RIP Paul Harvey

As I was growing up I listened to Paul Harvey every day on my parents radios on the way to school.  He always seemed to have interesting and inspirational tales to tell.  He had a great sense of humor, and frankly, I don’t really know what political affiliation he had.  I suppose I could find out if I looked, but I prefer to remember him as a great broadcaster, who just seemed to enjoy his work.  Paul Harvey….good day!

5 thoughts on “RIP Paul Harvey”

  1. I heard him every once in a while; his take on the world was sentimental and sweet – triumphs of the human spirit. Journalists criticized him, but sometimes I think it was because they were cynical rather than wise; he didn’t pretend to be other than he was and if he took advertiser’s money, so did they. And he was no less accurate than the more cynical ones of reality television & cable news shock stories. One stuck in my mind – he was interested in celebrities, in what makes us tick, and in what we can be – was Eddie Albert. A local tragedy has led my friends to contemplate how much biology is – and isn’t – destiny. Harvey and his listeners are too rooted in small town lore not to recognize the powerful weight of biology – but then, he’d tell us a story like that and we’d think, well, yes, but we still have choices and if some of them aren’t easy, they are still right.

  2. Ginny
    Journalists’ cynicism is the stupid mans’ version of skepticism.
    The only time I listened to radio was when we rented cars on vacation.He offered a lot more than the dreck you get from most MSM.

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