2 thoughts on “Chicagoboyz Appreciate a Jazzy Set of Wheels”

  1. I wonder if there is a bit of understeer ;-) Would the police be after the owner for no muffler? Bet it sounds great, though.

    A few weeks ago I saw a classic 50s hotrod – a 32 Ford Coupe (Deuce Coupe) with a flathead Ford V8.

    Beach Boys even wrote a song about it!

  2. T buckets are nice. They’re a fright to drive at any real speed because (1) the wheelbase is too short (they get squirrelly real easy) and (2) there’s a reason why the drop front axle on T’s was known as a ‘suicide axle’.
    Old generation small block chevy with a GMC 671 blower.
    The spokes are nice, though.
    (There’s muffler packs in the header collectors, Bill.)

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