Another Obama/Ayers Connection

Here’s another example of Obama and Ayers running in the same political circles.

I’ll say it again:

…, the real troubling aspect of the Obama-Ayers relationship is that Obama comes from a political subculture in which Ayers is an accepted and unremarkable individual. Looking at Ayers, one is forced to ask exactly what kind of leftist extremism would be considered unacceptable by Obama and his cohorts.

Ayers clearly wasn’t an outsider in leftist circles in Chicago. In this case, no one found it odd that an Illinois state senator was sharing a forum with an unrepentant, stalinist terrorist. One has to wonder how an political culture so accepting of Ayers shaped Obama’s world view.

Clearly, Obama has to have had some sympathy with Ayers or he would not have shared a forum with him or endorsed his work.  In any other context, everyone would find this a highly questionable decision. I don’t think that Obama would let off the hook a Republican that shared a forum with someone who tried to kill abortion doctors and never expressed any regret for doing so. I doubt it would matter to Obama whether or not the anti-abortion terrorist went on to do humane work in another field. Obama would view a political culture that embraced an unrepentant anti-abortion terrorist as immoral and any politician that came out of that culture as strongly suspect.  

We should hold Obama to the same standard.

8 thoughts on “Another Obama/Ayers Connection”

  1. Get over it. You lost. Obama is our president and Ayers has a tenured position…and the public continues to love Obama…Disregard Nancy’s Just Say No: she was talking about drugs and not how Republicans are supposed to respond to new ideas by a new leader.

  2. Harry Angstom,

    Get over it. You lost.

    This is a democracy. All loses and wins are temporary. More importantly, it is our duty as citizens to criticize all actions and practices we believe unwise or corrupt.

    Besides, just because someone wins an election decisive doesn’t mean they are a moral person. Nixon won two landslide elections. Neither does it mean they are competent. Carter won his first election handily and everyone thinks he was a nice guy but as President he was naive and hapless.

    …not how Republicans are supposed to respond to new ideas by a new leader.

    What ideas that Obama advocates can possibly qualify as new? His ideas are nothing but 1970’s retreads. I would say gay-marriage but, hey, he opposes that to.

  3. Get over it. You lost.

    Obama was elected, so we shouldn’t criticize him? I don’t recall many people applying this standard to George W. Bush, not that they should have.

  4. I initially assumed Harry’s comment was a parody; if not it’s even better.

    I detect a certain sympathy with the Communist’s idea of democracy: One election, one time.

  5. Wondering how Ayers’s and Obama’s position on juveniles adjudged as adults are viewed here. A 13 year old is not an adult whether he or she picks up a gun and uses it or not. How much sense does it make to judge them as adults in a court system set up for judging adults?

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