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Well, this hasn’t worked so well for the Jehovah Witnesses. I’m not sure America is ready for a Great Awakening secular style; perhaps those Awakenings that have followed upheavals throughout our history may help immunize us to enthusiasms like this. Or not. I guess we’ll find out. It does demonstrate just how well we can expect our tax money to Acorn to be used and just how well that whole Acorn taking the census is likely to work out.

My hyperbole before the election to my friends is proving to not be as exaggerated as they (and to be honest I) thought. When I was coding the category, I was caught – does this belong under politics or religion? Fortunately, the poll numbers are down. But how riven is this nation going to be by igniting passions like these? Or should I, as I expect is appropriate, calm down and trust Americans, which is generally the best thing to do.

Later: I might say that my husband voiced an opinion (hope) this is merely a hoax. The comments at Hot Air, however, link to the original, at Organizing for America. Commentary (the obvious written comments) were added by people that were more critical, of course. The core, however, is there.

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  1. In business, people who get big promotions often mess them up by continuing to do whatever got them promoted, rather than by focusing on what is needed for the new job. The guy who gets promoted from Sales VP to CEO, for example, will be tempted to spend too much time “helping” on big deals and not enough on other aspects of his job. Similarly, the guy who goes from Engineering VP to CEO is likely to spend too much time on product issues and not enough time on other things. It takes a certain level of self-awareness to avoid this trap…I think Obama may be falling into it by focusing too much on campaigning and not enough on problem-solving.

  2. David, I’ll go one further. I don’t think he ever thought Jan 21 would ever come.

    If you were elected President in November and expected to take the oath of office in January, would you spend December building up and meeting with your transition team, or would you have a 2-week vacation in Hawaii?

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