Whatever happened to FEE’s Fresh States Project?

Here’s the original mention of Glenn Reynold’s using Fresh States to implement his Welcome Wagon project in Instapundit.

Here’s the most recent live page grab in the Internet Wayback Machine.

The current website yields 404 page not found at time of writing.

FEE’s search engine doesn’t yield any relevant results for either fresh start or welcome wagon.

Has this morphed into something else or should I go live with something less likely to die on the vine?

5 thoughts on “Whatever happened to FEE’s Fresh States Project?”

  1. As I understand the project, it was designed to inform new arrivals in various places across the USA, about their voting choices in their new home.

    Just a web site will fail quickly as who knows about this stuff? Only the designers. The people who would want to use it, have no idea that it even exists. So it died as one would expect. You can’t depend on a passing notice even on a popular site.

    Now leveraging official records of people’s movement, and then pushing your website to new arrivals in various places, might have some chance of hooking some of them up.

  2. It is somewhat amusing that I can do this. I have offered before to help you do web stuff, but not for free. You should be able to find people that can do this, but if you can’t motivate them a great deal, you will have to pay.

    As you probably can’t afford to employ even me, then you will have to do it. That requires work, real, actual work and learning, as your Apple Script stuff is kinda crap. Python has kinda taken over the web so I’d learn to use that. Even though my PHP scripting strengths were quite useful for gluing multi language efforts together, nobody sane does that anymore.

    I would answer questions for free. ;)

  3. I wouldn’t afford you if I had all the money in the world. I don’t think that I’ve ever asked you what your rates are. To my recollection, it’s never been a relevant discussion point between us in our public or private conversations. But you’ve been occasionally poking me to do that for a long time so perhaps my memory is faulty.

    It’s somewhat amusing that you think that this is a web project. That you missed that it really isn’t even as you accurately predict that a web project would fail makes you unqualified for the role you wanted to be hired for. The role you would like is apparently gun for hire on a failed project that won’t ever achieve its goals because it doesn’t have a deep understanding of the problem. I’m not in the market for that. I don’t think I ever will be.

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