6 thoughts on “Volunteers of America”

  1. Yeah, Jay, re-using this old hippie stuff for better purposes.

    Great song, though — the live version here, or the album version you linked to.

    The rowdy individualism of that era — and there was some of that — is so much more appealing than the bland, statist, authoritarian, smug, arrogant monstrosity that the hippie generation decayed into.

    It is like that scene in Red Dawn, where the Nicaraguan officer is hunting down the Wolverines, and oppressing a foreign country and doing everything he once fought against, and he says, disgusted, “I used to be a revolutionary!”

    Bolsheviks always turn into bureaucrats.

  2. Wow.

    Hey, the music does kind of get you going, huh?

    (I thought many of the protestor signs were very clever. Does anyone know of a site that has compiled the best of the Tea Party signs? I saw a lot more really, really good ones than those included in the video, although, those are wonderful, too.)

  3. Lexington Green – Thank you for the embed. There’s more Conservative Revolutionary Front (CRF) videos, using Leftist art and music for better purposes, at my YouTube channel:
    More videos to follow shortly.

    I love the Gladsden flag protesters, considering its history(especially with the Marines).

    A number of the protester’s “pre-made” signs can be found here, at The Peoples’ Cube (along with a lot of other anti-socialist visual agitation):

    Please let me know if anyone’s aware of a good site aggregating photos (or links) from all the tea parties and town hall protests

  4. One generation got old.
    One generation got sold.
    This generation got no destination to hold.

    The destination is still open.

    The momentum is toward socialism, political correctness, stasis, authoritarianism, the nanny state running everyone’s life, and the end of ten centuries of Anglo-American liberty.

    The other path is freedom, risk, opportunity, dynamism, and the broad, sunlit uplands of a future that people will build in ways that cannot be planned, or known in advance, open, limitless … the handshake of friendship, and of deals struck and kept by grown people, free people, not infants, wards of the state … .

    That curtain is falling, but it has not fallen entirely, yet … The play goes on, the footlights remain lit, the crowd may yet enter, stage right (or left!), or even surge onto the stage, down the aisles, from the cheap seats in the back … with their torches and their memories of what was and their vision of what can be … .

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