like the information should be out soon. I believe that China is bound by international agreements and can’t keep this secret without losing the privilege of flying planes internationally.

  2. I think I recall the plane went into a nosedive, then briefly started to pull up, then turned again and nosed into the ground, I presume indicating a struggle over control of the plane. Seemed like an intentional act was always the most reasonable theory.

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