2 thoughts on “Global”

  1. Thanks to your suggestion, Gringo, I joined one of the FB groups of enthusiasts for Murano glass, and put up pictures in their format for the judgement of the contributing experts. It’s not Murano, or vintage, is their take – but of recent make, and Chinese. But they did all say it was simply gorgeous and one experienced contributor did allow that it was the most beautiful Chinese art-glass aquarium that he had ever seen – and that eventually, we would judge Chinese art glass on its’ own merits. Kind of reassuring, knowing that not everything out of China is cheap, horrible dreck.
    Some Murano is pretty dreadful – like the glass clowns. Which are g*d awful hideous, but have their enthusiasts. I scrolled through the pictures on the FB page and … yeesh. Nope. Nope, and a side order of nope. Not to my liking, generally, at all. I do like glass paperweights with insects, amphibians, fish and flowers inside, though.

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